Review: 2011 Cadillac CTS Coupe

Posted on 21. Jun, 2010 by in Auto News

What is luxury? In the American car market, this question has no simple answer. Sell driver tailored performers like BMW 3-series well here, but so do feature-loaded versions of mass-market sedans like the Lexus ES. Blinged-out baroque still has his followers, but also demonstrates the Napa Valley Hotel, where the Cadillac CTS Coupe was launched, is a subtle, sophisticated version of the luxury gaining popularity as well, differentiated by the use of recycled materials and environmentally friendly technologies. So where in this fragmented and changing category, the CTS Coupe has belong?

The last time Cadillac sells traditional coupe, she carried the legacy laden Eldorado nameplate that his final year of sales in 2002, was on the ruins of a long, once-proud legacy of gripping. The Eldorado name can not "Personal Luxury Coupe" segment (that honor goes to the Ford Thunderbird) have launched, but by the beginning of the new millennium has been keeping the old school, front-drive, waft-all-day luxury coupe flame alive. Hardly.

Lost in the eight years since the Eldorado in the shuffle the CTS nameplate has ushered in a new era in Cadillac. With the return of the rear wheel drive and concessions to performance and dynamics, the brand seemed desperate his legacy of big, squishy touring coupes to leave behind. Unfortunately this meant the abandonment of the coupe segment itself, so that a fundamental element of the brand realized for almost a decade.

Until now. After a few false starts-related bankruptcy is the CTS Coupe, which debuted at the 2008 Detroit Auto Show, now on the forecourt of a $ 450/night hotel sits looking almost unchanged from concept form and quite at home. Which is to say, it looks good. In dark colors, it's Darth Vader meets Don Draper: a symmetrical exercise increases in lean, bunker-windowed coupe-dom. Of the shortened overhangs, faster windshield, to the long tail echoes the gracefully curved C-pillar, the Cadillac CTS-Design, what feels like made its logical conclusion.

And though his Cadillac Coupe aptly called the "ultimate expression" of his art and science styling, there are some positive echo Cadillac past baked into the design. The proportions are classic "Personal Luxury" coupe: kicked-back cab, long doors, bold, clean rear quarter. Viewed side-on, there's even a hint of Mitchell-era Eldorado over the angle C-pillar and the rear deck three pointed lights (in the middle of which apparently generates output) as close to a Cadillac with tail fins come from Mitchell's took over. Only the shortness of the front and rear overhangs and the almost cartoonish ratio of steel, glass give the proportions of a focused, modern atmosphere.

The promise of this neo-classic look is natural that this Cadillac Coupe will do all that no two-door Caddy has done before. Although the roof two inches deep and sharply inclined windshield purely aesthetic changes, the shorter overhangs and wider rear track are one inch, is more than the introduction of a militant profile and gentle, organic swelling rear fender arches do. Along with a revised final drive ratio (3.42:1 3,73:1 replaces the sedan) and thicker rear stabilizer, these changes in the hope that the odd auto journalists made the old "Caddy that zigs" tagline could rehabilitate.

But before getting the chance to test the ability Coupé zigging, you need to get into the thing. Touch-key locks to keep the exterior looking clean and work well when they are used to. Inside, the interior is unchanged from the CTS sedan, which means there are a lot of style, a lot of materials and a very reasonable sense of luxury. Here, more than anywhere else, Cadillac could do a few things on the choice of the first hotel, the old wood and stainless steel learn, seems luxurious, and the Caddy inside seems downright garish.

Interior dimensions are hampered by the unpredictable Coupé crisply tailored suit. At about six feet one, decided my head grazed the headliner to the driver's seat was the lowest setting. Even caused spirited drive over bumpy roads occasionally annoying head-tap. The rear bucket seats are surprisingly spacious … below the shoulder-rel. Hip and leg room are more than adequate, but head and shoulder room are not available for the post-pubertal. But then I do not seem to remember Don Draper or Darth Vader always voluntary. Their personal luxury coupe with carpool duty

Start the standard 3.6-liter V6, the pop-shifter into the drive, and the coupe pulls on the market with ease. The lower final drive ratio is immediately noticeable when approaching bus stops, but probably only if you. Straight from a CTS sedan or Sport Wagon Do not expect loud burnouts But the difference is more than a slight annoyance with the sedan as a feeling that the Coupe a drooling, snarling beast is manifested. In fact, cruising through the small towns and winding roads of California's wine country at the speed limit is a quiet, refined experience. The only thing missing from the smooth, revvy V6 is some soft V8 burble. Otherwise, this coupe has more horsepower (304) and only 27 lb-ft less torque than the old Eldo the North Star, and makes a great companion blows. Things have changed in eight years, but Cadillac coupes are still best when kindly cruised from luxurious destination for a luxurious destination.

And what if a few corners appear? Slide the switch to enable the passenger to the sport mode, and "turn off" the traction control and the CTS loses his civil decency faster than a sorority girl at Senor Frogs. Although not re-map Cadillac engines for the sport mode, the transmission changes alone downright surprising. Not only will it hold a gear until you wrung every last raspy wheeze from the V6 have, but it would be much more aggressive in his expected downshifting as you. In fact, if this so-called "competition", the drive is absolutely sure that you are abusing the right pedal, punishing half-hearted pokes at the throttle and brakes, deep down shifting and increasing speeds. Nail it hard, and then it will stay with you, keep a low speed gearbox comes from a corner, when other "sport mode" would have mid-corner move shortly. Technically, there are shift paddles behind the steering wheel, but most owners either never know, or quickly forget that they are there at all.

Unfortunately, the drive train playfulness is never quite matched by the steering and surrender. In fairness, the steering is weighted better than other GM products, and the chassis is (tested with FE3 sport suspension). Usually competent in both cruise and curves But with the engine and transmission begging for a spanking, it is all too easy to find the CTS get flummoxed. It provides support in abundance from the optional summer tires and uprated suspension, but there is no respite from the physics of nearly £ 4,000 trying to keep on the road. Thanks to the wider rear track, there is little scope for tail-wagging, and you will probably find the Coupe pressure on his front tire as many times as it slips his rear tire. Grab a line and power through a sweeper, and you'll want for nothing from this loaded example. Try to string together several smooth corners, but if you're a really experienced driver, you'll end up with more throwing and beatings, as you get out of certain competitors. Weight, visibility and attenuation deficits this Cadillac firmly under "competent" category cornering coupe.

And somehow, that's all right. Sure, Cadillac wants to be perceived as equal to a BMW or Mercedes, and could do so more clearly Coupe, to flatter the driver in narrow streets. But the CTS-V Coupe will be launched later this summer to life, the extra-large 250-odd hp and adaptive suspension should fulfill the promise of a flagship luxury coupe. Meanwhile, the standard CTS Coupe is available at a base $ 38,990, with prices charged by our $ 51,825 tester. As the Buick Regal, we recently tested, the CTS Coupe GM new approach to luxury presents: Ride and handling for commuter duty for some casual fun, be refined wrapped in a distinctively styled, modern body.

In contrast to the shelf, but the CTS Coupe makes its style elements to perfection, and manages to merge the brand's future with the past in terms of both style and skills. It is a car that is an unmistakable and undeniable fashion statement that makes you either love or hate. This is the type of Cadillac that you would buy after landing a big client or crushing a nascent rebellion … and if it is in the middle of a go-go economy launched, it would probably sell like hotcakes. In today's brutally competitive market for luxury goods, but there is no extra-elegant and luxurious yet a therapeutic joy to a winding road to hurl. As such, it has cut the same work for them, that the CTS sedan was launched still, some 8 years after the first.

Cadillac paid for our flights and accommodation for this new product launch, including several delicious meals and an open bar Since the California tony Napa Valley, none of it was cheap.