2009 Subaru Forester XT Review

Posted on 25. Aug, 2008 by in Auto News

The Forester XT living, breathing proof that Subaru has lost its way. The Toyota-fication of the brand has now reached its peak in the redesigned Forester, and it is great (really, really high) as the perfect example of how to alienate the hippies and hoons the Subaru purchased by Subaru. To put it in a nutshell, is driving the new Forester XT as answering the door expecting Ed McMahon with a check for a million dollars and find your mother-in-law standing there instead. At least the MIL is finally home. The Forester XT hangs around and keeps disappointing.

Illusion begins at the outer side. See this hood scoop? You may think that as the WRX and Legacy GT, the performance hood scoop and fun means. Instead, all it means is "turbo inside" and nothing more. But even with the bump on the hood of the new Forester is definitely more attractive than the old one (kudos to Subaru for bucking the trend are), but it represents a sharp transition from "big boxy cars" in "SUV". Why Subaru makes SUVs? No idea ask Toyota.

Step on the inside. See this hood scoop? Yes, the bulbous nostril touching your field that you mercilessly mocked every day that you bought the WRX. The ridiculously low front-seat occupants a beautiful view of the dashboard, hood scoop, and little else. The driver's seat is adjustable fortunately rel. Not so for the passenger, colleagues who are struggling out of the window like a 5 year old to see the road. The seats are too short and made up about as much thigh support as bar stools and leaving both the driver and passenger on the lookout for somewhere to support the knee.

But boy, the rear seats are wonderfully spacious. Think I found I could see the front seats "could overlook shortcomings in the rear footwells alone. Then the cold hard reality hit me that (A) I'm going to ride in the front 99.995% of the time and (B) it is wicked hard in the Child seat to reach in the car to retrieve a pacifier when it is half a mile back. Families with leggy teen love the stretch-out room and the trick lying back seats. not The rear was much more comfortable than the front, but the driver Sitting in the back. The interior looks nicer than the WRX, very nearly as nice as the Legacy, actually.

Let us not hide the fact is the only reason why someone would look at the XT over the base model under this functional hood scoop: the turbocharged 2.5L YEEEHAWWWW factor. The new Forester, like the WRX packs, more low-end torque at the expense of high-end, but unlike the WRX, it feels oddly sluggish overall. Do you want to make it worse? Here are your four automatic transmission. The base Forester comes with a manual option, not the XT. In fact it is not even a guarantee five-Speed automatic transmission. At this point I'm starting to wonder if Subaru wants not only their hoon-oriented-they want to actively discourage customers to destroy their spirits.

The whole experience feels like in the last two Matrix movies. You know how much fun it could be, but it is an amazingly terrible disappointment through and through. The handling, absolutely atrocious even by SUV standards reveals integral Subaru brand image. The loosey-goosey steering wheel feels like the '91 Explorer drove my parents. Understeer makes cornering an exercise in unexpected surprises. This fact you could be a safe driver, but not by choice. The whole thing feels like a bag of maize flour pulled by sled dogs – it's all mush.

Except instead of sled dogs, it provides nearly the best engine Subaru towed. Just the motivation is an excellent adventure but God help her otherwise. I can only imagine that such a ridiculously soft suspension and drive mammoth rel there is a decent ride in the rough, but if you? Off-Road in your plans, why not buy one of these if you have a bargain can get instead Jeep There is very little to the XT set apart from the rest of the crop. Sure, it's fast (it), but who cares when driving the soul sucked out of you? Piloting it is an exercise in irritation and make you feel like you are actively fighting against the Forester, just to keep it around on the street.

If you are looking for a sporty, fast CUV with seating for the whole family, go buy an Acura RDX. It may be more expensive, but you'll never regret it. I can not understand why anyone would spend their hard earned money on a new Forester, if you or in this small group of Subaru enthusiasts who do not have anything but a Subaru, and you live in the snow belt and / You need the extra space for an outback camping with the family. However, like Subaru, you can do better than this.