Review: 2012 Ford Focus SE Sedan and Focus Titanium Five-Door

Posted on 03. Feb, 2011 by in Auto News

O Brave New World that has such vehicles in itself! Welcome to the 27-thousand-dollar, Mainstream Brand non-specialty-model compact car. Open the door. All but the most perversely sybaritic will find their list of requirements. A direct injection engine teams with a dual clutch transmission and delivers up to 40 miles per gallon. We use a steering wheel with brash aluminum trim and a half-dozen complex controls. The instrument panel has an LCD screen which surpasses optional Hardware in cars like the Audi A5, while the center console has a better resolution than the netbook. Anything you can see or touch feels ready to challenge your neighbor G35 or 328i for perceived quality.

The Ford Focus Titanium is theoretically the direct descendant of the 1981 Ford Escort "world car", but on the road it feels much stronger on the old Nissan Primera, we are known as the Infiniti G20. Size, power to weight ratio, steering … only the obligatory high waistline and chunky A-pillar of the modern cars spoil the illusion. If you're a fan of "European-style" motoring really, you can stop reading this review and go with it a focus Titanium five-door hatch right now. It's everything you want, and you will simply love the tag darts around near-luxury barges like the Lexus ES350 while. Beat on style, features, price and consumption

The rest of us are unlikely to buy it each Has 27-grand compact, especially one that screwed a domestic nameplate of his nose. What happens if you cut ten thousand U.S. dollars worth of content out of the car, replace the hipster cred five-door for people-will-actually-buy-it? Four-door, and let the dual-clutch transmission behind in favor of a simple manual Let's find out.

Matthew 20:16 tells us that "the last shall be first." A Missed connecting flight rewarded me dead last on the floor at the Ford preview event in Los Angeles last week, but I was reaching for my hesitant arrival in a few different ways. First, I missed a bus trip to the socially awkward penguins of blogger media – and I would not say that I am "missing", that Bob. Secondly, because I was on the start of the press drive after everyone else had left, I had no "media", which replace the seats. Instead I got twice The journey all the others were doing, and with veteran Ford engineers in the passenger seat instead of easily frightened journos. Finally, I was lucky enough to arrive like an unwanted five-speed base "SE" sedan did what I had a chance to Ford small wondercar, which could have meant his drive to be designed the least convincing. Off we go.

Ten miles into the drive toward Topanga Canyon Boulevard, and I'm looking for a Corolla think. Not the current Corolla, mind you: this thing is a fucking disaster of God. I am the memory of the 1992 cars, the "small LS400", the Corolla, the obsessive precision was assembled and rolled down the road, as it cost twice the number on the window sticker. That was a great car, and so is this new focus. It is as quiet as it should be, and there are Precision in the machine. It can be seen Germans. From the driver's seat in the same way the Cruze is recognizable Korean from the street, and it has the same sense of dignity of poverty is used to find in a 318i

Much in the media about the presentation was "torque vectoring" system that uses ASR as Volkswagen and other similar setups, the brakes, made to simulate the effect of a locking differential. On corner exit, I found that it was too easily confused, leading to a wig-wag as the computer power tossed back and forth between the front wheels. There is no substitute for a real slip differential and "torque vectoring" is no exception. To be fair, but I was pretty far up the ladder grip when experiencing this phenomenon, and I could not duplicate in the second focus, I went later in the day.

The rest of the drive train, but is just peachy. The transmission has. Only five forward gears instead of six fashionable, but it works well with the two-liter Duratec, now turns out 160 hp I found myself shifting 500 turns just before the mechanical redline only to the engine preserving the very narrow winding road in our test. With respect to the downright pace, I'm not sure this car is not faster than the 2009 Focus SES Sport five-speed I around Autobahn Country Club drove for two days a few years back, the extra power and wider rpm range that absorbs ten percent weight gain between the old and new models. At least the focus is still much lighter than the Cruze.

What else is there to say to such a convenient SE model? The seats are firm and supportive, which has air conditioning. Not necessarily enjoy power from the engine when it is running, and you can be throttled with a little left foot braking before the ECU cuts on you I did not see that fading, but I realized they receive most of the time since the penalty for boiled liquid while driving on a canyon road is trivial.

About a hundred miles later, I arrived at the "Auto Change" area as well as most of my colleagues, who left an hour or so before I began. It must be nice to never be in a hurry when you're traveling, is all I can say. Time to update the above Focus Titanium five-door model with the PowerShift transmission.

The MyFordTouch system is updated so complex and so often in these early stages of their commitment to the public that I still have two cars driving operated identical in terms of the response and the features available. This was pretty quick to the requested tasks, but it also took 53 minutes to index my 13,165-song iPod Classic. Search Plug Do not worry, you can connect the iPod from the moment you can not just speak that it is completed by indexing. As a system supplier MyFordTouch is very far from perfect, but it is so far ahead of anything else available, bitching about response time or the fact that it "Vladimir Ashkenazy" understands, but stumbles over "Renee Fleming" is simply beyond the point . This is not only the undisputed future of in-car electronics, it is also extensible over time, so today's problems may eventually become irrelevant as the old "Ping of Death" is to Windows users 7th

The PowerShift transmission does not all as futuristic as Volkswagen beat Ford to the punch by a few years on the offer of a double-clutcher in this class, but because both GM and Hyundai to offer anything but a fluid pumper important in their new compact cameras, still qualifies as a "bold step". There are three basic ways to use it:

  • Leave it in "D". This is probably the best idea.
  • Select "S" and it is his gear down hills and on entering corners where you have to hold the brake. If you are in a hurry, it might be useful, but not be "that guy" who drives around in "S" of all time, okay?
  • Select "S" and then the up-down button to move the levers. This has already been the subject of much wailing and gnashing of teeth in the press. Listen to Dan Edmunds et al, You would think that they just a series of paddles from winning a race, and this is only true if "set of paddles" is a magic code phrase for "talent, coordination, and ten years of uninterrupted driving instruction". Nope, I think Ford has it right this time. The target market for this car does not want to interfere with paddling, and there is a Focus ST come to the go-fast guys are.

Those of you a little of the old street maximum speed are interested be well advised to buy a Cg-lock and two-pedal your way down fast roads. The Powershift reliably engage the lower gear, when presented with a throttle roll on corner exit and it does it fast-like. After about 20 minutes of self-shifting gearbox that I decided to do his work, and our over-the-road speed does not suffer a bit.

Almost every little car looks great on California roads, but the Focus Titanium brings enough rubber on the road for the actual curves limits fairly high. More importantly, it is a fundamentally stable platform. Rebound damping is enough – and this is almost never the case in cars without an explicit sporting intent. Dry-road ABS commitment is predictable, which is a good car in which to learn the art of braking control systems. If you can not average 60 or 70 miles per hour down a winding road in the Focus, you are not trying very hard.

I will go to my grave thinking the 2008 Focus was the right car at the right time, regardless of what to think of mouth-breathers. It was affordable, it was in a way that the previous version was not done well, and it has reliable service for a few hundred thousand customers. It just was not a market for $ 27,000 Ford small car then. It can not not now. You can buy a pretty decent V-6 Fusion for this kind of money, and most Americans are likely to do just that.

With this new focus, and the arrival of the high-priced Fiesta, Ford has clearly decided to stop price competition in this end of the market. It's probably a smart move, a German-engineered, Michigan manufactured car fight just can not get a fight with Monroney Korean small cars fitted with Korean or not Southern UAW labor. If someone buys this new Focus, it will not be because it's a cheap car. Rather, they will buy it because it's good. Is it good? Yes. At the moment it is the best small car you can buy here, no matter which model you choose.