2009 Kia Borrego Review

Posted on 24. Sep, 2008 by in Auto News

Let's get one thing out of the way from the beginning. The Kia Borrego could for a few grand less than 2008 Explorer list, but the bigger discount on the Ford makes this advantage The story is similar with other established SUVs. Since the Kia does not cost much less than their highly developed competitors-at least somewhat similar to Kia raises serious cash on the hood better end-to-the-party truck have another big plus. So …

"Kia: The Power to Surprise." As far as the exterior affects the Korean automaker is better hope that the best surprise is no surprise. OK, it is not ugly. Or odd. That's a pretty low bar, to be sure, but one that does not erase any SUV managed (I need to mention, all Hondas?). The downside: The Borrego thoroughly conventional exterior design is quite forgettable, in a vanilla fashion somehow never goes way. In fact, the sheet metal is hardly Borrego current or desirable, as a circa-2002 home.

Leaving the Tribeca Grill-esque aside, the Borrego inside is similar "retro," it could of been a Japanese design studio five years ago, during the time-formed decision before Honda and Toyota to gauge wise, hockey "creative . " Sticks for the tachometer and fuel gauges flank a circular speedometer. Otherwise, it's been there, done, Ford 20 of them on the property. One highlight: the armrests on the doors of Borrego are comfortably upholstered.

Kia Borrego as the pitches luxury SUV. But unlike Kia Sorento, nobody will accept a cut-price Lexus vibe. Well, maybe one detail: The Borrego second row armrest is a dead ringer for the RX-350's except the upholstery is not the complex shape fits. Available toys (power tilt-and-telescoping steering wheel, heated second row) to better support the model determines positioning as the interior ambience.

The Sorento is a nearly two-row conventional midsize SUV. Sun made the three-row Borrego Kia could have a nearly full-size SUV is longing to a time when the U.S. market is hungry for full-size SUVs, such as a movie star child for anonymity. Kia dodged the bullet. Dimensional is Borrego near Ford Explorer. Technically average adult to find plenty of legroom in all three rows. But, as in Ford, see the second line a bit low to the ground and fairly difficult to access third row on the ground.

Such as Ford, Kia couples a rear independent suspension (IRS). With body-on-frame construction IRS alone does not make a corner carver, the Borrego is not to force to rethink their perception of the conventional SUV dynamics. The steering is lifeless, while the rear end is not, never settle completely, except on glass-smooth pavement. In one of the auto world's biggest unsolved mystery, live-axle dinosaurs of GM and Chrysler to go more smoothly and quietly than their competitors IRS'd, including these.

Kia Borrego sold with either a 3.8-liter V6 or a 4.6-liter V8. The eight is good for 337 HP. You can not buy in this segment to push, without ponying up for a SS or Hemi badge. Only the V8 Borrego has not arrived at Kia dealers.

No matter: The V6 is no slouch, was replaced by a second-to-GM 278 hp. Which moves the six Borrego more than sufficient. If anything, the V6 lack of a sixth gear ratio is a serious omission as the Borrego, the "missing" fourth pair of cylinders. The automatic five conditions are far apart, drivers face a choice between too little forward thrust and unseemly roar of the engine. For acceleration, less strain on the eardrums or for heavy towing-three grand-extra V8 is the better way to go. Placed

While American SUV buyers V8s avoid like the proverbial plague these days holds the Borrego a new-to-the-mark vaccination: best-in-class fuel economy. While the EPA classifies Four Wheel Drive Ford Explorer at 13/19 (with either the V6 or V8), and eat most other mid-size SUVs even more, manages the Borrego, the V6 16/21, while the V8 clocks in at 15 / 20.

The problem is, through and through, utterly conventional midsize SUV with best-in-class fuel economy in today's market is like a beauty pageant winner in a leper colony. Twenty-one on the highway only looks good compared with numbers in the high teens. GM large crossovers with roomy, versatile interior and superior handling administrative 23rd Meanwhile, those who tend to tow a boat to prefer the longer wheelbase of a full-size SUV.

It's hard to know what Kia thought if it carve a slice of a shrinking not say anorexic chosen vehicle genre. Placeholder? Small bet on the once high-profit American SUV market resurrection? Or just bad timing, since the average model, four-year development cycle.

One thing is certain: even at $ 27k, the mighty Kia Borrego is heading nowhere fast. The problem is not that the Borrego is not a decent vehicle. Except it. Secure, conventional game in a dying segment