Comparison Test/Review: Third Place: 2009 Honda Accord LX

Posted on 28. Oct, 2008 by in Auto News

This morning I rolled out of bed, made my morning ablutions, downed a bowl of Raisin Bran, was my sons to school and started my stop-and-go driving to work. A never-ending stream of flashing rear lights me up and hurries down the freeway through the pre-dawn din. Wannabe comedians inanely chatter and screech through my radio. Finally starting my arrives: an easily traveled miles long arcs dual spur, Interstate, connects to turnpike. In a short burst of adrenaline energy that expands my bleary eyes, I break the gridlock and shoot up the ramp. In third gear, I push my car up to 80 MPH safely hunches down and steers straight through the crucial turn. With time, I'll spin member of the turnpike and I assimilate into the flow of traffic. These brief thrill makes me glad that I decided on a sporty, agile handling family sedan. But I drive a '01 Accord. The 2009 Accord LX is no fun at all.

I make this assessment as part of a four-car comparisons, including the Toyota Camry, Mazda Mazda6 and Nissan Altima 2.5. NB: Domestic follow comparo. In these difficult times, the economy is the word. So I economic base model four-door four-banger examples and not optioned up V6 variants selected. In line with the family-hauler topic, were the only options I. Insisted A / C, power door locks and windows, and an automatic transmission, the all common standard at dealerships

When it comes to the battle of the bulge, the Accord takes the cake and eats it. At 194.1 "in length and 72.7" in rel, the '09 Accord edges from the new supersized Mazda6 as the largest of the group. This is a distinction that. Philosophical clashes with longtime Honda reputation for minimalist restraint

Even in the conflict: the Accord styling. Designers clearly wanted to project solidity and practicality. At the same time, she seemed desperately anxious avoid pejorative blandness. Throw in a pinch of Bavarian me-too-ism and fear at the end with a bad case of Japanese. The new grille design takes the form of blocking the new pilot lifted. Meanwhile, deep but narrow cuts scar lateral lines of the car.

But the more I look into the new form, the larger it grows on me. Honda fans can some solace in the fact that the new Accord is much easier on the eyes than archrival Camry take.

A large outdoor area allows room for a large interior space, of which Honda uses. The Accord offers passengers to occupy an additional four cubic feet of space. All Accord trim levels get radio controls on the steering wheel and an auxiliary jack in the center armrest for your iPod placed. But the stereo itself fails to impress, it is the thinnest sound system at this family sedan grouping. It is a deficit, the Accord can not afford the Accord does the worst job of our quartet to silence road noise.

The Accord is big and easy to navigate arranged buttonry to the dash center console lacks the same quality look and feel of the previous generation Accord. No, Honda has not fallen to the Chrysler levels of fairness, when it comes to plastic components. Not even close. But there is a disturbing trend.

What looks good on paper does not always translate well in the real world. The Accord LX is a perfect example. Honda claims 177 hp, the most covered car of the bunch. A £ 3,289., It is the second lightest. But it drives as £ 500. harder than any other. Punching the engine at 50 miles per hour and the ride to 80 mph is slow and cumbersome. Even the Camry seems to move with greater alacrity. Blame it on the low-torque motor, the Camry for vulnerable Twist Ties at 161 lb-ft @ 4300 rpm. Peak performance is not eek out rpms until hitting a screaming 6500th

Unlike the Toyota but manages to keep his composure through the Accord high cornering speeds. Returns that weighty feeling when you stomp on the brakes, though. Hop bucks on the pedal and the rear end up as a crazy brahma. The standard four-wheel disc brakes are much improved over prior iterations LX, but softness still bears the illusion of gravity.

At the end of the day, when I go home, I went to hear an old favorite Police:

Another working day is over,
Only the rush hour hell to face,
Packed like lemmings into shiny metal boxes,
Participants in a suicidal race
Dad takes the wheel and stares alone into the distance …

All of the features that the Accord had once said could be some excitement in a dismal commute infusion were developed away. Convenient yes. No satisfaction