2011 Jaguar XF Supercharged Review

Posted on 25. Feb, 2011 by in Auto News

The first issue that needs to be any expert's perspective. Whether it's a $ 70,000 Jaguar or a $ 15,000 Chevy, you need to obtain the appropriate perspective. You have to be fair to the product you are reviewing your reading, while using it. In the right context for your readers When Jaguar told me that a 2011 XF Supercharged was available to test for me, my first thought was the same as you would, "Goody, Goody. What's not to like?" My second thought was, the other authors by e- mail and ask if Michael Karesh or Jack Baruth could do a better job in the review. Michael testing a variety of luxury cars, and Jacks. Quite familiar with high-end sports equipment, but I have absolutely no experience with 470 hp, loaded-to-the-gunnels luxury sport sedans I can not say whether it is better or worse than comparable vehicles because I do not run these cars competing. The time with the Jaguar was bookended by a Mazda3 and Kia Sportage. Not exactly ideal perspectives, where a display of luxury sports cars. Despite my personal reservations, said Ed and the other editors me to go for it, so …

With a base MSRP of $ 67,150, priced the XF Supercharged fits between the lower fairing and XF's performance and the 510 hp XFR, just $ 12,000 more. No Jaguar may be a Q-car, but compared to the XFR, the XF Supercharged is definitely a sleeper. For that extra 12 large you get an extra 40 horsepower from the supercharged version of the new 5.0L DOHC V8 Jaguar, a more aggressive body kit, a different hood (bonnet) and a wire mesh grille. That's just about it. The XF Supercharged is much more subtle than the XFR. To all but the most discerning Jaguar enthusiast, there is a plain vanilla XF but the XF Supercharged has all XFR chassis upgrades, including larger brakes, upgraded shocks and springs and Jaguars excellent Active Differential Control, which includes an electric motor wheel slip is used to stop built into the rear steer. Oh, and an additional 85 hp over the base XF. It could. One or two luxury options not available at the XFR offered on the Supercharged, but for most of the XF Supercharged and XFR are mechanically identical and have the same features except for the additional power The only available options that this car had not been adaptive cruise control, inflatable side bolsters and special paint. The machinery car that was loaned I painted in a beautiful and subtle medium tin, which shows well from the body contours.

Yes, Virginia, this is Detroit

The XF Supercharged comes already with the most available XF features as standard, so the only special equipment my test car had the $ 350 heated windshield and the $ 500 "jet" Alcantara headliner was. I do not know if it's worth $ 500 for a nice headliner and A-pillar trim but it. Capping touch, which already add a very luxurious and very well equipped car There is so much leather in the cabin that covered between full leather upholstered seats, leather steering wheel, the stitched leather on the door panels and sewn hide the dashboard, I could still smell leather on me while sitting at my desk hours leave after the vehicle. Everything is real, the leather, wood and brushed aluminum. The wood is as one would expect in a real British luxury car, ended better than fine furniture. All switch work has a silky feel to the controls but also a feeling of apathy. Speaking switch work this XF has the newer glove compartment release switch, an actual button that Jaguar has, in response to complaints that the original touch-sensitive switch was a bit too sensitive to touch spec'd.

Actually I should not say that all of the controls work well. Alex Dykes, in his recent review of the XK alluded Jaguar often complained about infotainment system. The UK is home to a number of audiophile equipment company so it is not surprising is that the Bowers & Wilkinson sound system sounds (440 watts, 13 speakers and a subwoofer, Dolby ProLogic II surround sound) great, with good imaging , natural highs and tight bass. It has all the bells and whistles to Head Unit: Bluetooth, Sirius, voice-activated controls Nav with voice guidance, AM / FM / HD, 6-disc CD changer, USB, iPod control and an aux in.

Regardless of the source, it's a real pleasure to listen to the B & W system. For additional acoustic enjoyment, filtered engine sounds subtly injected into the enclosure. Jaguar done a good job of tuning the exhaust and controlling underhood noise because when accelerating you hear a jaguar roar, not the blower whine soprano. The controls for the audio and navigation system, however, are bulky. The touch screen responds slowly and you have to pretty much where your finger or you miss what you are trying to activate. Is time-consuming to select an audio source, because you can not directly access any of the functions, you must press and hold the "Source" button and scroll through the options. With Steering wheel controls are nice, but the control sequences are not well thought.

Hey, where is the abandoned train station?

You might think you'd get tired of the XF "handshake" process. As you've probably know, when you talk about the current Jaguar, when you turn the car, turn the grille from the mains open off position and the round knob protrudes read from the console. Perhaps small minds are entertained by little things, but I found it entertaining every time. I do not know whether to sit Jaguar owners expected in a car and the views of its functions when it shuts down, but the dashboard looks pretty snazzy is closed.

The seats are comfortable, although the seat cushion would strengthen his extensive. The dual zone climate control was, as it should be, not noticeable. As Mr. Popeil set says, and forget about it. The heated seats and steering wheel hot very quickly. All the automatic gizmos worked automatically. The windshield wiper rain also affected the amount of rain and adjust their speed accordingly. It's been a long time since wiper speeds and slows as diverse varied vacuum. I wonder if younger people realize how amazing technology is today.

Would the Packard plant, a better setting?

Whenever a car company comes with an obviously not-ready-for-production concept car, there are people who criticize, say that it is a waste of money that can be used to be able to develop better production cars. However, if you look at the show car of the 1950s and 1960s, you will find that all kinds of features that are now standard were initially failed on a kind concept vehicle proposed. While some "concepts" are castles in the air, for example. Ford Nucleon, others are quite accurate predictions of things that could improve the driving experience. In the 1950s, prior to the recently deceased Chuck Jordan rose to GM styling head, he designed the Buick Centurion Motorama car. The Centurion had no rear-view mirror. Instead, had a camera in the back and a CRT screen in the dashboard. Science fiction in 1955, standard equipment today. I predict that it failed to show a half-century for the Thin Film Transistor Liquid Crystal Display (TFT-LCD) touch screens in the Jaguar C-X75 concept. Up in a car that you drive

No abandoned homes. You sure this is Detroit?

And driving is what is the XF Supercharged. Dynamically, the XF Supercharged is much more rewarding to drive. Although it mostly made of aluminum, and it has a curb weight of just over £ 4,300. so you can not exactly call this car tossable, but it is fast acting. As a great man, a good dancer, is the XF Supercharged is light on his feet. It's never lost his composure and made an awkward movement. With a 0-60 time of 4.9 seconds, these trains are easily made.

The steering is quick, I measured 2.75 turns lock to lock. The Lotus Elan is plain quick steering. Change with two tons of aluminum, leather and polymers that direction, and fat tires P255/35ZR20 front support (P285/30ZR20s in rear) for that quick steering requires considerable power. Effort is just right. With good feel for where the front end is The variable assist works fine. Maybe a dab more weight it would perfect for me, but I do not think anyone faults with the XF Supercharged for the steering. Turn in accurate, with only the slightest understeer for safety. The understeer, but can be easily compensated with the right foot at any time with the nanny on. I hate roundabouts, because I'm a cyclist, but I discovered they can be fun if you have a powerful and well organized to drive out of the car. It was just a bit slippery, and I was able to do a modest drift all through the rotating without disabling anything. The Active Differential Control is very impressive.

C'mon, just south of 8 Mile? Do not be a kidder!

If you think that this car is underpowered to the additional 40 ponies that come with the XFR has either been exposed to some very dilute machines or they just really really really really like fast Jaguars. Michigan State Police troopers may allow reasonable you might go a little faster than their counterparts south of the border for collecting revenue in Ohio, but I'm not going to explore the performance limits of a 470 hp car. I'm certainly not going to have to figure out how fast do 510. Even with "only" 470 hp, I found myself accidentally doing 90 mph entering the highway. From standstill at full throttle, the traction control will kick because both second and third upshifts. There is always plenty to do force you want to do, if you do want at least on the road.

This is John and Horace his place on the left side

The selector lever can be moved through a position of drive to sports. The sport mode changes the engine and transmission mapping for more immediate response. An additional control, the suspension stiffens and speeds the steering ratio. As a car guy I'm embarrassed to say that for the most part I leave all settings in normal mode and does not use the little paddle shifters. With 470 hp and already challenging the suspension, steering and rear end, do you really need "sport" settings? Drivers who take their XF on the track they value, and they make a noticeable difference, but on the road, the gears of the S mode is like painting the lily and the performance suspension setting fine gold gilding.

Brakes are all you ever need on the road. The rotors are larger in diameter than the tires on some cars I've driven. While they can be a little grabby to sit, from the surface rust on the rotors for the most part, the brakes worked very well, with good modulation control. I tried running some 0-50-0 (on a 400 'driveway) and the ABS and other nannies worked unobtrusively. The good braking performance comes at a price: brake dust. Going to a week and about 500 miles, the 20 "aluminum wheels were covered with brake pad dust. A friend rented a non-supercharged '11 XF, with smaller brakes, and he says he also has the brake dust wash frequently.

Heaping big brakes means heaps of brake dust. The shiny spot is where
I wiped
some of these away.

Rear wheels too. The brakes, but great work.

The suspension is a little firmer than I expected, but it seems to me that people who buy the supercharged version, expect a sportier ride.

I do not know if the Superchaged the upgraded torque converter and an additional clutch plates on the XFR is fitted, but the six-speed ZF automatic transmission worked flawlessly.

Like most of today's well-equipped cars, the XF Supercharged comes with a rearview camera. Since this. To a luxury car and even Kia is now offering a cam, make it special yellow guide lines on the image to how you superimposed to lead again The guidelines curve position of the steering wheel. Maybe in time I will appreciate backup cam but now I think they are a threat. It's one thing to look in your rear view mirror as he backwards. You are looking for and you can still move in your peripheral vision. However, looking forward and down when the backup is a formula for disaster. Mandating backup cameras can save 300 children one year secured from growing in the driveway, but I suspect such a wide scale use of even more children get hurt or worse, if the traffic alert on the road t-bones people on the backup screen on the instrument panels. Backup cameras have very poor peripheral vision.

A few words about styling: like it. Some believe that the XF is a little unimpressive (a neighbor called it a cross between a Jaguar and a Lexus). I think this is because the car was that the rear window / C-pillar with the BMW kink you. On the Malibu and Altima, but most of the car is original and the styling grew on me over the week I'm an old XJ owners and as the week went on it looked more and more like a Jaguar, and I began to notice other signature styling elements. The rear of the car is perfect, even though it reminds Ian Callum work for Aston Martin. Nobody called an Aston ugly. Michael Karesh recently discussed the long overhang of the Kia Optima. Large overhangs are a necessary result of the front-wheel drive package. They need plenty of space to fit the engine and transmission under the hood. Looking to the XF, you know immediately that it's a RWD car. The front wheels are pressed on the outer corners of the car. The optically extended the long sides of the car. The long edges, smooth save for a character line at the bottom of the doors began to remind me of a classic XJ. The flanks flow into the rear hips that Jaguars need. The waistline has imparts a subtle wedge, the wheels pushed out to the corners of the vehicle combines a focused attitude. Surprisingly for a short guy in a car Wedgey, visibility was acceptable (few modern cars have good visibility). I hate fender gills, but at least the XF have been designed from the ground up. Jaguar adding gills to the last traditional XJ was a farce. This view is not half bad.

For the most part, I came away very satisfied with the XF Supercharged, although it is likely that I feel the same about all the cars in its class, is impressed. There are not so many shitty cars in this price range. Still, it's not perfect. While it may be less expensive than German competitors (well, at least the base XF), the higher powered Cadillac CTS-V is about $ 10K cheaper than the XF Supercharged. Of course, for ten grand, you get the cachet of a Jaguar and not in the samo samo luxury brand Jaguar is part of the appeal. Fuel consumption was about what you'd expect from an eternal youth driving a high performance car. I averaged ~ 14mpg for the week and when I drove the current enthusiasm fell into the single digits. There are the aforementioned heavy brake dust problem, and my problems with the infotainment system. Come to think of it, there is another problem with this system. I decided to use the Jag to pick up my mother at the airport and made it to the curb at the wrong terminal plug. It took 5-10 minutes for things to clear up enough to break free. In the meantime, the PDC nurse warned me that it. A car next to me I'm not blind, I can see it. The nanny also mute the stereo when they are active. Hell, I know that I back up, I still want the song I have on tipping, not hear them ring the stupid nanny. Might, if I RTFM I had muted Mary Poppins.

The only quality control problem that I noticed was in the windshield lamination. I do not know if it's because the glass is heated or if it has a bad job in laminating the ESG, but at night there was a noticeable interference pattern in the glass. It had no effect on the visibility, but it was a star effect to oncoming headlights.

It was also surprising, a driving theme. Well, that might be a bit too strong, but right at the dead idle the car hesitates. It's not a stumble, just a hesitation. I started to mention it to one of the company's fleet drivers, and he finished my sentence, so it's not just me. My guess is that it's either that or efficiency concerns. With 470 hp, not Jaguar wanted wheel turns at every green light, so that the throttle fuel imaged Either way, it's so out of character as compared to the performance of the vehicle in all other cases, that sets it apart.

Other than those few things, I thought the XF Supercharged was damn near perfect. Alex and Michael, have more experience than I might have to do with the car in this segment more critical than me, but as long as someone else gets the payments and the payment for fuel and insurance, I may very well driver with the XF Supercharged as my daily . If Jaguar had asked me if I wanted to test the XFR, I would have said "Goody, Goody, what you do not like it?" Who would not want 40 more hp in nearly every car? But I am not sure I would spend the money on the XFR, if I had it. The XF is available in four flavors: Base, Premium, Supercharged, and R. The base car is $ 52K and the premium trim model is $ 56,000. So the difference between the Premium and XF Supercharged is is about $ 11,000. Near the difference between the Supercharged and the XFR For about half of the additional cost of the XFR, you get 2/3rds of the performance and all the other go fast parts. If you need those extra 40 horses, I will not say that it is a waste of money, but if the XFR is worth $ 80K, then the XF Supercharged is a bargain.

Note: Jaguar of North America where the XF Supercharged and insurance for a week plus a tank of premium gas. The nice people at the office of Woodlawn Cemetery in Detroit helped the Dodge brothers. The other photos taken in the Palmer Woods neighborhood of Detroit.

It's December and the world seems full of gray Michigan. On a bootleg mp3 Dylan Paul Simon sings to brown leaves and a heaven in a hazy shade of winter. Perfect day for a graveyard in search of famous dead guys, the cars are trampling. Rich and famous Detroiters are Woodlawn. Auto magnates like Edsel and his good friend Roy. Politicians, car guys. Car guys turned politician. Entertainers. Many entertainers. Aretha Daddy, Rev. CL Franklin, there are, as well as their siblings and in the office, they told me they would be joining them. And of course, Motown. Eddie Kendricks, what a tragedy, it's there. So a few are of the Spinners. Rubberband Man would make you smile even in a graveyard (yes, I know not on Motown, but they are from NW Detroit). But as soon as I saw the name on their list of celebrities, I knew I had to pay my respects to put James Jamerson, the man, the radio in the Funk Brothers, the Motown house band bass player. It was bitterly cold, and there is a flat marker in the ground. The wrong number was written down was difficult to find the grave. It was bitterly cold, and I started to run every grave in this section. Finally, after a call or two to the nice lady in the office, cemetery office workers find the most helpful people I'm able to pay my respects. There was some artificial flowers in the urn on James Jamerson of the markers. I saw no flowers at the Dodge brothers' grave. John and Horace drank like fish that died young. James likes to get a good mood to have us too early. The Dodges had storied villas and people see the Dodge name every day. Hardly anyone knows the name Jamerson was, but his music will dance the people always. I turned on the heated seats and steering wheel of the Jaguar, chose the ACC a few degrees, the fan on manual and moved to Woodward. RIP, James, Horace, John, Roy & Edsel.