2008 Mazda6i Review

Posted on 27. Jun, 2008 by in Auto News

We hear reports that Mazda is driving its growth by stocking American distributors of the product. Normally, this sales strategy is a sure way to run a brand into the ground, to ensure that build factories objectionable Few cars rather than something inherently rewarding. Not in this case. In fact, you could say that Ford Japanese partner has created the world's largest perhaps best demo fleet for the four-cylinder Mazda6i. If you have the choice to make it your default option.

Mazda family-friendly tribute to zoom-zoom a wakeup call for the importance of great design is called. When picking up our tester, I had to remind myself that this is definitely a six-year-old model for the chopping block. Go while the Toyota Camry and Honda Accord for derivative forms and obese parts, Mazda designers took bread and butter transportation and gave him a protein shake before hitting the gym.

From bow to stern, the Mazda6i nothing trim proportions, clean lines and muscular tones. Even the 6i the trippy, bubble-headed lighting pods have years on their (revised) midnight black background. Compared to the old 626, or its current competitors, the Mazda6 is an instant classic.

The Mazda6i the interior also shows how well a non-derivative Japanese design stands the test of time. The three spokes would look like leather-wrapped steering wheel at home in every BMW. The tasty switchgear, velvety door trim inserts and distinctive oval air registers feel better in your hands than all materials. In another car in this price range Speaking of which, is the Dashboard northern hemisphere of polymers too rich for an entry-level Lexus, much less a dowdy Camry.

Older style or does not work, the Mazda6 to impress when your team meets four portal pleasure. There is consolation for a quartet of average Joes, and it's not a bad place for a third person in the back. The large master ish proves that add Japan's latest redesign wasteful mass and little value. That is, the loss of a tailgate assist handle should be a punishable crime: smearing a dirty paint with wet hands in a storm is the family sedan is the change a child's diaper.

And yet, the Mazda6 never stops with the shock and awe. I opened the dash-mounted coin, exposing a tight cubbyhole flocked to hang the Chrysler Sebring the carpet, making its head in shame. Under construction Vault-like, I felt obliged to useless crap in my pocket to give a new home. If you find a better example of industrial design OCD in a sub-$ 25k car, buy it.

Mazda6i the magic does not end when you turn the key. The base-by-name 2.3-liter four-pot is more than mediocre by nature. Its distinctive hum at idle is proof that there is a performance-minded dual exhaust feet. While there are a paltry 156hp on tap, the Mazda6 turns to redline smoothly. With a willing five-speed autobox in tow, the Mazda6 has a lot more spunk than his alleged 9-second run to 60mph implies.

There's nothing wrong with sloth-like speed in a cheap sedan, as long as you can ample use of the Big Mo. The Mazda6 compensated his laziness (yes, lazy) to do with the road manners more Germanic sports saloons. Mid-corner composure speaks volumes about a tuned suspension with level curves and minimal understeer in mind. Rarely flat powerband thanks to the engine, the Mazda6 suppressed under cornering load. Some praise must go to the election gumballs: 17-inch Michelin Pilots not come cheap, but they come prepared.

Mazda said the Larry Winget obviously the world to take a hike. The good rubber provides sublime handling, but with a finessed ride that is simply amazing. The only beef with the dynamics of the Mazda6 is the car park friendly steering: the lack of on-center steering feel in fast sweepers is to kill a bit of a buzz.

And then I met the Autobahn for some straight school of thought. Ay, there's the rub: The Mazda6 howled in protest at the upper reaches of the speed limit and fills the cabin with drones and whacking my eardrums with a constant, unconventional booming. If you are looking for a long-range, high-speed cruiser, the 6i is not.

No doubt about it: I the disturbingly perfect coin tray for more eyeballs in Mazda NVH (Noise, Vibration, Harshness) would exchange department. Reputation aside, the reason why the Zoom-zoom sedan plays second fiddle to the almighty CAMCORD. Quiet is the key to most basic necessity Middle America is: a high speed to compensate for relaxation room stressful work week, or annoying in-laws riding in the aft cabin.

Fact is, the Mazda6i is the perennial niche player. It is intended for enlightened Pistonheads with a small family and an equally modest bankroll. The sharp-looking Mazda6i replacement occur in the commercial handling of the TSX for marshmallow comfort? Watch this space. Meanwhile, Respect, in a nice little discount.