Bentley Continental GT Speed Review

Posted on 15. Sep, 2008 by in Auto News

Nobody in their right mind pays $ 200k for a car. Yes, the producers I've seen (if you flaunt it baby!) And I know some people have enough "there" a few hundred grand to drop a car without asking for their change GTIs. But even though plenty of lottery winnings my ethnic aversion was pissing away to overcome large amounts of money, I would not think twice about spending so much money on the Bentley Continental GT Speed.

Before we take a hit of speed, noted that Bentley returned from the grave by sexing-up of stillbirth VW Phaeton responsive to wealthy clients in the financial sweet spot will be $ 150k. The Continental GT was / is exclusive as a top-line Porsche or Mercedes, for not much more money. When jumping, the $ 200k barrier, Bentley is playing a whole new ball game.

A new, "entry-level" Ferrari F430 clocks-in for $ 173k. In theory. If the practice you need to either pay a premium for a used or flatter your way to a dealer waiting list (buying a new Maserati or Ferrari helps older) and dig in for a couple of seasons or four. Iridium Amex or not remains Modena famous destination: a few cars make as demand requires. You have the $ 200k market of the crown jewels.

And why not? Ferrari's appearance, smell, and drive like Ferraris. You have real character. The same applies to other cars in this price range. An Aston Martin is head swiveled dreamlike, a four-wheeled Monica Bellucci. Lamborghinis are twisted and evil and arrogant. You make me angry, so I love them. The interior of the Maserati Quattroporte makes me want to dress better. In a Porsche 911 Turbo even you who you are driving, you 175 miles an hour. Me too.

Which brings us finally to the Bentley Continental GT Speed.

On one hand, the big Bentley that a $ 200k car with the name "Speed" has: go fast. With a powerful twelve-cylinder engine displacing 6.0-liter with two turbochargers, the speed version of the Conti GT trim cranks out 600 horsepower. That's a lot of ponies, for a two-plus-two, which weighs several pounds 5k. Enough gas gurgling go to the Anglo-German monster from zero to drive to 60 in 4.5 seconds.

And then there is the speed of the party trick: the leather-lined leviathan can over 200 miles per hour when checks are doubts on a shaky-cam documentary of a few very rich, very stupid Russian oligarchs on YouTube. For the same reason, American speed to go 200 miles per hour owners speak during the journey to the country club for tee time.

On the other hand, so what? Yes, the speed of forward speed, a rush-though any true sports car at 30 percent of the cost (and half the weight) would be put to shame at a red light. But that's so … jejune. More importantly, and disappointing, Bentley handles animal no more than competent. "Gravity" as a trillion dollars chassis and all-wheel drive in the fight against £ 5200 and something called go

The steering is vague, and the transmission is stupid. It comes with it is so dumb-witted, because the engine is like a circus. Sure, Tiptronic transmission control available. But if you cared, you would not buy this car. I would go, but there's no reason. It's too boring. The Bentley Continental GT drives like a Ford Flex.

The speed gets away with being so stupid, because the badge and the engine. But it is not enough, because the Bentley is a poorly executed car.

The rate of full leather trim with contrasting stitching Cross (a $ 3,300 option) felt rough and looked lazy in my test car. Mike has the speed as many electronics as AWACS aircraft captain. But the devices are all several years outdated, anchored by an all-in-one LCD screen to operate the radio, HVAC and navigation system that was rotten objectively. Touring the promise that should be inherent in such a titanic coupe broken from rear seats that are too small for adults.

The Bentley Continental GT and its variants are in this car era Paris Hilton or Lindsay Lohan: popular, famous and desirable because it proving popular, famous and desirable. On the up-close-level, a point-of-view most of us will never see the car as the tabloid celebrity is boring and poorly processed. Shallow and average.

Bentley has a rich history, but instead of following leadership BMW, Rolls-Royce and fashion something truly customized, original and remarkable, Volkswagen, Bentley will be performed in the production as much money as quickly as possible. At some point in the next few years, such as Paris or Lindsay, and these days the fans are tired of the resurrected brand Bentley Continental GT and its loose and move on.