2009 Lincoln MKS Review

Posted on 04. Jun, 2008 by in Auto News

Ford "Premium" car lineup will be. In a deadly game of the last brand that is committed Now, Jaguar, Range Rover and Aston Martin casualities of the war (ie, someone else's problem), it's on Volvo and Lincoln. Official denials aside, is to go the next Volvo. Lincoln must carry that weight (long). And so we come to the front-drive-based Lincoln MKS, Ford, the first post-Carmageddon (Karmageddon?) Luxury car. Lincoln has siblings' dismissal finally freed the brand of badge-engineered mediocrity?

No genetically FMD is built on the same platform on which the Ford Taurus, Mercury Sable, several Volvos and the Ford Flex (sort of). So if you want to make the streets and diss the MKS D3ness, you can easily the great Lincoln as tarted-up Taurus or cheaped-out Volvo. Fortunately for Lincoln, the brand has the current core audience have no idea what I'm talking about.

The MKS design is as harmless / memorable as its nomenclature. The split grille to create a brand mark for the Lincoln logo always in the chromium (which logo?) Will stop lost. Despite the nasal blingery, says the British-born car designer, the Lincoln MKS, the owner sees as a "reward for hard work, not just an outward sign of status." Just as well, really. The MCS scores an F on the all important mom test (your mother would recognize it immediately). Nevertheless, there are some charming features such as on small taillights cribbed from a Maserati Quattroporte.

The MKS interior was developed by two different teams. The top half of the car (everything from chest level and above) is fantastic. There is nothing more than soft-touch plastic, trendy stitched leather (ette?) On the dashboard, buckets made of real chrome and a beautiful horizontal strip of wood.

Let's call that the wooden 38th Parallel to rob. The lower half of the center console is rock hard, decorated with two counter-intuitive, tightly gathered groups of small radio and HVAC buttons. Including: dead space, like a kind of polyurethane desert. Instead, add a little room or storage area at the bottom of the center console, the buyers Aluminum Applique Package are a huge six inches wide chrome "LINCOLN" treated – just in case they thought they were driving a top spec Ford Taurus.

The first-for-Ford application of advanced Duratec 35 sits under the MKS 'demure hood. The 3.7-liter V6 stumps-up 275hp and 270 ft.-lbs. of twist, feasting on regular gasoline. It is a far smoother and more flexible than GM engine 3.6-liter six-cylinder pot, just on par with the best of the Japanese V6 engines. For real.

Unfortunately, this sparkling piece of technology under house arrest, watched by a sadistic six-speed autobox named Sucko the clown. In the interest of the fuel consumption, it moves into the sixth gear at any speed greater than 0 miles per hour. Pass, retaining the velocity of pitches and merging all lead reach the box for a bottle of Advil. The whole bottle.

If NSAID suicide is not have your bag, you can switch the transmission in auto-manual mode, or simply to just lock him in SST mode (I kid you not). This tranny setting adheres to the gears much longer (sometimes too long), the use of the Lincoln otherwise grazing horses. Configured, the MKS is a pretty fast car. Seat of the pants estimate: zero to 60mph in about seven seconds.

Needless to say, the SST setting exacts a significant fuel economy penalty. I did not measure mpg because my actuary is off this week, but if the allegedly efficiency-oriented "Drive" setting is 16/23 (AWD model), you know, it does not look good for the sportier transmission setup.

And how to handle it looks? Yes. It treats. The game is not here dazed pursue or high cornering speeds, or anything even vaguely with so-called "sportsmanship." It's all about the journey. The MKS new, fully independent rear suspension makes cobblestones your bitch. Even in terms of handling, the MKS is soundproofed to the point Rigor mortis. Ambulance drivers hope to have MKS buyer sharp peripheral vision.

The suspension is the ace up its sleeve for the MKS, a car that Vierling urgent one. On class-exclusive 20 "wheels, you can sink into the supple leather seating, stacking on the highway miles and never remember.

Lincoln is taken for a base here, and by God they got one. It's a shame, because you can not come back from three runs down by the safest route. A signature car for reborn brand: Lincoln had swung for the fences, we could have seen a very different FMD. But they did not, or could not. At this point my advice to a fully loaded Mercury Sable instead of buying or buying something used with genuine upscale cachet.

Ford provided the car, travel, gas and insurance.