2006 Mercedes AMG S65 Review

Posted on 23. Jul, 2008 by in Auto News

America has the hots for hybrids. On the flip side of high gas prices, the value of a vehicle with fuel has collapsed under 20 mpg. Brand new "gas guzzlers" are sitting on dealer lots collecting incentives, rebates, financing and dust. The price of the used fuel sucker dropped by 25 percent in the last four months, and then the rest, this is the perfect time for a twin-turbo twelve-cylinder behemoth shop.

The 2006 Mercedes S65 was the first model in which the automaker's in-house uber-tuner (AMG) the standard output Triple "T." She lured massaged the engine output heroic levels: 604 hp and 738 pounds ft. torque. Why the Mercmeisters decided this gi-Normous engine fall in the last year of the previous S-Class is anyone's guess, it predestined owner Extra catastrophic losses.

Do the owners know that they fire the C-notes on lighting? Who knows? At the risk of being labeled one unrepentant capitalist, a man is another man's cash conflagration smug sense of satisfaction. I found no less than 18 S65s on line. Prices ranged from $ 60k to $ 90k, depending on miles. I drove two S65s extensively earn me a traffic violation in my quest for knowledge.

Let's address the mileage issue immediately. Makes sense, one driven S65 average 17 mpg overall. That's not bad for a 5k pound leviathan. And that's all I have to say.

The engine's acoustic pleasures are obvious only on start-up. The engine barks authoritatively then sets to a whisper, no matter where you are in the rev range. The driving experience is similar to flying a 747th There are millions of pounds of thrust, if you want, but there is too much bulk to ever feel like you are moving sprightly. The throttle is limo-compliant, not much happens in the first two inches of travel. Follow your natural instinct is to push harder and you would rather have the wheels pointed straight ahead, unless there are no other aircraft I. My vehicles near

At full throttle, the S65 turbos whistling roar louder than the engine. (And that's saying something.) After the two runners up reel you immediately understand how Boeing's largest lift off the ground. Zero to 60 takes four seconds. Porsches? Pffff! Also sports bikes are easy prey.

Despite the Swabian antigravity device known as Active Body Control, the S65 plows powerfully through sharp turns. High-speed sweepers are another thing, the big Merc is infinite, shockingly competent. The S65 AMG is the Gee in GT. The brakes as the gas, not much happens in the first inch or two, then the large binders impart most G force can produce luxobarge. Who knew 747 could land on an aircraft carrier?

While the S65 does not have a cabin Bentley-esque sense of occasion, represents the other German transcontinental express a sense of timelessness. In other words, the S65 in the interior is hopelessly conservative. There is of course a sybarite of luxury touches. All visible surfaces are fragrant, soft-touch leather sewn, wrapped around an inch (millimeter?) His life. My desk should be made of such wood.

Amazingly, the S65, the seats are softer than any modern Cadillac or Lexus. The Merc thrones are "driving dynamics" inflate bubbles side reverse to the direction of the rotation-in during cornering better support the driver. In fact, it feels like a poorly trained masseuse pummeling in all the wrong places. It makes sense, fans blow cool air through the perforated leather seats.

Otherwise, the gizmo is counting a little light, especially when compared with today's entry Infinitis. The satellite radio and a navigation system has virtually no street names on the display when a DVD source drive. Your Mercedes dealer you like to meet for $ 2k plus the factory supervisor in the Bluetooth department to fix. At least the Bose sound system is better. In this application than any other, with a great sound Double glazed windows keep surround sound to a minimum by. Sensation in the concert hall

Two years ago, when new, the Mercedes S65 sells for $ 180k. I bought a pristine example with 23k on the clock for $ 70k. There are two years or 27k miles on the original warranty left. The nice people at leasecompare.com were kind enough to write me a two-year lease, so I'll never ridden on maintenance or how often it was hard and stuck to wet.

Based on Charles Dickens, this is the worst of times, and this is the best of all time. If you built for maximum bang for the buck, or a Mercedes as they seek to use, there are many beautiful AMG models are waiting for a new home. The S65 AMG The Daddy.