2008 Audi TT 2.0T Convertible Review

Posted on 30. Jun, 2008 by in Auto News

I drove the Audi TT 2.0T Convertible ready to hate it. His wrong-wheel drive, mandatory two-pedal transmission, extra-chunky style and curb weight econobox-based platform for all I holy top in a two-seat drop. Similar formulas have belched forth such embarrassments as Mercury legendary (for all the wrong reasons) Capri. But the topless TT is not a Capri. And I thank God for it.

T'is true though. The TT is not a sports car. The German two-door is very much in the mold of his predecessor. In other words, it is a VW GTI, South Beach has done is put a slinky black dress, and a more expensive date.

But I'm getting ahead of myself. Looking back on my negative assessment, which accounted for the fact that the TT is now. In the second generation for much of my recalcitrance It's a tough gig, a second-generation model of an iconic nameplate. Change too little, and enthusiasts accuse resting on crumbling laurels. Change too much, and you're shunned for losing the plot.

Audi stylists walked the tightrope well. While the new TT retains the original inverted-bathtub shape, but its fascia are squintier, angrier. His body sides wear angle slashes that to eliminate the old push-me pull-you symmetry, and promote the model liposuction.

That's an illusion, of course. The TT has really packed on a few pounds, for a total of 2,965. There is more than enough to make a Miata driver making his head hurt, but Audi is well-versed in masking fat with very chic. Namely: the chrome roll bars behind the TT occupants heads, the milk is turned into Mille Miglia. Nevertheless, the new TT is not Pebble Beach sweep in 2050 when his predecessor can do well. But you'll still craning their necks to see themselves reflected in shop windows.

Fold the TT long, heavy driver's door and the aesthetic seduction begins again. Typically for Audi, the TT decorate cabin smells of expensive-looking design details, dimpled aluminum jewelry the squishy, elevated instrument panel. Feel the Wilson 2000 baseball glove-leather steering wheel rim of fat. Click on the smooth, curved switch. Smile, and repeat as desired.

There are also some ergonomic progress. VAG neophytes may need a day or three to the strictly-padded, square corners adjust seats, but the chairs offer business support road trip. The high, enveloping hood and low roof give a touch of artillery from view, but it's easy enough to fix: thumb differs a rocker switch on the console, and the cave-like melancholy sky open in 12 seconds.

The covers look. So … is that it then? Have the TT Golf-source basis to deny the two-seater driving enjoyment of his lighter, stronger rear-drive rivals? In a word, yes. But it really depends on the kind of driving, from which derives your pleasure. There is much to do for a car that delivers a continuous driving experience, whatever be said of its taste. And more during the TT taste varies on heavy, grenadine syrup, it is undeniably a tasty little quadricycle libations.

Make no mistake: If you require Xtreme adrenal thrill and freakin'-side compatibility of your roadster, the TT is so not for you. It is a car that poured over a winding country road, from the fingertips controlled with quiet, measured inputs. The TT smooth, well-oiled steering provides just enough weight to build trust, while the front-chassis tracked like a slot car. Response to turn-in is a linear function of speed under 7/10ths, it's all class rush, and it scrubs. Big time, if you insist.

The drive train, things along rushes lifted intact from the GTI: a 2.0-liter direct-injection turbo four mated to acclaimed S tronic VAG, nee DSG. The 2.0T 's midrange fizz and punch more than make up for its hollow low speed drones and somewhat hesitant throttle response. Would you like a fully manual transmission, and / or all-wheel drive? Tough steak. They are only on the step-up TT 3.2 offered, priced slightly north of $ 7,700 from my $ 36,800 2.0T tester.

I know, I know, the DSG is a manual, and it shifts so-and-so many milliseconds, you can do … what exactly? Unless you are on a race track, then this is like bragging about reducing the elapsed time of sex. I'll take the traditional lever and three pedal assembly and add a little toe-tapping, rev-matching fun, my daily commute, thanks.

Interesting car, the TT convertible, and one that is not really a direct competitor. His motivation does not compare with the engaging, physical Z4, S2000 or Boxster. But then it is not required nearly as much concentration, if your other half craves a balmy evening cruise. While avoiding the TT as "Florida Rental Special" stigma of four-seater ragtops as C70.

At the end of the TT meets the two most important top-down design briefs: It makes the driver look and feel exceptional. Sigh. I ride fixed.