Review: BMW 750i

Posted on 11. Jan, 2010 by in Auto News

BMW is quickly becoming the Swiss Army Knife of automotive brands. Elegant and well-trained coupes, sedans and estates? Check. Interested in CUVs both respectable and questionable utility? They have you covered. While the X6 and 5-Series Gran Turismo provides answers to a question nobody asked, the smaller, sleeker 750i Sport treads dangerously in established 5-series territory. And while the 5-series and 7-series a little more than pasts are intertwined, should repeat history?

Yes, if the plates changes to the latest 7 are signs. The latest 750i is a fine piece, as it is the E65-bodied predecessor. The day before yesterday Bangle Butt is fortunately gracious missing from the rear, replaced the boxy rear taillights and conservatively modeled that represent the refined styling of a proper luxury sedan. The predecessor of the po-faced nose with naughty BMW kidney grille, flowing wings and a muscular bonnet bulge replaced. But this is not an ostentatious Benz S-Class, so thick wheel arches, classic Hofmeister kink and 19 "M-spec wheels make the 750i a performance oriented luxury sedan. Lose the garish fender vents and call it done.

And the leather-wrapped interior makes it work. The latest 7-series sports a cabin worthy of its high asking price and Teutonic heritage design. The chrome accents are made of a metal-like substance, and a gifted artist is responsible for the inner door. There are many brilliant grained wood trim that, unlike the S-Class and LS460, in a manner that will not draw attention to itself is arranged. And the heavenly seats are contoured for maximum comfort and modest lateral support. When an automotive environment always mirrored a Hollywood movie, this is a one Oceans Eleven.

Then again, this is a BMW. Instead of a real shift knob and intuitive secondary controls, the 750i sport new ish iDrive system and a selector lever as a molten Nintendo Wii Remote Control Then again, the iDrive user interface and screen size is far superior to previous versions. Which is like saying Windows 7 can not be worse than Vista at first glance. At this rate, BMW circle moderate buttonage the E38 will come in 2020. One can hope.

But most Bangled the Bimmer from the current millennia was a real pleasure to drive on the difficult road, with lots of room for cargo and passengers. The bar for the latest coordinated tweaked, and Twin Turbo 750i Sport is logical.

The 750i Sport is the driver with sedan in its class: There is nothing like a powerful V8, especially with torque-rich turbo hold power down low, never let go, redline to 407 horses to reach into one of the six courses. Apart from zee Germans (seemingly) mandatory throttle lag at the top in, the 750i Sport is a rewarding drive train that is both sublime and brutal. If this is a harbinger for the upcoming M5 engine, is the best yet to come.

But the 750i behavior feels inferior to previous generations of BMW's flagship. Thanks steering feeling with the consistency of mashed potatoes, is turn-based in muted to the point of the delayed reaction. What is obvious, while the sound of sandpaper textured, leather wrapped shaft rotates in your hands, it does damnedest the kicks of A Chorus Line in nylon running suits replicate.

Overall, this is just one little thing: the BMW 750i Sport corners flat and true-to an urban road network, with endless grip and seating that both spoiled and cuddled his inmates known in this sporty luxury of each generation of the largest limousine Bavaria. Muted with pavement joint transmission bangs and bumps in the cabin, the ride is not as easy as an S-Class. Not satisfied? Enter the long wheelbase, sprung conservative, 7-series a spin before it for the Lexus dealer.

But it's still a fly in the ointment: BMW marketing ploy called EfficientDynamics. A trick up its sleeve, the "Brake Energy Regeneration" system builds, linked stress with hyper-complex automotive electronic systems: how Toyota hybrid uses the big Bimmer energy from braking to recharge the battery, discharging of the alternator and the engine is bolted . And the (marginal) improves fuel networks an artificial, non-linear brake pedal parking maneuvers. What everyone starts in the passenger compartment in front with a touch of the stoppers. That might be worth the effort if they whip charged impressive fuel economy.

But 15 MPG on premium fuel is the opposite of efficient. While the Marketing Science asks behind BMW EfficientDynamics distinguish this car is a remarkably well-made, twin-turbo pavement pounders, which spans the border between a sporty 5-Series and a decadent 7-series. And nothing more. What works: Buy Cobalt XFE, if you save the world from intrepid consumer, Bavaria and tell the environmentalists to keep the flagship 7-series want.