2008 Audi R8 Long Term Test

Posted on 05. Jul, 2008 by in Auto News

I was longing for the Audi R8, since I first laid eyes on the "Le Mans" showcar five years ago. Last February, I was driving test Audi 911 redo in Vegas (baby). Although I found the R8 was missing some of the Porsche Turbo OMG WTFitiude user friendly, gave Audi their everyday supercar a much more attractive wrapper than the ass-engined Nazi slot car (thank you PJ O'Rourke). Yes, I knew the film would be to define Ironman R8 operating costs for non-owners. But I was willing to take the risk with an actor who has spent more time in rehab than can every five celebutantes assigned names. So I placed an order and delivery of my R8 at Neckarsulm.

Was memorable while foreign delivery experience as a whole, the actual production is a bit boring. The car is essentially assembled by hand, most of the time, watching the skeleton of the car moving very slowly, if at all, in red overalls craftsmen expect from their different return Beer Breaks to hang parts and pieces to the frame. Test the garage was the only interesting section. Boffins place finished products (the R8S is for you and me) on a treadmill, which is then "driven" to highway speed. My guide warned me that I was not. R8 on my box fresh engine over 6,000 rpm during the break-in period That would mph in top gear 140th

I reached terminal velocity recommended later that day without drama. I stated on the R8 virtues on this prestigious site. But now, when I spent a few months living with the R8, I thought I would give you the TTAC equivalent of the buff books "long-term test and the difference I actually my own hard earned money on this car. Anyway, here are my top five likes and dislikes. We start with the bright side of life …

A. The Audi R8 is one of those rare machines that makes it all go at once desirable. (My wife is not happy unless she is driving the car.) Yes, the R8 contrasting "side blades" are a bit silly. But then Marissa Miller are freckles.

Second The R8 note tweaked 4.2-liter V8 engine is perfectly judged. It is not overly NASCAR, but still aggressive enough to make revving at a standstill a thrill for pedal-ists and pedestrians alike. The R8 has a clear case of acoustic bi-polar disorder; away eargasms are only a determined foot press.

Third The ride quality is excellent. At the speed of the slides R8, where Corvettes fear to tread. The Porsche Turbo can not match the R8 combination of curves and confidence magic carpet cosseting.

4th While I'm not a fan of manual transmissions (gasp!), the R8 gated six-speed is so much fun to rattle around a Ferrari. Audi's clutch effort is light and take-up is easily modulated. Pedal placement allows for gas blips between downshifts.

5th The handling and steering are sublime. The faster you go, the faster you go. In other words, I have. Unable to provoke understeer or oversteer during extreme cornering Only a brave man than I or a max track attack could reveal the R8 on-the-limit dynamics. Suffice it to say, if you're looking for trouble, you are. Come to the wrong place

Of course, not everything is rosy in the Audi R8 country. There are a few questions that should be my friends in Neckarsulm ASAP address:

A. There is no other way to say this: The avoidable R-tronic automatic transmission sucks. Audi, please construct the dual-clutch S-tronic for the R8 STAT. There is no excuse for the implementation of the world's best gear in a TT, and then put this turkey in your top-of-the-line performance model.

Second It's my fetish, and I'll cry if I want to. The R8 tiny sun visor is an insult to all sun visors. It is a fashion accessory, as these tiny purses my wife wears sometimes because they look cool. I end with all their stuff in my pockets and the sun in my eyes.

Third The R8 has the power seats, but no way to save your favorite position. What's going on?

4th The gas cap dangling dangerously on $ 2k worth of carbon fiber side blades because Audi forgot to give a place to hang during refueling. What's in German for D'oh?

5th It is really difficult to get one. While I am sure some of you to see my car'm buying habits with contemptuous envy, I would love to experience more Pistonheads if the R8 could splendor. Given the German brand cliff depreciation, an adequate supply at the sharp end is all that they need to spread the love further down the food chain.

There are faster cars than the R8. There certainly are real cars with sun visor. But no one can be worth living with the R8 combination of driver satisfaction, sex appeal and everyday. Why Audi was able to build a better 911 is anyone's guess. And my pride and joy. She's my sweet little thing, and I'm her little lover boy.