2008 Pontiac G8 GT Take Two

Posted on 12. Sep, 2008 by in Auto News

When it comes to cars from General Motors, I am always prepared for disappointment. No matter how promising the new vehicle (Corvette!), GM finds a way to let me down (Corvette seats!) Take the Pontiac Solstice GXP. Flat gorgeous. More importantly, that sweet turbo engine with its (relatively) massive power and torque. Hell yeah, right? But the shift linkage is made from hamster bedding. The interior was designed for Gitmo detainees. And the brakes – when pressed – stink. I mention this because I quite ready, was let down by the new Pontiac G8 GT.

The French have seven kinds of love. Eskimos have 40 words for snow. Jews have 78 options, call the village idiot. As such must Pistonheads explain a few ways, "ugly." There Deformed mutant Awful Ugly (Aztek, BMW 1-Series, everything in Malaysia) Dull Ugly (Toyota, BMW 3-Series) Bizarre, avant-Large Ugly (BMW 6-Series, modern French cars) and Exciting Ugly (BMW X6, Nissan GT-R). The Pontiac G8 is unquestionably exciting Ugly face. While the side and rear views are just kind of an homage to Acura.

Inside, I love every inch. I love the font they chose for the lessons. I love the bolt-action clack-clack-clack-clack when to lock the doors. I love the rubber boot covering the column stalks. Hell, I love the column stalks. And after 100 years of General finally gives us world-class courses. Sure, the glove box is not made of the same top shelf petrochemicals as the rest of the G8 dash done, but believe you really care? Really?

As beautiful as the G8 offal, are that's all just bunting. I'm here to crow how damn good this Pontiac drives. Any criticism of the G8 has mentioned that the wonders of down unda chair almost identical to the BMW 5-series. Why be different? But here's the thing – the Pontiac better. BMW is scientifically outdone themselves from the ultimate driving machine game with sleepy steering and rock hard run flats that require softer springs. Meanwhile, the G8 is old-school and coarse enough to provide current feedback. Which makes it not only a cry and a scream, but just to hoon.

The secret sauce is the G8 completely neutral and compatible chassis. There is no preference towards under-or oversteer. Hart happy in a corner of the big boys, just gently teach handle before calmly (and quickly) thrown regaining purchase. Kick the fun pedal and the Pontiac heads just from the direction in which you show. While losing traction (for a moment) sounds scary, it is actually reassuring. Importance of the G8 predictable that you ask in a sports car.

Two small qualifications, if I may. First, my test car showed with 18 "all-season tires. As Southern California no seasons, slathering some larger wheels with USDA choice meat would more Stick 'em have provided. The other downside is, if I say the G8 breaks grip, it works the only way to disable the traction control and the driver punched the snot out of him. What I. definitely. Indeed, let me paint you a picture

My buddy's been babysitting a replica 1973 Porsche RS 2.7. Porsche owners finally reclaimed the RS. So we broke on Mulholland Drive back to him. If you've never been, it is a fall-off-a-cliff winding road. I was behind him in the G8 and the Porsche never more than two car lengths ahead of me. How is a four-door, to keep up two-ton American sedan with a race-ready, 2,000-pounds lighter German sports car? As the G8 GT handling is totally awesome, dude.

Then there's that hunk of a motor.

Bubbles under the Pontiac hood is a 6.0-liter V8 that's good for 361 horses and 385 lb-ft torque sweet. That works out to one from 0 to 60 of 5.3 seconds, even with the less than stellar six-speed slush-a-roo. But drag racing is not this car prime directive. The G8 with the V8 is all about confidence. Weaving van? Of course you can get in front of it. Soak your feet, prepare your ears for a growl sonic tidbits and go! Easy Like Sunday Morning. And thanks to the simplicity of the torqued-out boom, with the cruise control set to 80 mph, I was getting 27 mpg.

I suppose there are a few G8-related scares you resent could. The muscular engine makes triple-digit speeds too easy. I constantly found myself over 95 mph when I not even in the mood. Conversely, without explaining that you actually Driving a thuggish, high performance sports sedan antipodean, everyone will think you spent $ 32k on a car. And you can not three pedals. But with only two, the G8 GT is the best American car I've ever driven. Color Me enthusiastic.