2009 Acura TSX Review

Posted on 25. Jun, 2008 by in Auto News

You can not know, but Acura has only two executives. One of them is in charge of the design and the fantastic, fun, reliable and affordable cars to build. This suit was responsible for all Integra, the NSX, the legend and the original TSX. The other leader has the reverse Midas touch. He muffed the RSX, let the NSX stagnant for a decade, and made the legend in his head and gave us the RL. And now, motherfucker got his hands on the new TSX. To say, the result is disappointing to say that gas is always a bit of love. Forward? I think not.

The TSX was the last sheet is clean and orderly as OCD tie rack. The new model is so ugly and confused as a meth addict living under a highway bridge. The TSX's profile is just plain awful, complete with Mercedes S-Class-style bubbles over wheel arches and grandpas waistline. Every detail has a strange shape. TSX of the trapezoidal grille smiles, angry-eyed Pokemon. The doors and door handles are about 30 different finishes with disco ball-styled.

Against this sight cars outside, I thought some of these forms were only theoretically possible. Not too fine a point he laid it looks like Acura introduced a drunken MC Escher.

The interior is even worse. While the button is laced wheel smoother than the hair on the sorority girls who will go there, the center console is an ergonomic disaster area. There is no design per se, just hidden keys floating in a sea of black keys. That is, they are all well marked. If you have a pair of reading glasses and do not mind. Under the eyes of the road on the button, button, where the hell is that the play button, you're good to go

The TSX, the polymers are corporate parts bin in the quality, but there are large gaps, coral-sharp edges, wrong piece trim and fauxluminum some that looks like it came from the Chinese factory that cranks out the fenders for 1:24 70 Chevelle Baldwin-Motion ™ Plastic Model Kit. But hey, the TSX's teachings are nice and clear. Oh, and did I mention that these tiny, slim-floor writers found the Acura entry-level model in the front and rear seats cramped?

Until now, the odds are in favor of Acura, is not it? Certainly the Euro-style driving experience that is glorified the previous iteration for "Why Did You Think You Can Dance?" Aesthetics and functionality missteps. Note: nope. If you went and loved the previous TSX, you want to go on the Discovery Channel. In particular, the Myth Busters demolition department.

The TSX steering is now "electric motor drive." To laymen, that is "Oops. We wanted, not that Novocaine put in your mouth, your forearms." The helmet is light, and there is no feedback, except for occasional outbursts of torque steer. For a vehicle that uses boast crisp steering, this is a huge step backwards. The handling and cornering are perfectly adequate, what the TSX brings painful middle of the pack. It is a disappointing descent to mediocrity.

The official press release paints the Acura TSX as a kind of high-tech professional auto commuting. So why is the double-wishbone (with rear multi-link) suspension abusive hard and shrill and loud to boot? The target population drink coffee more expensive. In the TSX, they are wearing expensive coffee.

The TSX powertrain is a new model of the sole bright spot. The 2.4-liter four-cylinder is as smooth and refined as a V6. There is enough horsepower (201) and torque is (170 ft. lbs. @ 4300 rpm), the Acura MOTORVATE from the rest to 60 in 7.7 seconds is not too exciting. While that's on par with similarly powered competitors like Audi A4 base what so? Equally disappointing (given the lack of thrill involved), the autobox TSX is 21/30 mpg. That's only slightly better than the V6 Accord 19/29.

And what about the Accord? The TSX is at $ 2500 more than a comparably equipped (ie, four-pot) Accord EX-L, rewarding stealth oxymoronic badge snobbery with a whopping 11 hp and a logo containing a Jeopardy participants would Flummox tagged. Or, for $ 200 less than the TSX drive off the lot in a loaded Honda to 268 hp V6 Accord. And which is stable only in the corporate Honda. You could fill an entire 800-word article with "better than the Acura TSX cars that cost around $ 30k."

But really, the 2009 TSX is not suck, because there are better alternatives. It sucks because it's ugly, the interior is tight, the steering is awful, it is not fun to drive and the suspension was ridiculously loud. And okay, a bit, because the last TSX was so much better (which is now a legend, so to speak). Honda needs to have the right people back in charge of their supposedly superior brand before it is a total irrelevance. Or as in this case, according to.