Review: Fiat 500 1.3 Multijet

Posted on 14. May, 2009 by in Auto News

Dante Giacosa original 500 was an industrial design master class for the poor mobilization of Italy after the war. Fiat Nuova 500 springs from no such noble sentiment, it is intended to convince the focaccia buying classes is an alternative in the baby market premium to the ubiquitous new Mini.

Fiat incessant marketing of the car has been hard to convince us a modern design classic is tried and made of metal, it is pretty urgent. This shade of red that only the Italians seem to mix, it stands out. I've never started a car that has attracted so many positive comments from complete strangers, traffic lights and gas stations have suddenly turn me into an impromptu speaker of thing.

Outer beauty does not always translate to inner beauty. Entering the cabin, the first thing you notice how colorful it is, the main window of the dashboard matched to the exterior color. In red, with the hood, air conditioning, stereo and steering wheel with contrasting ivory, it is a joyful reminder of how easy it is to jazz up an interior with contrast and hue. Not all combinations will be as successful, though, so spec wisely.

It is only once your attention wanders from the pure concentric speedometer and tachometer that anything that is remarkably below the belt incessant crackle cheap gray plastic finish, and how they managed to build this thing for the price. Molded-in cup holder, no separate speaker grill, handbrake not even a separate sleeve. Right next to the handbrake is another ghastly cheap gray lever, the rel adjuster for the driver's seat. I lost count of the number of times I got the two mixed up, not to make a mistake, if you are J turns on a Council Estate. . .

Despite its proletarian chassis-the 500 is a panda in a party dress after all this is a car that is in the best tradition of small Fiats asks simply be moved to the door chrome handles is. The 1.3 mulitjet diesel engine, despite its small capacity and modest outputs (75bhp and 105 lb ยท ft each) is eager and responsive right path to its 4500rpm redline. To haul with only 960 kg by, there is a noticeable swell in power when alive the tiny turbo, and the unit is very quiet, unless you grind really the pedal on the mat when it emits a not unpleasant thrum.

What will really make you smile is like the car never feels slow, even in the fifth at highway speeds, it never feels out of breath and always feels like it has to give. Elongated figures help, although the first is probably a touch below for quick getaways from the lights based on how on the governor apparently has before hand the shift knob are left. The circuit is finger light, and occasionally by a quick third to second downshift confused, but otherwise fine.

Oil burners often have a bad reputation for royally ruin handling. No such nose-heaviness here, the steering is precise and responsive, but not particularly disturbed by anything approaching sense. Turn a corner, and if you have a bit of speed on, roll push pronounced the hat styling the body throughout degree. Avoid avoid collisions become middle, you'll think, the rear suspension is bolted the severity of the resulting tank flapper. The mirrors winds quite well under load maybe rear end has only two weeks worth of organic farmers market produce in the trunk to charge. All this does not bob and weave in the curves mean a long trip by car. You can feel each wheel plonking in and out of the troubled urban asphalt surfaces, less wrinkled on roads never really calmed down. Road roar would have to travel hundreds of miles numbering, you reached for the painkillers undoubtedly thanks to a tire compound chosen for economy over grip and comfort.

Comfort is in the back of the front seats, the rear seats right against diversity, and you have the time with the list of options for such a modern car driving essentials like air conditioning, spend a split fold rear seat and alloy wheels. Not integrated with the Blue and Me Bluetooth trouble and media player. The hands free works great, but everything else is a voice-activated disaster.

So, what we do not have new small car is filled with big car quality and features. What we have is a brilliantly crafted, sorted, fun, small car. Pulling off perhaps the most difficult trick of all, which make you feel good every time you drive it