2008 Kia Rio Review

Posted on 11. Jun, 2008 by in Auto News

Kia sold is one of the few automotive brands in America that never built an avid car. Sensible Swedish Saab offered the 900th Prior to their core clientele started losing her pulse ran Buick Grand National. Saturn looked to the heavens for salvation. GMC was caught in a typhoon. Even Hyundai has the Tiburon circling its enthusiast-oriented customers. Kia? Nothing but cheap. Or … maybe not. "As a practical does not mean you have to take the joy out of life," says their web copy. "That's the thinking behind the Rio. It is affordable and likes to do a good time as much as possible." What exactly does that mean?

Affordability aside, not much. The Kia-plate serves as a moment to remember that the good times roll is not over. For starters, the front end is a mismatch of cheap plastics and remaining to be (those tiny fog lights on the top-of-the-line SX check out) before the bankruptcy surplus. The orgy of automotive poverty continue to look with side door protectors, as they came from the wrong side of the 1980s. The Hyundai Accent has left them away-with the mere imprint. But that's like saying the Rio is not the only sister in the family, which grew a mustache.

On the back, the taillights Rio just came from a Chrysler scrap yard, the bottom end holds the cohesiveness of overexposed cheap plastic. Overall, only the equally urgent, as South Korean Chevrolet Aveo can compare with the Rio ultra-cheap, I mean "affordable" appearance.

The Rio inside surprised me, even in base trim. Yes, see the radio controls and feel like rubber dog toys (do not get me started) and the carpet is thinner than my imaginary hairline. But the seats are comfortable, spotless, the ergonomics, and the steering wheel feels solid in your hands. In truth, only one element of the Rio cabin is initiated frugal people before they turn the key: a sour, noxious odor. The olfactory assault in fade over time, but it sends a subconscious signal that you have given up hope on a fly ride.

You do not drive a Kia Rio. You go into it. Well, on the highway. Everywhere else, you fight him. There is no treatment as such, just a constant battle against lateral forces and 14 "limited liability, as with the lack of power steering (available on LX and SX models) struggle. Unless you think it's OK for a guy of his even dance at the high school prom, piloting this machine is a particularly joyless affair. Did I mention the 110hp engine (@ 6000rpm) or understeer and why should I?

Another non-surprise: the Rio with a manual transmission is a pain to drive, with a box that provides the "arggg" in agriculture. Needless to say, the optional four-speed autobox for maximum mileage (ie minimum acceleration) is aligned. Unfortunately (for Kia), moves the automatic raises the price fixed in Versa / Yaris country where the Rio simply can not compete.

The good news: the base Kia operates smoothly on the highway with controlled body movements and stays calm in a "Applebee's not as loud as the TGIF" manner. This is a good fit for most of the general public that no more than 2/10 's to 3/10' s of a vehicle will have the ability and want to drive an upper body workout. Oh, the suspension bottom out on moderate bumps at highway speeds. Sorry.

The word "base" a new meaning here. No power steering. No ABS and rear disc brakes, poor IIHS side impact safety rating, and just as dangerous for the southerners, no air conditioning. You can not even order a cooler in the base model. You can ac for $ 700 more to get into an entry-level, albeit unspectacular, Toyota Yaris hatchback with … Power steering! Or you can use a variety of nearly new low-mileage vehicles from the unpopular, but far more competent Chevy Cobalt, the much loved and still relatively unknown Suzuki SX4.
All means of which that if the Kia Rio loves good times as much as you do, you will love not good times. Ever. The Rio has nothing to. Offer enthusiasts and even fewer offer the frugalist OK, the warranty is long and extensive. But then, most cars today lasts 200k miles.

It's a shame that the economically-vulnerable members of society is to be seduced by low sticker of Rio. When she finished eBay items checked section would see that. An ultra-low mileage four-year Rio problems breaking the $ 4k barrier That's $ 2k worth of depreciation per year. On the other hand, you can have a certified three-year Corolla or Civic for almost the same price as buying a new Kia Rio. Lower depreciation, better fuel economy and far better overall quality Game, set and match.