Nearly New Germans Comparo: First Place: Porsche Cayman S

Posted on 02. Oct, 2009 by in Auto News

It is difficult to put a price on cynicism in today's world, but let me make a suggestion: $ 13,900. Four years ago, in the retail sector, the newly introduced Porsche Boxster 3.4s for $ 58,900. The mechanically similar Boxster 2.7 was $ 45K flat. That almost fourteen-grand price difference would have acquired a well-equipped Hyundai Elantra, but Porsche was in the Cayman buyers a hardtop that costs less than making the Boxster convertible top and a bored-out engine, which costs exactly the same as to make small-caliber variant.

Although Porsche deed condescend to sweeten the pot crocodile with a few extras, such as larger brakes and a more aggressive set of wheels, it is still difficult, as the Cayman as a cynical marketing exercise in history. Of course, Porsche is a company that keeps resetting the bar for cynical exploitation of his overly devoted customers. The mid-engine two-seater is just another profit-laden assembly of Stuttgart depressingly low quality water cooled LEGO set, for cost twice as much as a comparable Japanese or American car would be sold.

These are the thoughts that fill my mind, as I open the door to slightly modified PRI Cayman S. I have just returned from their Z4M, get one fabulous but flawed roadster, style and enthusiasm oozing from every pore. Porsche, however, is a boring gray pod with a rickety sounding frameless door. The old air-cooled 911s used to "adjust" when the doors closed. It was a solid reminder of the way Porsches used to be built. No longer. The interior is bland, cost-cut, uninteresting. Cynical. Cheap. And then it's time to go.

While the Z4 driver sits over the rear axle, looks at the long hood in a seated position over the MG TC, the Cayman Pilot cab-forward, visible only with a mild suggestion of the headlight tunnel through the chop-top windshield. It's not an inspiring view, but it offers uncompromising vision for the driver. Stuff like that is important when you cycle 300 hp down fast roads.

Incidentally, these ponies come in pretty begrudging manner. There is nothing even remotely special about the Cayman engine. If you want a sensual, exciting Porsche engine, write a check and buy a GT3. The "normal" cars are voiceless at low speeds and provide just a hint of aural excitement, as is the center-mounted tach the italic "6". It is not a booming Japanese four or hopelessly cheesy V-6, but it is very far from the characterful monster that lived behind the rear axle Nine Elevens.

At 70 miles per hour, the BMW it. Around the Porsche Law-abiding citizens, or seven tenths trackday crowd should feel no regrets about buying a Z4 for a Cayman, especially given that the economic incentives. In a straight line, the Porsche inevitably slips backwards and not balky cable switch helped. It would not have cost a penny more, this car to a 405-hp 3.8 make, and I find myself again, cursing the name of the now disgraced Dr. Wendelin Wiedeking, as we the mountainous roads around Upstate New York . rise

Before I know it, though, the roads start getting a bit … demanding. Wide sweepers draw without warning, as the short-scale speedometer hovers behind the half mark. The Z4 is falling out of his element, but the Cayman is just getting better. There could be more front tires – any current production Porsche "tumble" with a ridiculous amount of will be delivered between the front and rear tread depth – but the available grip is directly accessible to the limit. In midcorner is separated with the PSM babysitter, there is a reliable, predictable from the slide end. I add power at the top, while the BMW is still uneasy and discomfort for grip.

As the miles stretch on, the Cayman holds a firm brake pedal. Porsche can cost anywhere to cut where they can, but they have never cut costs when it comes to stopping the car. I always slow down later, more confidence in the car, and now the Bimmer before me is a fly on my convenience currently proposed are. I can not under power, but in any race I would point the nose at the next corner and stick to it. The steering is well on course despite power assistance, revealing every line in the road, but also absorb the worst shocks and vibrations before they reach the steering wheel.

As fate would have it, a month after the PRI car ride I had a chance to drive a nearly identical example in Summit Point main course. Placed in a group with M3, STI and Evolution, the Cayman was a subtle superstar falling on the rise in every corner and in every braking zone, never too far back, finally brings us to the front of the meeting. A Z4M might have reached the same, but it would have been a struggle. Like it or not, the Cayman is a really great car. It is not "worth the money" of all sizes develop, I can, but I would to write a check and never think twice.