2009 Bentley Continental GTC Review

Posted on 11. Jul, 2008 by in Auto News

"OMG! It's Paris Hilton's car!" The bikini blonde with large waiting-for-a-Nuclear-Blast sunglasses was impressed by the big black Bentley. "How much is it?" "How long to go?" "How did you get?" One of Abercrombie bathing suits gathered around the British built German car in the late summer sun. I had not the heart, they say, they prayed a false idol. So what if the Bentley Continental GTC is a four-wheeled Poptart, famous for being famous? Discretion is the better part of the Park Service. I would save my bubble burst for the best and brightest. And here are. And here we go …

Bentley's lines are clean and functional. In keeping with the Bentley Boys' fan that Conti eschews Aston grace and flair emulate Ferrari to a raging locomotive. To this end, raises the Bentley hood with all the subtleties of a Dodge Ram. Make that a drunken Dodge Ram, the GTC headlights obliquely upwards, as if to to roll backwards just before the car can easily fall into a swoon.

The Bentley the back looks as if it was designed by a drunk. How else can you explain to ram Dirk van Braeckel decision grossly oversized oval tail lights in a square hole? The GTC rear hips mixed with the chunky case about as well as falafel and mint chocolate chip. Top down or top up (no anorexic camel ribs here), is the Continental GTC's profile killer: the new, steeply raked windscreen is somehow more sophisticated and rakish.

Taken as a whole, let's be honest Dahling, nobody ever confused a Bentley for an Audi.

If you understand what motivates want leather fetishists, slip in a Bentley Continental GTC. Dear honest, I swear I was just sitting here. In fact, not only as something to sit on a problem embedded in the world's most comfortable car seats, surveying a dashboard with milled aluminum vents, chrome vent knobs and sapphire adorned DMS. And more wood than you see on the screens in the Adult Video Awards.

How porn stars, closer examination is not recommended. My Jetta shares steering wheel and navigation keys with the Bentley and the less expensive Veedub controls lineup. We can only hope that the Continental-more-than-slightly askew radio preset buttons are a kind of post-modern nod to Ye Olde British craftsmanship. The nav system was clunky and perpetrator-friendly, I think that's why Lindsay Lohan drives around dazed and confused.

Once upon a time, back when CO2 was plant food, Bentley listed their cars' power as "appropriate". Today's Continental GTC is powered by a 552hp 6.0-liter, twin-turbocharged W-12 engine. The British brand raised this mighty mill (sans fan) directly from the remarkable Volkswagen Phaeton and Audi A8 exemplary. With 479 lb-fts of twist on tap @ 1600 rpm, tickle the GTC gas and any concerns about the lower classes genetics soon deleted.

At first, the GTC engine rumbles like a distant thunderstorm. It was roaring quickly crescendos into a hardened until it weighs like a F5 tornado in a trailer park sounds. Or, more likely, a different gas station.

In other words, the GTC feels like the freight train from hell. My Aunt Chris could not speak for three minutes. Cousins Brigid and Kathleen turned (at the age of 10 and 12) from two reserved students in a single mass of girlish giggles and urged me to go fast enough to get the car on the Lake Erie skip to Kelly Iceland. With a proper start, I reckon we'd have made it halfway-connected just before the £ 5,200 GTC the wreck of the Edmund Fitzgerald.

Yes, it is know that the GTC is wider than a Range Rover and half a ton heavier than a Dodge Challenger. How do you get something so large and difficult to turn? During the Continental GTC effortlessly last reflective window down a tick is the world's most expensive way, there is always a deserted winding road in central Nevada are just waiting for a $ 240k playmates.

The big-ass GTC drives like a 747 – with more grace than you can imagine. The Bentley banks through the curves with extreme grip and advanced body control. Unfortunately, the harder of the two-door pushing through a turn, the more removed the already leaden steering becmes. At some point, losing all traces GTC dynamic limits of the dynamics. If you really cane it's the all-wheel-drive GTC in haptic and acoustic silence suffer. Maybe "real" Bentley owners scream like "God damn Squeal! Squeal!" I do not know.

The Bentley Continental GTC will be Rolls Royce when it grows up. Or rip off all his clothes and be an Audi A8. Either way, the Bentley drop-top is just not comfortable in his own skin, so demanding, non-status looks driver ask, well, what's the point? Like Paris Hilton, the Bentley is all flash and trash. In other words, if you do not get it for you.