Review: 2011 Jeep Grand Cherokee

Posted on 02. Jul, 2010 by in Auto News

Several years ago, I paid heed to my inner child and attended Iron Maiden "Aces (very) high tour". During one of the breaks, singer Bruce Dickinson said: "I do not know what's going on We're still making plates, and I think they are pretty good, but no one wants to play on the radio, they do not play this kind of… music now. Even if people want to hear it. "Intrigued by his comment, I bought the new Maiden record. He's right. It's pretty good, even though the music industry has evolved. It is also a completely standard, formulaic effort, just like every Iron Maiden record after their final burst of creativity sounds like "Seventh Son Of A Seventh Son".

What if … The new Iron Maiden record was a double album with the first disc is an absolutely perfect distillation of every previous record, and the second a ten jazz standards, all performed to the highest standard of musicianship? Would anyone buy it, or would they? Still line up for the latest MP3s from the Silversun Pickups This is the 2011 Jeep Grand Cherokee in a nutshell. It is shocking competent off-road, but it's also an absurd composed, quiet and comfortable highway cruiser. If you are interested, or would you rather have a GMC Acadia?

I am an absolutely lousy off-road drivers. When I'm alone, I'll put at least half the time. I require constant handholding of spotter and I barely understand the basic concepts involved in clear obstacles. In other words, I am the off-road equivalent of the average journalist on-Street. The Grand Cherokee was quite willing to do all the work for me on a rather technical and difficult sand course at Hollister Hills in NorCal. The new Selec-Terrain knob mimics Land Rover "Terrain Response", and it's a first-for-Jeep "Quadra-Lift" air suspension together. It may be the "JGC" to eleven inches off the ground or put it for passenger loading.

There are two off-road-oriented AWD systems available. Quadra-Trac II has an intelligent control center diff and a brake actuated traction control All The Way 'round. Quadra-Drive II adds an electronically controlled LSD in the back. Both versions have a Hill Descent Control, which also works in the opposite direction to a safe back-out to allow over-enthusiastic climbing attempts. Powered by a V-6, Quadra-Lift, and Quadra-Drive II Grand Cherokee, I just was not able to put me himself. Even the rookie moves, how to stop only shortly before the breakover on a sand-covered rocks could not discourage the Jeep. Apply plenty of gas simply "tell" the Grand Cherokee, find the wheel with traction and gently run it through until the obstruction is cleared. It's the next best thing to the off-road ideal of triple locking diffs … Hell, it could be better for those of us who have no idea how maintain traction.

You get the idea. Although this is the first Grand Cherokee IRS All The Way 'round have had that off-road capability was obviously improved by the additional ground clearance and available intelligent drive systems. The concept of off-road supremacy is a central component of the Jeep "brand basics," and it is available and made here. In the real world, but these cars rarely leave the pavement, and that Therefore, Jeep and Land Rover are not the leading volume nameplates in this segment. Real-world buyers want real world usability, and that's where the Grand Cherokee has fallen far behind the car competition.

Chrysler has decided to respond to this deficiency is possible in most aggressively. The new JGC yet Appearance like a Grand Cherokee, but the visual similarity conceals larger rear doors, four much needed inch rear-seat space, and a class-competitive interior package. Interior materials are of similar quality to that, find what you can in a Flex, and if the uConnect is not even close in terms of usability and eye appeal SYNC, the Jeep an Audi-style multi color display between the tachometer and speedometer that can be used very addictive. Active Cruise Control is available and it works better, as is the case in the competition, allows a closer gap and "falsing" less often. On two-lane roads

It took the new Pentastar V-6 is the engine of the Grand Cherokee for 18 years. It is a short-stroke, revs with alacrity, and gives 23mpg in RWD variants. It has more than enough power off-road and on motorways. The only reason to choose the cylinder-deactivating HEMI, the tow rating would be initiated from 5000 to 7400 pounds, which is Pentastar that well.

Not leave the landing gear off the engine. It is possible that your JGC fully optimized for use on the road, next to the RWD model, there is a no-low-gear, no-touch AWD system. Can "have wheels and reasonably sticky rubber. The 17" with either 20 or 18 "wheel off-road variants may still insist on the street. It is possible to easily double posted corner speeds and tuck into the triple digits between turns on winding two lanes. I've been BMWCCA "fast road drives" where this JGC would have been 20 miles before lunch. Do not expect a Chevy Traverse or RX350, as close to the Grand Cherokee on a winding road.

If you have a Land Rover LR4 and an Acura MDX in your garage have, and you do not need a third row of seats, you can send them both to the auction and replace it with this Grand Cherokee. It's so good. There is only one small problem: This is no longer the vehicle, the market seems to want to. It is the perfect Iron Maiden album delivered a decade too late. The market has clearly indicated their preference for car-based crossover. The original Grand Cherokee debuted in a market full of truck-framed, molasses-slow, cramped and awkward items. This leads into a market where a Camry platform variant is king. There is no buyer for the needs, perceived or real, of the average. I'd love to have one, but what do I know? Maiden to hear I'm still iron.