2009 Toyota Matrix S AWD vs. 2008 Subaru Impreza 2.5i 5-Door

Posted on 16. Jun, 2008 by in Auto News

At some point in our recent history of the automobile, replaced all wheel drive (AWD) Front wheel drive as the paranoid consumer powertrain of choice. The safety benefits of high quality winter tires (as necessary), and a low center of gravity was (in all cases) lost in translation. Prepared on the AWD Popularity Capital: The economy is based Toyota Matrix and the Subaru Impreza. Both diminutive scramblers are not nearly as cheap or efficient as their front-wheel-drive cousins, and they are not off-road, tow a boat or carry seven passengers. Nevertheless, both cars offer a potential additional security and potentially better handling. So if you had to select a …

The Impreza and Matrix were both recently redesigned. The new matrix looks like it's been hanging in Beverly Hills. And yet, even after a gap, tuck, stretch and smooth the matrix is' bloated-Yaris profile. Although the car tighter greenhouse effect and diving roof line increase on the prior model anodyne anonymity further, form comes at the expense of function (more on this later).

The Impreza hatch's-sorry, "5-Door" restyle offers a sleek, egg-shaped look that is both familiar and shocks. Subaru achieved this paradox by littering a restrained, attractive shape with unnecessary, eye-melting blooms (eg, tail lights and faux-icicles Chrysler Pilotwings on the grille). Select the "sports grille" option and plain black mesh replaces your plastic disc corporate flair, transforming the Impreza styling. If only Subaru offered a "tasteful tail light" option …

The matrix 'one-box (a trapezoid?) Design creates a minivan-in-a-trash-compact vibe inside (so to speak). The steeply raked windscreen and short hood allow acceptable visibility. But the Toyota sharply falling roof and gun-slit windows intolerable, they put the words "oh shit!" in "blind spot." The matrix has a bit more capacity than the Impreza, but the Yaris provides more hip room.

The Impreza rear visibility is also limited by its sloping roofline, but at least you can check your blind spots without a periscope. Although the Subie is slightly smaller than the matrix of most metrics, including the vital rear legroom calculating their airy greenhouse is far more inviting than the Toyota four-wheel bunker.

Let's face it: do not want adult-sized adults, spend inordinate amounts of time in both rear seats.

The matrix is clean, unpretentious interior styling emphasizes function. A pervasive sense of fairness and prevent fragility of his cabin to reach rugged or utilitarian props. The Toyota black cockpit is brightened only by a large hard, shiny silver plastic, ToMoCo owners know and loathe. For the same reason, while the matrix 'great climate knobs are models of simplicity, they are imprecise and poorly secured to the minivan-style console.

The beige-black four-door Subaru the interior plastics seem like found close relatives of the trailer trash in the Toyota cockpit. Other materials are of a much higher quality. And while the two-dimensional Toyota cockpit includes appliance-dom, the Subaru wraps its occupants in a low-rent take on the BMW driver-oriented interior. If you like the Impreza sheet, the interior styling will not be shaken. If not, you'll find it's boring, gaudy or (again) both.

The AWD Matrix comes in a powertrain flavors: a 2.4-liter inline four-cylinder engine with a four-speed automatic transmission. Pop in "D", you agree to a sour look on your face, mash the gas and 158HP mill will press the ponderous (3360 lbs) with matrix over joyless adequacy. The Quadra-Gearmotors slushbox helps fun on the bay, but not in the manic thrash that Berkowitz had with Toyota five-speed unit (on non-AWD matrices).

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