2009 Mazda6 Review

Posted on 08. Sep, 2008 by in Auto News

Back in 1987, Mazda did a great piece of medium-pie America. So the Zoom brand is commandeered an unused equipment from the Ford empire. For two decades, with heavy fleet sales, fought Mazda family sedan, use a quarter the capacity of the plant. Ford re-assumed leadership responsibilities in the early 1990s. A few years ago drew The Blue Oval Boyz Mustang production at the Flat Rock plant to take some of the slack. For 2009, Mazda has totally reworked the Mazda6. If the new car finally breathe Flat Rock?

To this end, the current generation Mazda6 has been replaced pretty, but thoroughly forgettable form by a roofline that kink-free sweeps from the front wings to the rear deck, and fenders that bulge upward and outward, like the RX-8. It's a sexy little thing, but there are many aesthetic nit pick.

As in many front-drive sedans, spoiled excessive front overhang proportions (Mazda photos favoring rear view). The biggest wheels accompanied the four-cylinder 17 "shoes-not fill the muscular fenders. Yet the new Mazda6 segment contributes swoopiest sheet without it bizarre.

Apart from a steering wheel tribute to Wall-E EVA, 6 of the interior styling is less pronounced, less dramatic than his appearance. The materials are a step, the ergonomics are excellent, and the electroluminescent instruments "blue and red lights (with black and silver graphics) provides Zoom with a view.

Mazda has finally broken into the American taste for space, the new Mazda6 all, but fits the supersized Accord dimensions. But the coupe-ike roof exacts a penalty: only sufficient thigh support and limited headroom in the back. If you try the back seat comfort or a driver's seat with generous lateral support-shop elsewhere.

Who's Afraid of slipping, the Touring trim level. The package offers attractive cloth center panels in the leather seats instead of leather full of Grand Touring. Cargo airlines appreciate the spacious expandable trunk and non-intrusive hinges, if not his modestly sized opening.

The Maxda6 functions are generally in line with the competition. You can voice-activated nav, Bluetooth and basic power adjustments for the front passenger seat, but not comfortable armrests on the doors or vents for the rear passengers. The most curious omission: no shift buttons on the steering wheel with the automatic.

The 6 four gets a bump from 2.3 to 2.5-liters, and now is beginning to 170 horsepower. With the five-speed automatic, the four-acceleration is adequate but boring; curb weight is about 3300 pounds, after all. With the liquid still crisp-shifting medium distances stick, it's a bit more oomph, but still some thrills. The motor rotates smoothly to the redline, but its refinement cuts both ways. Like the old 2.3 it never seems to come on cam.

Mazda performance-minded buyers choose the 6 new 272-hp 3.7-liter V6 provided they can live with class-trailing edge 17/25 EPA ratings. FYI: The 375-hp Hyundai Genesis V8 has observed similar efficiency manual cog swapper also: the '09 six is only autobox.

The Mazda6 is the handling history is similarly uneventful, much like the old Mazda6. As before, the steering is light weighted, accurate and beautiful. With minimal feedback Like most Mazdas, one has a thin padded steering wheel rim, the tender would be conducted aggressively with your palms with your fingertips instead.

Combined with excellent visibility to the front, concealing the 6, the steering much of the new cars extra size and weight. Roll in bends and lower taxes are present, but not overpowering, and the general feeling is tight and precise. Still credit goes to double wishbones at the front and multiple links in the rear. Grip is fine, but it would be better with the larger, more powerful (but harder riding) treads participating V6.

Apart from the somewhat busy ride and accompanying road noise, what's not to like? Not much. On the other hand, what is love? The Mazda6 steering and handling are competent but not committed. Some competitors are overtly sporty. Perhaps the Mazda chassis, has a subtle excellence that requires prolonged exposure to fully appreciate? We'll find out when Berkowitz spends a few days in a Mazda6 V6 later this month.

In the meantime, brand loyal corner carvers will have a sportier driving experience, which means there is plenty of room for a new Mazdaspeed6. Mazda's goal with the regular Mazda6 is to steal buyers away from Honda and Toyota. The new Mazda6 finally meets the leaders in terms of interior space and horsepower and surpasses them with more dramatic styling.

That might be good enough to gain on average sales of American monsters. With his fifth attempt, as Mustang sales decline could eventually fill Mazda Flat Rock.