2008 Acura CSX Navi Premium Review

Posted on 03. Sep, 2008 by in Auto News

Evaluation of the Canadian designed, built and sold Acura CSX without mentioning the Honda Civic is no easy task. (See?) Comparisons are so tempting, namely because these. An excellent car in its own right The feeling is mutual. Honda of Japan loved the Acura CSX so much that it serves as a template for the JDM Civic. And why not? The CSX provides an excellent compact luxury package without the reliability problems bedeviling certain (cough cough German) imports. Told otherwise, the CSX-I mean the penny-pinching, thinking man's luxury compact.

From a distance, you would of thought the CSX and the Civic ARE the same car will be awarded. Due to its similarity with its platform mate, the CSX is a perfect spiritual successor to the Civic EL of yore. My tester CSX include the exterior upgrades chrome wheels and door handles, Acura wheels, twin exhaust and a redesigned front end with all major Acura badge. Fortunately for the CSX, plays the humble Civic rakish styling and even in the semi-luxury market, the car interior a sporty stance without reduction

The donor Civic good genes are also visible on the inside. Acura kept the Civic futuristic Biplane dashboard and small deep steering. (. Honda rider, do not get the whole Star Wars, which is not mandatory) on the list of what it feels like: the gear lever, handbrake, armrest, steering, thigh support and storage areas. Get the idea? The main differences are easy to spot. The Acura manumatic comes with flimsy, thin paddles mounted on the steering column. Although clear and appealing, they feel cheap and demand hand placement just nine and three.

Acura outsourced the Civic Plain Jane HVAC set-up for an all-consuming screen and voice-activated satellite navigation, which dominates the minimalist dashboard. Gloved Canadians can curse the unit Chicklet-sized keys, but they are placed sensible, suitable smooth operator. The Acura-leather front seats are heated for cold Canadian company car. The CSX, the rear seats are spacious, simple as comfortable and spacious as the ones found in the previous generation Accord. Assuming you do not have more than two cars in the back chairs, the CSX, the Goldilocks of family cars.

The CSX is equipped with a 2.0-liter I4 blessed good for 155 hp. RSX owners know this engine well, the mini-mill speed smoothly in close harmony with the automatic-making. The need for these cheesy paddle This means that the wheel-mounted cog swapper are very satisfied with very little delay between the tap (the fingers) blip (the engine) to take-off. Although it is refined enough and driven, the CSX is the acceleration forces are not class leading power, not by a long shot. The MINI Cooper, Volvo C30, BMW 128i and Audi A3 2.0T have all failed it. Not to mention the similarly priced Civic SI. D'oh!

On the road, the CSX chassis' tuning the automotive equivalent of the Missouri Compromise. The ride is too hard for the Lexus crowd, and too soft for the BMW crowd. But it works (for a while). The CSX does not mask any of the road imperfections, but does a competent job reducing most of them to the level of minor annoyance.

Insert the CSX through their paces at a normal speed and you would never think it's really a econobox wore a silk suit. There is not enough torque or power in order to make the drive wheels cause. The CSX offers up a healthy dose of sportiness, carving itself in quite happily and with minimal body roll when driven sensibly. Leave the realm of reason (in pursuit of this VTEC cam changeover, perhaps) and the car will betray its roots faster than Pamela Anderson on safari. The relentless understeer will make a jaw for better coordinated Si. For a similar experience, the CSX is only slightly less crisp than the Mazda3/Volvo S40 siblings. That is, it is excellent for its price range, but not a selling point.

Follow Given Acura failures to Lexus and Infiniti to the food chain, can the Honda Acura CSX to take as a consolation prize. By steadfastly refusing to ante up and offer purpose-built luxury cars with V8 Acura have the U.S. evaporated sales. Honda now finds itself with an excellent, fuel-sipping luxury car in the NAFTA zone stateside ready to go with minimal delay built.

With only a $ 7k mark-up over a regular Civic, given his appointment represents the CSX tremendous value. In an era of ballooning gas prices and shrinking wallets, it may be just what the doctor ordered Acura restore sagging U.S. sales. Canadians regardless of Civic variant Acura the hottest sellers for the premium brand since the days of the EL. Whether CSX will never again stateside but depends Honda ever-changing needs for its luxury brand. But I can not see it does not do more damage to a brand that never moved beyond "mid-luxury" in the first place.