2009 Infiniti FX50 Review

Posted on 14. Jul, 2008 by in Auto News

I hungered for Infiniti "Bionic Cheetah" from the moment I saw the renderings in a buff book (remember those?). After the climb behind the wheel of the first-generation FX, I knew that if I ever needed an SUV without loading or off-roadabilty was the FX45 Truck Crossover for me. For one thing, it was carved from a block of sex. Second, the handling was just stiff legs. But there's a new sheriff in town high center of gravity: the FX50. Infiniti new model can meet the trains, let alone the lines that there is much to admire (from me anyway) predecessor? Well, lemme tell ya …

The FX50 reelection shaped snout is like Mike Tyson tattoo. They see it for a second and short ratiocinate "Cool." One later you hit wonder, "What the fuck was he thinking?" Basking the CUV of the grill to its Squigly lamps, the FX50 looks like the bow of a strange toad. Fender prevented? Why? Fortunately, the FX50, the sheetmetal many of the earlier cars clever cuts and inventive angles keep the basic shape firmly in the "Hell yes" column. Especially sitting on those brilliant 21 "dubs.

Fold the FX50 door and see! Infiniti has set a new standard in the all important wooden door set using competition. The rest of the cabin lives up to the maple accent portals "upscale aspirations, with a ton of top shelf soft-touch leather and plastic. The FX50 is optional quilted leather seats (with adjustable top and back strengthening) are meaty with a steering wheel enough off to even the most casual vegetarian supplements.'s new Fiddy is more noble than the last FX, although only as a cargo-challenged.

But it's not just gadgets. The FX50 packs more electronic wizardry into a space than the Consumer Electronics Show. Seven keys labeled with abbreviations such as DCA, IBA and FCW: Against the left knee. I have no idea what any of them do. But the sheer volume of press ceramic stuff to impress (and confuse) the Joneses. As for doodads I do not understand the radar cruise control works so well that I do. Not touch pedal for more than an hour in bumper to bumper traffic gridlock Combine that with beepy Infiniti Lane Departure Warning System and the FX50 is the first car that you can drive in the passenger seat. Blindfolded.

The FX50 is the only Nissan FM chassis variant with the sizzling 5.0-liter V8. The indicator is a shimmering, where Nissan (and the rest of the industry) has head: square, her buttocks. But what a gnarled, snarling brute of an engine. The mighty mill stumps up 390 horses and 369 torques, making this power-car quickly thuggishly.

No joke. The brand new lunatic fringe Mitsubishi EVO X with its dual-clutch transmission tranny and melon-sized turbocharger hits 60 mph in 5.1 seconds. The £ 4,575 FX50 takes a tenth of a second longer. A tenth! The big Infiniti feels much faster than the EVO, and the quarter-mile – it is! By the time I met 120 hours miles it was obvious that the FX50 a motorized mental case for the drivers much more psychotic than me and that's something meant.

Unfortunately, the transmission is sucks. I'm stealing from Berkowitz, but "AUTOCOCKBLOCK!" With the active acceleration of the sneaky seven speed you. In fifth gear from 30 Southwest For the math-averse, which is to transfer a six-southwest. I hate it. True: You paddle the gears themselves. But it is a slusher, not a dual clutch transmission. So you play the hurry and wait game. That is disgusting, too. If you floor it will keep the tranny gears to 7000rpm redline and the already low mileage drops off a cliff. The stoppers are mean and mighty after you in your leg 'em, the lack of initial bite is disheartening.

Infiniti FX50 has revised the basics, making the travel and heft of the old multi-link front to back with liberal lashings of aluminum and equipped double wishbones. Combined with fat, sticky rubber and many IT prestidigitation takes over the large, large, portly CUV as well, if not better than your sports car. Equally amazing, this time 'round, your dental fillings are safe.

Unfortunately, the FX50 throws in a tight corner feels like riding a Macbook. I'm not saying it is deaf, but I would drink to five Arrogant Bastards, to achieve the same effect personally.

Thus the new $ 63k Infiniti FX50 a ruthlessly fast, lateral G genius with an electric chastity belt (or three) is not very practical, and drinks like Charles Bukowski saddled on a bender. Infiniti has made a vehicle with the grace and speed of their German rivals. If we can transfer to the numbskull (and insatiable thirst), the FX50 is the fastest you can buy, tossable sedan-on-stilts for money. Just do not look in the eyes.