Review: 2012 Lincoln MKZ Take Two

Posted on 28. Jul, 2011 by in Auto News

Fifty yards away, and I was angry. The oh-so-chipper Enterprise rep took us to a Ford Fusion – and this is not a full-size car in the enterprise universe. Mergers are medium. I'd specifically booked a full-sizer for this trip to Utah and Idaho. My hope was an Impala benefit, hence the legendary 3.9V6 fuel consumption and get Fender Twin Reverb Combo Amp trunk. This was insult added to injury. Asked we'd waited 45 minutes at the rental counter as a succession of older Mormons return to SLC for "Pioneer Day" had to eat more detailed questions about the rental insurance, the fill policy, and the best place near Temple Square … and now, although the car park was quite dark, I could see clearly, before the merger thick C-pillar.

"Listen, lady," I began to realize that I like the kind of fussy old jerk I spent my life to avoid and / or despise had sounded, "we asked for a full-size car, and The "…

"… Is a luxury car," she said, "I'm sorry, we are out of full-size cars, and I thought you'd take a luxury car." That's when I saw the Continental star on the fender. No, not MKZ exactly a merger, but it's really a luxury car?

Michael Karesh a comprehensive styling analysis in his previous report of the MKZ, so I'll cook my Opinions on the following:

From the side: It is a fusion.
From the back: It could be anything.
From the front: It looks pretty good.

There you go. Michael had a charged-out press car with the sports package, but my Rent was the $ 35,420 base model. There is already $ 1500 cash on the hood at the moment, and if you find a 2011 on the land – which, frankly, not be hard – there's $ 4,000 cash back on. Either way, we're talking high twenties / low thirties.

Buy this kind of cash would you put a fully-equipped V-6 Accord or Camry, or you would be charged in a Korean. It is not put an ES350 or Acura TL in your driveway, the MSRP is on these two a couple of great up and the incentives are not quite as free flowing. Nevertheless, these two cars of Lincoln are natural competitors, so it is the context in which we will see it. Fortunately for me, I'd only a brand new ES350 one week before so my reference points were driven quite fresh.

Compared to the clunky luxo-Camry, the MKZ the large windows and low-cowled makes cliff-faced dashboard it seems like a much smaller car inside and out. The reality does not support the impression that not only the Lincoln slightly heavier than the Lexus, it is practically the same length and offers a bit more passenger space. (Back-seat drivers prefer the ES, particularly in the leg-stretching department.)

Both vehicles offer a comfortable and not overly sportly leather seats fitted. Heating and cooling is a $ 640 option on the Lexus, standard on the MKZ. During nightly segments of our 600-mile trip through Utah and Idaho, held Vodka McBigbra their place on three red LEDs, while I remained on three blue. This feature alone could save your marriage, or at least save your affair.

Lexus has built a reputation on lexurious, excuse me, luxurious Interiors, but while she is marking have water, Ford has been swimming for shore. The MKZ materials look and feel better than found in the ES. (To this critic, anyway) and his Dashboard gaps are smaller The Lexus is assembled in Japan, the Lincoln, in Mexico. Globalism on the hoof. Another surprise, the MKZ is really doing more interior differentiation from the merger than the ES compared to the Camry. I remind you all that this is the company that brought us the Versailles – but Lexus, I suppose, is the company that brought us the ES250.

Both cars are pretty good in the modern FWD mode. There are a lot of weight in the nose, and no amount of gas pressure shock absorption can hide that basic problem. Compared to a C-Class Benz, or even my 2009 Town Car, the shocks are softer, but the body movement seems much more connected. Encounter with a large patch on the shaft 100-110 mph speeds common out West unveiled the MKZ the serious lack of rebound damping. If you are going to push this car, considering the sports package. On the positive side, it definitely has better control of the torque than the Lexus does that steer cheefully to the pit under any provocation head.

On the highway, our MKZ itself reported an average mileage of 26.4, in the city, the number was 21.2. Since the 263-horsepower Duratec 3.5 is not exactly sing the soul enthusiasts, perhaps it is better for the rise of no-cost hybrid option. If you are looking for a fast car, look elsewhere – unless your idea of a "fast car" is a 1986 IROC-Z, who find themselves in arrears of the large neon Lincoln taillights.

While the hybrid option is free, "THX 5.1 surround sound theater" the MKZ the options is not – but it should be mandatory. The "Premium Sound" in the base car is installed so bad that I, at the end of the fader and balance controls work trying to find the best speaker, only to conclude that they come all defective. It's a shame, because the version of SYNC has been installed in this system rapidly running my 13,646-song iPod. It's never missed a cue voice of "Vladimir Ashkenazy" (my request) for "Stronger Than Pride" (V. McB). Not that the Lexus has to offer anything comparable, the sound system will be familiar to anyone who ever has a Corolla ownership, operation and features, if not sound.

The rest of the MKZ is about what you would expect given its roots and modern Ford Fusion trimmings. Wind noise is low, road noise is low, the trunk spacious, nothing fell, and it idled without complaint for over an hour, is "Max A / C" in 104-degree weather, so V. McB mother could recover an overly ambitious kayaking on the Snake River. It's a solid car, and there's nothing away in this context to the Toyota.

Is it a Luxury Car? No and yes. It will not bludgeon your neighbors with prestige, it will not impress the valet, and it is not always sit at the center of a rap video. His platform is prosaic, are the engines of the family car and / or CUVs divided, and its development schedule was less Nürburgring, as it was Burger King.

All MKZ can use right to a quiet, comfortable, well made, well-equipped car that is pleasant to drive, comfortable to, and likely to have to meet. Pricing is not a bargain price, but it is a bit of a bargain, given the equipment and materials provided. I personally prefer it to both the ES350 and the Buick LaCrosse. If either of those luxury cars look, then consider this to be good, and a decent to do so.