Comparison Review: Kia Soul Versus Nissan Cube: Second Place: Kia Soul

Posted on 04. Jan, 2010 by in Auto News

Back in 1997, when Volkswagen introduced the New Beetle, my wife wanted one, because it seemed so much more young and fun than her current car. But she also wanted children. The two were not compatible, so. No bugs for them No doubt, she was not the only person. A nice, quirkily styled car with four doors But at the time there were no such cars. Chrysler was probably the first to fill this gap, with the PT Cruiser. So that's what my wife has run in the last five years. Today there are a number of contenders. The latest: Kia Soul and Nissan Cube. What comes closest to the mark? Now that you've read about the soul first clear the dice. Here, where the soul is falling short …

Initially a step back. Japan has flooded into quirky little cars for years, but the 2004 Scion xB was the first to reach American shores. The extreme rectilearity the xB polarized. Most people thought it was ugly, but enough found his combination of anti-style, space and business attractive enough to the first generation xB hit.

The Kia Soul is Korea's answer to the xB. It answers the question: What happens if you keep the basic box, but not with him as an add wheels? What if you actually put serious thought into the design? In the case of the soul, angled upwards waistline downward angled roofline, flared wheel arches, and various other details blend perfectly to create a more attractive box. This is the kind of innovative yet cohesive design Honda used to be able to, but somehow forgot how to do. The soul has not beaten people has changed the way the xB, and me personally, I feel a lot more comfortable driving.

But perhaps this is a sign that Kia has not pushed the envelope hard enough. While attractive, the soul is not challenging aesthetic conventions, such as the xB and Cube have. It's not that seem quirky, and is not so much in a sea of other cars. So it does not appeal to as many people as my wife, who want something much different than the mainstream. This macho fender flares and angles could also be a factor: There are more sports and less sweet in this exterior design as the cube.

Inside features, color of the soul with much of his soul. Well, not in the lower two trim levels, their interiors are un-fun solid black. But that! 'S interior (yes! Is a trim level, as +) is a combination of beige and black, while the sport (lower case intended) is red and black. Opt for the red only if you really like red. There's a lot of it, including almost the entire instrument panel is clear and hard plastic hard plastic in this shadow. You want to wear your sunglasses. Beige veers too far in the other direction, but save houndstooth seat inserts! 'S Interiors seem mundane.

The soul of the most unexpected feature: speaker lights. The great-sounding 315-watt, eight-speaker audio system features two lights in his front door speakers. And, no, that's not the end of it. These lights are four settings: off, on, and mood music. In the "mood", set the frequency with which they flash. In "Music", they hit on the music. An excellent way to entertain the kiddies with the exception that the rear door speakers are not equipped in the same way. Why not?

Another problem with the speaker lights: show responses to the True Delta Car Reliability Survey, that they are often not as intended. Kia has. A fix for this problem, but it should not affect recently produced cars

Sitting in the soul feels a lot like sitting in a regular compact, easy with your back half a foot farther from the ground. While a protruding center stack ergonomics benefits, but also reduces the perceived spaciousness of the interior. Likewise, the large, modestly raked windshield a familiar view of the driver's seat, but cuts in perceived space would more than an upright windshield.

All these big boxes offer more rear legroom and headroom than in the typical small car, and the soul is no exception. Two adults will fit in the back, no problem. Cargo space is limited to the second row up, but simply fold the rear seats more than doubled. The soul could not bear more stuff if the front passenger seat can also be folded, as in the PT Cruiser. Oh, it does not.

Unlike the cube of the cargo floor is flat when the rear seat is folded. The trick: a false floor behind the rear seat. Useful storage compartments occupy the space between the raised floor and the floor above the spare tire. Front storage areas are a huge bi-level glove compartment and a storage box on top of the IP. So there is plenty of room for four people or things, if not four people and their stuff.

The soul looks like fun, and it lights up this nifty speaker. But it is fun to drive? A 2.0-liter four-cylinder good for 142 hp motivated £ 2,800, not a bad ratio. The problem is, the automatic transmission only four speeds and upshifts has much easier than it downshifts. So, at least with this transmission, the soul feels considerably slower than the numbers suggest it should. An additional ratio or two would also allow more relaxed and economical highway driving.

The Soul Sport has a sport-tuned suspension. The most striking difference between him and the: the sports heavier steering feels less natural and makes the car feel less agile. With either suspension body roll is controlled quite well for a 63-inch tall vehicle, and there is none of the forward-backward Bibbly bobblies present in some high boxes. The soul usually feels tighter and firmer to do as its main competitor. But you want something really fun handling. With a lower center of gravity

The souls handling advantage vis-