Review: 2011 Mazda2 (European Spec)

Posted on 03. Mar, 2010 by in Auto News

For a critic, always a car handed to the delivery miles on the clock is an instant promotion to the tribal shaman. You are given a quick pat on the back before she pushed in a cabin with the prettiest village virgin. Needless to say, this privilege comes with the sacred duty to keep the Virgin in top form, otherwise your term as high-muck-a-long is quite short-lived. Sorry for my political aspirations, the Mazda2 loves being ridden hard. It squeaks through corners, growled like a dog in heat. There are a lot more fun here, had to propose than the tiny 185/55R15 Dunlop Sports.

Is of course on a date and with nothing to report, but "it's fu-un," I knew I needed another hook for this story. To set the Mazda2 in perspective, I had to compare it to the class leader. Which just happens to be the Honda Fit. The old girl just got a big time makeover, and she knows more tricks than most anyone else. With Satan as my co-pilot, we go to the desert for a head-to-head comparison.

On paper, the Mazda2's 102 hp 1.5-liter MZR-and 4-speed automatic transmission are not very impressive. The Fit has 15 ponies and an additional gear. But from a roll, it would be difficult to see a difference. The Mazda Motor ready and short courses to make it much stronger than the numbers suggest, especially at highway speeds. It suffers more distractions in crosswinds, but more important than the Honda in terms of stability at high speeds over heaves. The steering also firms up much more at speeds so that you can. More familiar with road conditions While the engine is struggling to pull past 100 mph, making the Mazda small footprint makes it easy to thread through traffic preserve what little momentum, you can drive in such a light. I would complain about the lack of paddle shifters or even the ubiquitous + / – (do not laugh) Mazda Matic comes to larger cars Mazda, but the transmission downshifts entirely voluntary, if you play with the overdrive toggle.

Removed the highways and into the hills, impressed the Mazda2 continues. While the ABS kicks in early annoyingly if you nose dive down in a corner with a strained back wheel in the air, there is a more balanced backroads companion than the Fit. It corners flatter than the Honda, and not drag on midcorner bumps. The Honda soft suspension settings and annoying low drive rel both a blessing on the highway, count against him here. Although both cars reassuring solid side panels, we found ourselves slipping into the much more fit while playing cat and mouse through the processes. Mazda's electro-hydraulic steering is surprisingly solid and tangible. You can pretend to do like all the new girl, but she does it like a porn star. And like a porn star, she just goes on and on. This little car-that-could suck the punishment long after the Fit has flown in the weeds. Despite not being much heavier than the Mazda2, Honda Fit seems to lose some of the spunky edge loved the first generation of the car as of enthusiasts who have all been looking for more sophistication. The Mazda2 it beats in both respects with all comfort and the ability to much better than any generation of Honda's small car.

In fact, I would venture to say so far that it is better than the Mazda3 in similar spec. The Mazda3 also succeed, both lithe and surefooted, but often feel that suspension set pretty "everything" to its sister car, the Focus is compared. The Mazda2, on the other hand, is more stable over heaves and flat through the corners. Makes you wonder how good are the Fiesta.

While the Mazda2 has the usual higher content of hard surfaces and fabrics duff, the funky interior feels more Bavarian than Banzai. It has vault-like sound attenuation and (some) support better seats than the Fit. Even the fat, chunky steering wheel, with its large silver spokes, feels like it coming off a 1-series rather than a Mazda. It's an apt comparison, the 1-Series has shitty plastic, too.

Others might find a similarity in the subtle contours of the flanks Mazda2. This inspiration is from the new Mazda "Nagare" (wind) design school pulled. The car breaks down the curvy lines that go in contrast to those on the BMW 1-series, actually somewhere interesting and do not disappear mid-thought.

Flame-pad aside, there are a lot of details in the car itself. The swept-back and moved to the greenhouse effect makes the Mazda2 look wider than it is, and the flared arches wrap tightly around the measly 15 "alloys of these testers were concerned. Not that it needs more rubber. Like the Mini Cooper, extracted the Mazda2 an incredible amount of power from a tiny amount of contact area.

Unfortunately, while the Mazda2 is much more spacious than a mini, it's interior is not nearly as cavernous as Fit. This is his biggest stumbling block in the penetration of the U.S. market, which are still used in the Fit compact car. Mazda and our tester is worrying bare essentials such as electronic stability control (for more money), rear disc brakes (which would help with the braking system problem) and side curtain airbags. There are several spec levels for the Mazda2, but ours is as bare as bare without ditching the controls for the radio / i-pod connection and air. Which is not something to write home about, anyway.

Neither is the linear performance. A 0-62 mph time of 11.7 seconds (half a bit slower than the heavier 1.5AT fit) does not count as exciting in anyone's books. The Model 2011 should be shifted 5-speed automatic transmission that extra half a second to find, although an additional 30 or 40 horses would be an even better upgrade. But then, there are more trails to fun than traffic lights.

Still, it's nice to see that "fun" and "frugal" do not exclude each other. The Mazda2 is 30 + mpg is out as the village maiden, both in bed and in the kitchen well. And in contrast to the similar and similarly fun Suzuki Swift, she would bring the children to the school for you. The only problem is the dowry she commands. Properly equipped, a Mazda2 costs about as much as a Honda Fit with the same set. Fit now pay money for what is a better car probably makes a lot of sense. Paying money for the Fit, which is certainly not a smaller one. But as with tribal virgins, size is not the only one that matters. The Mazda2 sweet disposition, raunchy performance and pert appearance might be more than enough to attract people.

The test vehicle was loaned to me by Mazda. With a full tank of gas and new tires, for testing purposes It was back with a nearly empty tank of gas, slightly worn tires and a wide grin.