Comparison Review: 2011 Hyundai Sonata Versus 2010 Toyota Camry XLE

Posted on 21. Apr, 2010 by in Auto News

Driving enthusiasts love to hate Toyota Camry. But despite the company's current problems, it remains the best selling car in the United States. Hyundai would like to steal the crown, or at least tens of thousands of customers. It is recently a completely redesigned 2011 Sonata and the advertising hard for them. Toyota should be affected?

Both the young (my children) and the old (my parents) were fascinated by the beauty of the Camry. Not the sheet mind you. You probably do not notice the shape of the car. The bulbous exterior was a great leap forward for a Camry four years ago, engineers could the previous generation sedan, but at this point it is a generation behind the current automotive fashion. The angles have designed good does it do (not even in the front view of this year's revised grille) have been overexposed by its ubiquity. And the XLE is small multispoked alloys do not flatter the car-SE looks much better. Rather, it was the color of my family, a very fascinating metallic dark green.

The Sonata coatings are relatively common. But its swoopy exterior design marked a sharp departure from the beautiful but completely forgettable 2006-2010 Sonata. What is the Mercedes-Benz CLS has coupe-style for luxury limousine to bring the segment Hyundai wants to do for midsize family sedans. Some similarity can be seen in various luxury cars (CLS, A6, ES), but Hyundai has also taken far more risks than here with the Genesis. An overarching roof line, a pair of strong, sweeping character lines and a band of chrome trim, the belt line connection to the headlights could have been combined in the side view, form a complicated mess. Yet these design elements to create a whole that form both cohesion and distinctiveness, and at once. Upscale and sporty Even the fashionably oversized grille works. Especially: Unlike the Genesis sedan, the new Sonata is in a crowded street and to paint without pleasure. In comparison, the Toyota looks stodgy.

Upholstered in light gray leather interior including the Camry XLS nothing analogous to the outside of the paint. Its design is quite conventional circa 2006th One exception: the audio controls on the right side of the nav screen are a bit range, a common sin these days.

As with the exterior, the new Sonata is on the inside is much more up-to-date and stylish than the Camry. The dashboard contains some artful curves, but a clean design. All buttons are easy to reach, and they vary in shape and size helpful. As with the exterior, appears Hyundai benchmarked luxury cars rather than other family sedans. Below the nav screen controls mimic an Infiniti, while the climate controls to mimic a Volvo. The anthropomorphic control of the air flow is just one button instead of the three found in a Volvo, but it captures the Swede's style more than its functionality. After sampling all three trim levels-GLS cloth, fabric / leather SE (Sports) Limited and leather, the last one is simply the best. For those who want a way out of black, gray, and beige, burgundy skins are offered.

Interior materials are of similar quality in both cars: not bad, but you're obviously not in a luxury car. The Toyota has a higher quality switchgear, but his brilliant "wood" is obviously doing plastic and silver-painted trim for the center stack not so, than aluminum. Maybe because it was designed for the European market, the interior feels in new Hyundai Tucson built solid and dense than in those two sedans.

The steering wheels deserve special consideration. Prior to Genesis, Hyundai based its cars' steering wheels with the world's most refined leather. With the Genesis, they seemed to have finally realized that the point is with leather on the steering wheel to make it easier to grip, not to help slip through your fingers. But with the new Sonata they have relapsed The artificially designed steering wheel pass a border of three different materials:. urethane rubber on the outer sides, slippery leather from 10.00 clock bis 02.00 clock, and 5 to 7, and, in the interior of the lower size, nature of plastic tends to wear badly worn in MkIV Jettas. The last was a bad light on one of the cars tested. None of the materials for the job well-suited, and three are two too many. A good steering wheel, a material, a handy leather , all the way to the edge as in the Camry.

The Camry does not have great front seats, but they are both more supportive and more comfortable than in the Sonata. With the Sonata, the feel of the seat quite varied depending on whether the center panel fabric is, as in the GLS and SE, or leather, as in the Limited. The leather seats feel firm, and you sit much higher in them, or rather on. Either padding the side bolsters surrender quickly when asked to provide lateral support. The Camry is less sidewall failed me, but then I asked a few of them.