2008 Scion xB Take Two

Posted on 11. Aug, 2008 by in Auto News

"Hot enough to boil a monkey's bum!" I'm not sure what that means, but it was that hot in North Texas in the afternoon I picked up my 2008 Scion xB. How fitting that the old Flying Circus reference should I flash through your mind, the xB looks like something from a twisted Terry Gilliam animation. Now, Graham Chapman is in an urn, could fit all pythons in the xB, although 6'4 "tall John Cleese would be uncomfortable in each seat. But the redesigned boxy Scion is more than a surreal comic sketch. Or is it? And now for something completely different …

Since its establishment, Toyota developed the Scion xB for people to take their cars instead of driving. I will not belabor the stylistic transformation of the Scion Scion. Suffice to say, the xB rob the breakout proportions and streamlining the rig his Cubist innocence. The front of the hood and roof seems crunched in places, and the curved back lights on the design of a scowl. Goodbye juice box. Yo gangsta.

One gets the feeling, Toyota tries too hard with the bottle lightning xB. Scion website has photos of 13 xB vividly painted and machined suggest the creative individuality, ala MINI Cooper. Of course, in practical Toyota fashion, each of these images comes with the disclaimer, "vehicle for the show only and not homologated;. Modified with non-genuine Scion parts (which voids the warranty and may adversely affect the performance) " I'm not a stylish young dude, but even I know that the children do not allow lawyers to crash their raves. Duh!

The open appeal to the college-age demographic is found in the center of the dashboard. For an additional $ 389, is Scion Pioneer premium audio system buyers the same audio features in the base 160W system found. But the Yoof of American take pictures and video can be played in stereo on a small LCD face loaded. Oh, and the more expensive machine power switch is positioned almost out of reach in the upper right corner. That sounds not be money well spent, but what do I know? I remember when radio buttons felt like an old jukebox.

The standard six-speaker is not for the job (ie pedestrian thumping chests to 40 steps). The bass tones feel weaker than Hugo Chavez threats against Pres Bush. Fortunately, Scion has provided convenient speaker jacks, so owners subwoofer large enough to be able to add peppers stir Orcas frolic near oceans.

Speaking of wrong steps, the xB is plagued by numerous niggling inside ergonomic error. Irritating enough (and then some), the driver's seat is placed above the seat belt buckle device armrest. I'm not necessarily opposed offset gauges. But the Scion are too small in the bright sunlight you can not read amber tachometer. Plug in these subs, and you can not hear, a gearshift point indicator, either.

Shifting gears, the xB has. More in common with an old '78 Ford F-250 with three-on-the-tree as a contemporary compact runabout The xB Stay sprouts from the dashboard; swapping cogs is more an exercise of up and down instead of forward and backward. The long travel clutch requires you to stomp your entire left leg and raise it into place down. Heel toe move? Forgeddaboudit. Nevertheless Snick gearshift in place with Toyota quality.

The xB is now motivated by the 158HP 2.4-liter engine, lifted from the ubiquitous Camry. The Scion in-line four-pot is well suited to the xB. In spite of the model 600 lbs. Weight gain (up to £ 3,026.), The xB offers a class-compliant engine, get-up-and-go. I said, despite that … Faint praise aside, the xB's extra 55 horses helps make the model to a much more stable and relaxed high-speed cruiser than its predecessor breathless.

The punishment: Ye Olde Bento Box xB have better mileage. Stylin 'SUV refuges still love the xB, the 25 mpg observed fuel economy (EPA 22/28). Throw the xB by a few corners and light trucks this is downsizers even more at home. Scion rolling stone like the Sears Tower leans in a storm. On the positive side, resist the xB, the all-season high-performance 16 "Goodyear Eagles squeak like John Gotti. Push harder, and understeering nose plow is sensational. The xB the uber shoes claw on the tarmac until they can not, at which point she let go and skitter sideways.

So here's the problem: In his obvious effort to some gang signs to those who are, what gang signs throw know who reinvented Scion xB has secretly become more like everything else on the road. While there is nothing about the xB revision that would make a stop from buying a playa, or a security-seeking member of the sensible shoes brigade, the xB lost their quirks and cred high mpg. Send this one. About The Ministry of Silly Cars, stat