Review: Cadillac CTS Sportwagon

Posted on 22. Mar, 2010 by in Auto News

I'm too young to remember the 1970s, but I have memories of a Cadillac-based abomination known as the "Castilian Fleetwood Estate Wagon." Perhaps the recent success of the Cadillac-based truck is someone at the RenCen give the Cadillac Wagon a second look. However, the CTS Sport Wagon is not a cobbled-up engineering hindsight, although it smells of desperation branding: the American icon earlier than the peak of everything is now known for entry-level luxury success in a station wagon. And that's why this mirage hails from the days of motorized malaise has to do some 'splaining.

But cars have their purpose, especially in Europe. Not so much in America, but could change with the far-from-ungainly CTS sedan everything. Too bad, this Estate hindquarters are aesthetically challenged as a retrospective of Cy Twombly. Under the CTS bulky proportions new barrels, the Sportwagon look short and "fast" roofline sports a meaningless quarter windows and massive "slow" D-pillar. And similar to a semi-molten dinner candles in a gothic dungeon, crystalline taillights are an asymmetric stain on an already over-stimulated posterior. Conversely, every car sold in the United States is inherently desirable to some. Thus, the CTS Sport Wagon's is cool indeed.

And the hits keep coming, like the CTS Sport Wagon is inside the same as the sedan. The front seats are nearly perfect, while dash materials and buttonage first installment in this price range. All necessary wood grain bits and electronic devices looking, OnStar or otherwise noted. GM should be proud of this interior, so let's get to the heart of the beast.

The business end of each car is located south of the B-pillars. The back seat is big enough for two average adult, but the high beltline and narrow doors add an excessive amount of claustrophobia. The cargo area has taken enough right angles to the box friendly store, though not large enough to accommodate products of yesteryear paneled wagon. And while there is not enough property for an E-Class as a rear-facing seat, the carpet sporting a stylish metal accents and a shiny countertop: the CTS 'Dashboard rival for mid-market luxury supremacy.

Regardless, fold the seats and luggage space a reasonable 58 cubic feet is: not just striking fear get in the Volvo V70, but other European Estates at this price competition. Also, the CTS Sport Wagon rear view "see" far better than the blocky imply sparse columns and glass.

Unfortunately, based on increased Volvos, Audis and V8 Benzes and Bimmers, the CTS Sport Wagon dynamic behavior is downright uninspired. With the direct injection V6 in the game, the CTS Sport Wagon feels downright sluggish until the tach swings over 4000 rpm. And no gearbox option, the sloth, as movements of the standard six-speed automatic for a powertrain that is raised like a hibernating bear of a stupid hikers make. Accelerate if the green light and there is a big snore underhood, followed by an explosion of accelerating mediocrity.

If Cadillac can not afford the present to class-leading acceleration, at least made the Germanic chassis and taut suspension properly. Sporting the somewhat famous "FE3" suspension has nicknamed the CTS Sport Wagon, more grip than any road going wagoneer always need, and keeps things flat and drama free in the suburbs. Push harder on the highway sweepers and the estate still flat. Understeer is out there somewhere, but the achievement of the CTS Sport Wagon's upper limits requires dedication and blatant disregard for public safety: This car is made for the N├╝rburgring.

Even better, the Caddy's steering feel omnipresent and limitless what the CTS Sport Wagon feel much smaller and lighter than the 4200 pounds curb weight suggests. Get some steam in the engine, this whip is an absolute hoot to drive. Just to stay on smooth asphalt.

Like any other brand with visions of conquest BMW Cadillac lose their composure when things get bumpy. FE3 cleaning be damned, cause the 19-inch rolling stock to compensate more in the cabin jerk than an AMG E-Class Estate, with not enough cornering abilities. If bad roads are a normal part of your commute, you get the base suspension. Or wait for a Magna Ride option.

No, really. The good stuff is not available on a normal Cadillac Buick Lucerne half to receive a torque monster V8 and Magna Ride buyers of top brand GM Must ante for the V series. Thus, the CTS Sport Wagon is another import wannabe struggling to find its raison d'être: while the components for the success GM dust on the shelves. Instead of the best sedan on the market, Cadillac has a (limited production) combined.

Serious artist or no, that's another mistake in a number of the wrong moves: why not reincarnate the Cadillac hearse next time, underwriting a Ghost Buster sequel for the introduction?