2008 Pontiac G8 V6

Posted on 09. May, 2008 by in Auto News

Let us not dismiss the Pontiac G8 V6 out of hand. Sure, you give a smart-and-a-half of the ponies with the less powerful engine. But 256 hp would be how much did even five years ago. (And as things stand, it could be as much in five years.) For enthusiasts who have driven over the raw thrill intestinal sucking torque, it is not the meat, it's the movement. Yes, Virginia, there is a car fun to drive, even if it is not possible to straighten the back of the line. Ah, but this G8 V6 fit this bill?

In favor of the G8 V6 is also the GT version is not one-trick pony. It offers an attractive (if not distinctive) BMW E46 embossed exterior plenty spacious interior and a fine handling even driftastic chassis. All of these strengths, the V6 transfer. The potential certainly exists for a fun-to-drive sedan, which is less expensive to buy and operate.

Unfortunately, the G8 V6 is not exactly what you call a bargain (mate) in comparison to the G8 V8. Base to base, you save $ 2400. That, my buddies piston head is a pittance for an additional 105 hp. But wait, there's less! The GT is. Complete with the V6 comfort and Sound Package as standard It also provides other additional standard kit, including a leather-wrapped steering wheel and limited slip rear.

Within the V6 version, keep the hits did not happen. The base model of the oversized urethane wheel looks and feels worse fleet. The cloth seats are much better grip than the optional leather, but they do nothing to relieve the inside of the downscale atmosphere. Thus attired, the V6 inside is uniformly black, bleak and fundamentally it's a Dodge Charger car look like a Lincoln makes. Were the board fits these imprecise in the GT, or were they just less obvious in the premium interior?

The V6-based interior is not the automobile advertisement for the New Zealand rugby team. Red digital support tools around the top of the center console. The raw oversized graphics were outdated saw a decade ago. Taken as a black hole, crosses the spartan interior of the fine line between functional and cheap and runs straight for K-Mart.

The V6 Premium Package red leather seats and instrument graphics are only a partial solution. Pop for the packs and make an allowance for the GT and V6 trick diff Shoppers save just a touch over a wing. With a price difference this small, the V6 must be something else to. Party for those four of us, do not bring the torque junkies

Fuel! Nope. With EPA ratings of 17/25 is the V6 2 miles further than the eight-pot on each gallon in the city, but only a mile down the highway. Sure, the G8 V6 compete with other gas-powered two-ton sedans. And? Who is best for fuel economy in a G8 pray for a diesel variant.

With about a hundred fewer pounds on the nose, the G8 V6 better handling car than the GT. But if there is a difference, it is not great. In both engines, the G8 is a fine handling, throttle-steerable sedan that are too large is tossable.

This year's G8 comes with a gear you provided there is a manually shiftable automatic. The V6's case, you get five cogs instead of six, which partly explains why its fuel economy advantage is not greater. The V6 'cog swapper is a bit more approachable. When used as a manual operation, the shift lever feels crude as the GM way of such things.

That leaves, but an attribute in the "potential benefit" category: smooth revving. Based on V8 pushrods its two valves per cylinder operate. The V6 on the other hand has a pair of cams in each head and an extra set of valves. DOHC good pushrods bad, right? The V6 tach needle should go to the red zone and lighter than the V8 sound and feel more refined, while doing it.

Only it is not. For two decades, GM has already found ways DOHC engines make sound and feel absolutely normal or worse. The zeta iteration GM DOHC 3.6 continues this tradition often tragic.

Near the redline, the six is not terrible. But always, there is no fun, the engine lacks the urge to rev and the midrange is good, unpleasant. There is no hum of fine machine, just the grunting and roaring of a poorly tuned intake and exhaust valves. Go part-load range, like riding in typical suburb, and the midrange sounds very stocky. Step right up and right foot, there is no joy of this drive train have to.

It's cheap, and then there are cheap. The G8 V6 is cheap. It combines a number of promising parts clean-proportioned exterior, driver-oriented interior, DOHC engine and all-independent rear suspension-chassis in a little less special than it could have, in fact, should have been.