Review: 2011 Ford Mustang V6 Take Two

Posted on 20. Oct, 2011 by in Auto News

My brother was not the most adventurous member of the family. When we were kids he always whining "mommy I do not want to ride in a hot air balloon","Mom, I do not want to ride the ponies. "These memories came back when I went from a sweet, slightly small Fiat 500 and the high beltline V6 Mustang. Like the Mustang, my first thought was: Mom, I do not want to ride the pony. My problem with the Mustang V6 was not the car itself, it was the driver: me. Maybe it's because when I was a child, my Mustang was killed by the Mustang II. Maybe it was because the last 5.0 was really just a weak-sauce 4.9. Before I even behind the wheel, I asked myself: What is the meaning of the pony car? Is it just to look cool? Deliver easy burnouts? Why not buy something else? The new V6 'Stang is as the holy grail of RWD car shopping headliner, 300 + HP, 30 + MPG, I would say: all the hoon, half the gas. Due to the hype I had to see for myself whether the V6 pony car is the perfect companion RWD, or should, if $ 22.000 to 32.000 would be better spent on something else. Let's find out.

From the outside, checked the Mustang all the right boxes for me: it's big, it's bold, it's brash. The same could be said of the Camaro, except that somehow the Chevy ends form as a bit cartoonish for my taste. The Camaro reminds me of that kid in high school, the difficult to try to be cool and ended up instead of just being weird. The Challenger is the old muscle car true form yet, and perhaps my favorite style-wise is in this segment. The 370Z is simple lines are in many ways the most conservative in the segment, and the Hyundai Genesis is quite unique among coupés. Of course, style is very much a matter of personal taste, and the Mustang look may not be to your taste. Leave us your thoughts in the comments below.

Let's talk about engines. While the Mustang design in the past, slowly over time with the evolution not revolution describes the chassis and powertrain changes developed, 2011 is different. During last year's Mustang the same 210hp 4.0L V6 and 4.6L "modular" V8 received (ie trace their history back to 1968 or 1991), the 2011 model year brings not just one, but two new engines to the plate. While the power-hungry is in the crowd against the new 5.0L "Coyote" engine dressed with its 412 or 444 horses (Boss GT vs. 302), the 305HP 3.7L V6, what we are here to talk about it.

Ford 3.7L V6 engine is a new member of the Ford family in 2006 is introduced. This family includes the 3.5L engine in the Ford Edge and the 3.5L twin-turbo direct injection V6 in the Taurus SHO. For Mustang duty Ford that fit 3.7L variant with dual variable valve timing decided skips turbos and direct injection no doubt to keep costs low, the V6 'Stang starts at $ 22,310, after all. This means Ford's new V6, as the produce of Japan, have rev the advertised numbers. For someone who is Ford's previous generation pony car is driven, takes this high-revving nature to adapt some adjustments.

The engine sound of the new Mustang does not sound like other high-revving V6s as the 3.7L Nissan, the lure like a siren call you rev the nuts out of the engine is. Instead, reminds me of the Mustang tuned by a mid-90s Pontiac with an exhaust to a low burble mark. Noise aside, there is no arguing with the numbers, the new V6 produces 305PS at a lofty 6,500 rpm (up a whopping 46% or 95HP from the old 4.0L V6). Not because the V6 is force-fed, the torque gain is a modest increase of 15% to £ 280-ft at 4,250 RPM.

While many reviews complain about the needs of the high-revving V6 to V8 GT packaging compared to figures from the competition propitiate with the Genesis 3.8 sporty 306hp @ 6300rpm and 266 lb-ft at 4,700 RPM, the 370Z package 332 at 7,000 RPM and 270 pounds-ft at a very high 5200 RPM and of course, the Camaro V6 312HP at 6,500 RPM and 278 b-ft at 5,100 RPM. Combine this with the recent reports that Ford V6 underestimate the power and the blue oval with the latest Baby Pony is safe to run with the "string".

If the numbers that make you suspicious, I can assure you that V6 Burnouts are extremely easy and very satisfying. Simple and satisfactory are the two words that often came to mind when I otherwise never shenanigans in the interaction in. It suffices to say that the new V6 is far more alive than ever admit would be busy, and you need to do during to keep the speed up to keep the fun going, it's a breeze. Instead of money for a new independent rear suspension, Ford chose the Mustang with a range of functions that are fit only worthy trade-off. First among them is the new slick 6-speed manual transmission, get the same as GT buyer. Shifts are incredibly short and the feeling is almost up to BMW standards. Base V6 buyers will also true dual exhaust, a limited slip rear diff, side airbags for when you end up on the side of shenanigans up in a tree and the usual assortment power windows and locks. Ford did not just play around with the options, but also stiffens the chassis and tweaked almost every aspect of the suspension.

When it gets hard on winding, it can base V6 Mustang end up feeling like it's writing checks your brakes and suspension can not simply pay off (something that could never be said of the old V6). Fortunately, Ford offers a solution to this problem in the form of $ 1,995 "V6 Performance Package" that you purchased GT brakes, chassis GT sway bar, strut bar, performance rear axle and 19-inch summer rubber. If you are buying the V6 Mustang for a different reason than the price, this option is a must-have and the only reason a gear-head should buy the base V6 would be if you plan on modding your pony extensively.

Out on the street, the live rear axle works fine on smooth roads, but broken pavement unsettled things in a way you will not experience not found in more expensive chassis setups like the 370Z and Infiniti G Coupé. Nevertheless, the Camaro with its crashy ride is much worse, and the Dodge is just too soft and heavy for the performance aspirations. The restless feeling on mountain roads I meant often combined with the deaf electric power steering, it took a few days to begin really. The limits of the car, the manners actually quite high, despite the less-than-polished road Without access to a slalom and skid pad I can not speak absolute numbers, but the horizontal handle is very likely the best among V6 competitors. It is felt that the Mustang sold short, and makes it feel like your car is secretly plotting to kill you in some spectacularly diabolical manner. Mind you, the Dodge Challenger V6 has nothing up his sleeve, not even the Hyundai Genesis, and that makes it quite boring in comparison. The Camaro on the other hand feels like it's on you. In some unplanned sloppy affair that kill at the end of the tabloids

Inside you can see the Ford Mustang off recent attention to interior quality with correspondingly squishy dash bits, optional real aluminum trim and all its modernity you expect in a car from the 21 Century, according to a packed retro wrapper. While I find the lack of a steering column a pretty big omission (mainly because of the reclined seating position) higher drivers are likely to fine, short drivers, its not so much. At 6-feet tall, has the Mustang, the high waistline and away my steering wheel position. Felt I drove my father's Oldsmobile when I was a child, not the feeling I'm looking for in a car was Fortunately for the gadget lover, a retro wrapper is not old-school electronics. Well, OK, so the Mustang is "stuck" with the old SYNC navigation system for the moment. Personally, however, I call that a good thing, because it is far to much more than the MyTouch system, which is receiving. Pretty bad press lately for inertia and frequent system crashes

The only downside to the older SYNC system is the lack of a second USB port, no Internet connection and a few differences in the voice command system, miss all of which I'll bet 99% of the buyer. As always with SYNC voice commands your iPod or USB device, the navigation system or radio just a push of a button. The best thing since sliced bread, and without any real competition from anyone After Hyundai launches the new UVO system, Genesis, the Korean coupe give the Mustang a run for its money, but that's later. Also offered is an up-level Shaker audio system sounds on the "Ice Ice Baby" particularly bitchin, dual zone climate control and an interesting gimmick in the form of "My Color". MyColor the driver can select from a predefined selection of colors for the instrument cluster, or you can create your own "custom" colors by entering RGB values in the on-screen menu. Check out the video below for more.

Click here to view the embedded video.

Of course, comparisons are important, if you have a V6 Camaro and Challenger in the Starbucks parking lot to see. Shines in this three-way shootout of the Mustang. The Dodge can almost be dismissed early due to 600 pounds heavier curb weight and much greater proportions. (Due to the extra heft, is the V6 Mustang more comparable to the V8 Challenger R / T.) The Camaro is a close competitor and you could be forgiven for buying a Camaro because you like the look, but would purchase the slower car than V6 Mustang is faster (with the right manual driver of course). However, if you see an Infiniti G Coupe or Nissan Z in the parking lot, right in front of your latte and you stare at your 'Stang, without making eye contact, they will hit the stop-light racing every time.

Perhaps the most appropriate comparison is to all but the "other" Mustang, the GT. It goes without saying that Ford's new 5.0L V8 sounds better, more torque, more horsepower, faster 0-60 time and something totally rad 5.0L badge. (I know, I am a child of the 70's, so sue me.) And fuel prices are the real reasons why you would be the V6 over the GT shop. The V6 starts at $ 22,310, the pay on what you need for something like a Chrysler 200 and $ 7,000 less than a base Mustang GT. Adjusted for feature content (apart from fire-breathing V8), the V6 is still a $ 5000 lower starting point. For me, the $ 695 reverse sensing system is a must because of the poor rear visibility. The $ 1,995 Performance Package is a snap because there are basically GT brakes, suspension, rear diff, etc.