2008 Kia Amanti Review

Posted on 01. Aug, 2008 by in Auto News

Gourmet restaurants and McDonalds both salads. Both companies offer green fodder, vegetables and some kind of dressing. Apart from Mickey D's portion-controlled, polymer-intensive presentation, I doubt anyone would confuse the two salads on the basis of appearance or taste. But what about a "real" premium sedan and the Kia Amanti? It's a fascinating idea: an upscale midsize sedan in a family sedan price. Cutting a badge-related price premium is always tempting … but rarely worth.

There is no discounting presentation here: the Amanti sheet embodying noble aspirations and bombs. Kia's range-topper sees the world with an unbraked knockoff a last-generation E-Class' front-end (sans hood ornament). Of the page brings the Amanti the roof line a 1995 Chrysler LHS sense. Vertical taillights and a bustle-butt truck form overturned by a 1999 Bentley Arnage in last. Taken as a whole, the Amanti is in a parking lot like a black cat in a dark room.

The Amanti the "premium" features are a study in contradiction. Germanic-firm non-supportive bucket seats are upholstered in glove-soft leather. But the window sills are rock hard and about an inch wide. Adjustable pedals are optional. Non-telescopic steering column. The instrument cluster with electroluminescent gauges enchanted. But there is no satellite radio or MP3 input for the sound system.

The four-door offers its occupants to survive a crash eight airbags to help, but you have to pay for stability and traction controls, one to avoid. The Amanti has power locks. But they can not be locked automatically. A dual-zone automatic temperature control is standard, but the navigation system will come with a suction cup.

The four-inch screen in the center of the dashboard promises a nav system and provides an on-board computer, radio, temperature and time, with a white "toothpick" numbers against a black background. While the door-mounted seat adjustment looks on the passenger side as the eight-way control for the driver side, it only moves the seat fore and aft and reclines it. Despite dominating the supple leather on the seats, plastic of all textures.

If you pay $ 1.6k for the "Premium Package" Everything is in black, save an aluminum strip on the dashboard, the switch marks and the headliner.

Space you have, and lots of it. Front Indiana Jones fans can bring their favorite headgear. The rear bench seat-rel seating is even more impressive. Even with the front seat adjusted for my 6'3 "frame, my 6'5" son sat comfortably behind me. There is plenty of room for four or even five, more statistically representative people, the Amanti the cavernous trunk is easily the luggage they need (if at least two male) are.

The Amanti driving is more than good, I mean, "flexible" enough to be a lure to the? Octogenarian from his Mercury Grand Marquis. The Korean car hovering over highway bumps with the kind of ease once praised as "an armchair on wheels." The 3.8-liter V6 264hp turning the pastiche is virtually silent during the ride. Depending on how much speed you require, you increase the rate of progress produces a rough growl. The indecisive transmission then tries to find a lower gear and … you're out. Uses the engine from the 260 lb-ft of torque, and you finally move elegantly, or cheap, depending.

Any attempted change of direction demonstrates what anyone who understands automobile dynamics 101, were derived from the above paragraph. Double wishbone front and multi-link setup out back promise more than they can deliver. Combine them with numb, over-boosted steering and almost nothing spirited driving requires a level of skill is best employed on a driving sim.

And then there is branding …

When most people Kia, they think cheap. The corollary: questionable build quality and dubious resale value. While nothing broken or fell during the week I drove the Amanti, the ignition was already loose enough to wiggle in his case.

Although hardly anyone would Amanti the $ 31,695 sticker price, estimated in the first year will pay about 50 per cent depreciation of the serious potential buyers pause. Specifically, from January to June this year sold 2090 Kia Amantis. Some 1,117 of them were sold in June. If that does not stink fleet sales, I do not know what works.

For the same reason, if you want a comfortable, relatively economical car, waiting for the big enough for a family of four (or if Grandpa wants out of his Town Car downsizing) a few years ago. Until then, you should be able to provide a 2008 Amanti for a third to buy what it cost new. Of course, the same kind of depreciation applies to the "real thing" – just in a slightly slower pace. Timely satisfaction, cheap or luxury hotels. Choose one.

(Kia of North America supplied the car, insurance and a tank of gas)