Review: Cadillac CTS-V Coupe, Take Two

Posted on 09. May, 2011 by in Auto News

When Lord Acton were alive today, I'm sure he would say: "Power corrupts, absolute power corrupts absolutely. Big Cars are almost always bad cars." I think it this philosophy that Cadillac hopes Cadillac, a brand that just recently started, the power to rejuvenate seriously but already reach some surprising results. Even our own Michael Karesh has been his kicks with the CTS-V Wagon, Niedermeyer has drooled over the car and Jack Baruth has killed the track in Monticello, both in this coupe and sedan … it could be safe to say Caddy has a winner their hands. Still, why not hook the 556-hp V Coupe for a week to see how it handles some California driving test? What's the worst that could happen?

In 1999 General Motors. The tone for the Cadillac renaissance with the Evoq Showcar Somehow finally realize that there honestly no way a Catera, Seville or Deville could ever compete with BMW and Mercedes at every level, what-so-ever, broke the CTS-V, STS-V and XLR-V from some previously unknown Detroit volcano. The first trio of unique Cadillac products were angular and research in a time when that was oval shape du jour. Unfortunately, the STS-V is never reached dreamed sales success Cadillac and while I loved the Corvette-based XLR, it had a tiny flaw: a six-figure price tag, and the heart of an anemic squirrel (compared to its C6 Corvette cousin). Therefore, the XLR sold like ice to an Eskimo. Packing a (comparatively) 443HP Cadillac Northstar V8 demure in the Corvette chassis, the XLR-V in the nosebleed section at $ 101,300 (2008 model year). Started for the CTS-V, Cadillac perhaps rightly performance 556hp corrected formula of jamming a thoroughly corrupt Corvette-derived engine in customized Cadillac Coupe chassis from a low $ 63,465. This is not your father's Cadillac, nor is it in Mary Kay pink.

Some observers may find Cadillac all-angle look disgusting, but I love prefer it, especially in this, the ultimate expression of the edgy "Art & Science" ethos, with its ginormous triangular hull finished with coffee tin size TwinCenter pipes. Bling-bling baby. I think a Cadillac should be bold, and as this. Reinvention of the brand (and frankly Cadillac is unlikely to ever return to the ultra-luxury playground with Rolls and Bentley play) styling should set the American goods apart from the masses Cadillac designers are obviously my same mindset and styled the CTS Coupe in something beyond fat: cheeky. And you know what? It works. I, however, would not even know if the CTS has even crazier in the next update. Whatever you think of the CTS-V Coupe, it can not be seen as anything else, and that's a good thing. In every cloud there is some moisture waiting for your parade but rain, while the design is avant-garde, is the fit and finish only pedestrians. Can not have everything I'm told.

As Michael pointed out in his review of the CTS wagon, the interior of V is nice, but it's not as sophisticated as some of the competition, and since our coupe tester rang at about 70-large (twice the price of the base CTS sedan ), it's a bit far-fetched. This is not a problem unique to Caddy however. Any manufacturer that pimp suffers from a basic model on this scale from main stream interior combined with a premium price tag. Held for V-duty Cadillac CTS based stitched 'instrument panel and doors, but the cowhide still in favor of the pleather on the plates described above is a disgrace avoid when most brands dishwasher more moo in their performance models.

The something more comfortable $ 3,400 Recaro seats with Alcantara inserts, $ 300 Alcantara wrapped steering wheel and shifter and $ 600 dark stained wood accents, our testers came with are all optional on the V, so buyers can find an inner base largely the same as the Base CTS Coupe apart from the glossy black center console all unique V models. Unfortunately, the glossy trim moldings are easily scratched and not, in my opinion, really quite as good as the silver in the plebian model. Speaking Alcantara sees the use of faux-suede on the bike and feels amazing, but in terms of durability I have my doubts. Alcantara pills, as it is in some areas a shame bears because the fuzzy steering wheel almost took my mind off the fact that the Nissan Quest minivan, the week before, I had better sport handles. All Vs come with the $ 1,300 gas guzzler tax, a dubious piece of standard equipment to be safe standard.

As Michael pointed Rate in his CTS-V Wagon, suffer other flavors of CTS from something cheap door handles, but fortunately, the V Coupe as any other coupe models get some petite round door "buttons"