Comparo: Infiniti G37x vs. BMW 328xi (Again)

Posted on 13. Feb, 2009 by in Auto News

The BMW 3-Series is the gold standard for small sports sedans since America had a gold standard. Well, it seems so. The Ultimate Driving Machine has the Germans (Mercedes C-Class, Audi A4), seen Americans (Cadillac CTS) and Japanese (Infiniti G-force). Repeated. Despite the min-Merc rep as a credible corner carver, it's the Infiniti, which provided the most dangerous threat to the 3's spokeswoman. In fact, Infiniti Perseverance is the automotive equivalent of the posse in Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid. Who ZEES guys? These days, chasing the G-Unit to 3 with a larger engine, power delivery and a tagline remapped Bimmer baiting: "Beyond Machine." We will see.

The BMW 328 xDrive is the least of the bunch Bimmer Bangled, his golden rule proportions reserves despite high-speed lines from a Japanese cartoon. This iteration will be more clumsy than its predecessors, but hey, would you complain if was a steak? The long nose covers a six-cylinder, the engine configuration, which is thrilled generations of Pistonheads. Literally. What else do you know have?

The Infiniti G37x has a very different attitude, with much the same attitude. It is erumpent and rolls like a silk scarf in the wind. The overall effect is uncanny as commander. It does not appear in the same weight class as the champion. Ha!

The Infiniti car had. An interior designer on their design team The Washi paper-like aluminum trim is Shirley Temple-class cute. The wind flow and sensual looks, but also reassuring. The innards were designed by BMW engineers. No frills to be found. From this seat, you drive your car. Yes? BMW breaks the targeted lines with different textures and shades. Everything feels good, and that's enough.

The BMW 328xi and Infiniti G37x the stable yards are roughly correspond. BMW brings the venerable 3.0-liter, inline six-cylinder engine makes 230 hp @ 6500 rpm 328 hp Infiniti performs @ 7000 rpm from a 3.7-liter V6. Yes crush, the 335, the 300-horse turbo engine of the Infiniti to a fine powder. But this particular motorized Meisterstuck is seven Gs more (money not cars). The truth is, most sports cars sedanististas compare dollar for dollar.

The 328 is fast. It will not make your mouth dry, but palpitations are not beyond the realm of possibility. Ye Olde variable valve timing produces a strong, steady rise up and down the rev range. A good driver can control and achieve grunt with every ounce of drive 328xi, with momentum, which can not sheer.

The G37 is fast. The motor is 269 lb-ft torque (@ 5200 rpm) shows how it always been there, waiting for you. Again provides astute valve control your right foot and two hands, a strong, usable engine. Nevertheless, you have to be careful.

The G37 is doing dynamic vehicle control, traction control, ABS and four-wheel drive system its best to you on your level best to hold off from fixed objects. I plowed through this thing light and heavy virgin snow. The experience was almost disappointing. The rear-wheel drive bias fool you into thinking you break loose the rear end. You can not. At least not when you have a wife, two kids, same to support a mortgage and desire.

The BMW is equipped with almost the same system. I'm sure lawyers will disagree somewhere. But the result is the same: more confidence than anyone other than Gunnar Thermaenius should have on a snowy road (to get a neutral party).

Seen as a whole, the differences between the BMW 328xi and Infiniti G37x are remarkable (because that's how we roll is), but not deep. On dry pavement, the G has so much power you have to hold back, even if it is not absolutely necessary. It pulls on the leash, and then goes into the mountains. If you're not banging with just enough fun, and just hold. Done.

As expected, the 328xi has a much tossable, user-friendly environment. It encourages the enthusiastic driver to approach their limits a little at a time. For the same reason the G37 stoppers are absurdly effective. But the 3 brakes are effectively absurd, it can slow the car to outrageous speeds with logic-defying grace and seemingly infinite power.

The G37x new seven-speed continuously variable transmission is the world's best (not only). The 3 six-speed is smooth, but it lacks that last dollop of crème fraîche. Reaction time at full load is the same, as well as the official fuel consumption ratings.

Overall, the cars are the same. The G trounces the 3 in the power department. Nevertheless, there is a purity of the 3-Series, which remains insurmountable, it was not designed to cause or compete with anything. It is a 3-series. It was built as a whole and ultimately translates a specific, uniform driving experience that can not be overcome with power and tricks. I would not blame yourself. Someone to buy a G. But for me, synergy displaces Paper Can The 3 wins.

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