2008 Porsche Cayenne GTS Review

Posted on 02. May, 2008 by in Auto News

Sam Adams Light. Porsche Cayenne GTS. Same deal. Both the American light beer and the German "sport truck" are made fundamentally wrong concepts-palatable through knowledge, passion and invention. Did I say delicious? I said pleasantly. You can quaff plenty of 124-calorie-per-bottle of Sam Adams' drink without thirst for "real" beer. For the same reason you can ride the snot out of the 405hp GTS, without asking your companion, "Dude, where's my Boxster?" In both cases, if you did not know better, would not you, and you would not have to worry. But if you do, you are?

In order to appease the purists, the Sultans of Stuttgart have made the GTS achieves mucho macho machine. Wheelarches that Bambi once protected friends are now filled with 21 "tires. GTS shares prove the nose with the top model turbo continue that not a silk purse out of pig snout. Yeah, well, the GTS 'no-cost optional rear spoiler pure Porsche. stylish, slick and sick The quad pipes, not so much.

Inside, there's nothing to GTS remind drivers that they are the evil that comes in this way. A meaty steering wheel quite completes the list. I expected, Porsche go all out (so to speak) and fit some honest to God racing seats. Maybe that's where the keepers of the flame drew the line, the chairs offer nothing more than a little extra reinforcement (front and rear) and Alcantara inserts, just waiting for juice box and dribbling Diet Coke debacle.

Kick over the GTS V8 and the next time you do channeling WWE spokesman. Initially, it's not so much a roar as a number of noise-which had asked me if the GTS was firing on all cylinders. And then the VarioCam Plus engine in constant sub-woofer "outer space is really big" special effect, ready for some infantile brap, braps on the go-pedal.

Obviously enough, the Cayenne GTS is fast. Should the animal from zero to 60 miles per hour (hey, you're paying for it) beyond the German SUV is your accelerating efforts in 5.7 (manual) or 6.1 (auto) seconds required. This is either a half-second faster than the Cayenne S Car and Driver or not. Anyway, talk about Motor Authority, in full kick-down, the GTS 'mill questions growl quite deliberately, unwinding the redline with grim determination. Followed by a tiny beep upshift. Oh, fallen.

Journalists have seized on the fact that the GTS comes with a stick (as well as the base V6). Our GTS not the Porsche guy says his store sells manuals less than an iPod dealer. Although reports indicate that the Porsche six-speed self-shifter is a sloppy cog swapper, I was lusting after row left to an oar. Yes, once again the Cayenne gearing sucks.

Despite the new direct-injection technology, the GTS remains insensitive to anything but major inputs. It might be OK for a rethink Saturn slushbox on the fly, but when you move shelling out $ 70k (and the rest) that you do not want a vehicle that shifts a gear, then down again. You can use the truck Porsche Tiptronic buttons to manage the problem, but the GTS will be a luxury sports SUV. Note to self: I just said?

The problem is still based. The GTS on the scales coffee and cake-love £ 4949th With Porsche unable or unwilling to ditch the SUV had the phenomenal off-road capability tinkerer. No choice but gear the GTS for mileage While Car and Driver comes Porker of the "400 miles remaining range," the EPA estimates the GTS (auto) gets 13/18 mpg. Yeah, right. Mix gas and air, just do not care how you look and you're in the single digits. To reach S-class throttle response, well, you can, how deep do you go?

At least the brute handles impeccably, in a "747 while one barrel roll" kinda way (true story). As long as the GTS for handling Nannies in the service, you will only run of grip if you dumb enough to not have to change to winter tires (special order, big ticket). And though my lack of "ass-calibration" (Porsche Type tenure) prevented me demanding any difference in any of the GTS "three suspension modes, no matter. Driving characteristics in those jumbo Donuts is fully compatible S.

I also appreciate the fact that GTS 'elevated seating position allows you to do things on the highway that could not deep sports car / should do. But I am still left wondering if was the forthcoming four-door Porsche Panamera is not the car of the Porsche family have built in the first place.

And I still prefer the Infinit FX45 for high-end SUV driving pleasure quickly. Note of myself: read previous note to self-determination. But the Porsche Cayenne GTS is simply the best you can buy rough terrain sport truck money, including the less dramatic styled, lag affected Cayenne Turbo. In other words, the Porsche Cayenne GTS is the world-fire-resistant paper-hat-on-wheels. Now is something to say, although I'm not quite sure what.