Review: 700 Miles In A GMC Denali 2500 HD 4×4

Posted on 04. Oct, 2011 by in Auto News

The last few years have been a struggle for a lot of people. Financial crises. Millions of bankruptcies. Massive unemployment. Our 'global' economy remains a vortex of destruction of property, the guard at almost every money seems to experience.

It was hell for most …. But you know what? In spite of it all you are among the few who flourished. In fact, you laugh all the way to your nearest dealer.

So get your something beautiful! Let's say the budget of up to $ 65,000. What would you buy for yourself? Would it be a slightly used Lexus with all the trimmings? A new BMW 5-Series? Maybe one of these VW Touareg with a diesel engine and all the luxury trappings of a neo-Audi.

In my neck of the woods, where the suburbs meet the ex-urbs, this question has only one right answer … a truck.

This is what you see when you enter the car dealership next to my house. Trucks. Not just any truck. But 26 consecutive four-door Chevy and GMC trucks, which are ripe for the taking. The GMC Denali HD 2500 4X4 is a superior supersized Cadillac in a city where the only true upmarket 4WD vehicles and modified suspensions.

Not even a question of an Impala or Malibu in rural America think. These are parked on the back at the dealership. The way back. The Hardy Boys (even 70 year old men are still boys in the South) want you to buy big and haul ass. That's why they make the truck as close to your eyeballs as possible.

"Oh … my … goodness … this is a great dog!"

Back home, my wife was completely in awe of the truck that we found a magical way to our driveway last Monday. No doubt, by the Brazilian elves who delivered apparently worked at a machinery company.

The heavy truck Marcello elves rely on the gigantic limited

To access the GMC Denali HD 2500 4X4 would be big a mild understatement. Think of a truck, SUV, and most everything else on the road dwarfs. How big are we talking? I'll put it this way. In downtown Atlanta, I saw these seemingly small vehicle right past him scurrying. At first I thought it was at first a beetle or a Civic.

It turned out to be a lobster.

The truck is bigger, longer and heavier than the cars that we put together drive. More than 75 quintals large. Even with a normal bed. This Denali HD 2500 with the Ford F-250 and Dodge Ram 2500 will look like the Lincolns and Cadillacs of the road, as low to the ground like coffins on wheels.

They do it …. because that's what the buyers want.

So with "great" out of the way, we go straight to the price. The 2011 GMC Sierra Denali HD 2500 Tested 4X4 diesel, I also tip the balance with a $ 62,124 price tag, which includes over $ 15,000 in options. That amount alone would break most customers … except for a few remarkable things.

First off you'll never pay back anywhere near that price. But more on that later. Let us first look at what the end result of this monster. A 6.6L Duramax diesel engine now offers 397 hp and blue collar Executive £ 765 ft. torque. This is great for the class on paper, everything is good and good.but on the way it can go incredible.This vehicle from 30 mph to 70 mph with a Baruthian thrust. GM engineers put the torque directly at the low to middle end of the scale, that when you are driving normally, you will rarely see it go above 2000 rpm means. If you want power, you are started. 0-60 is 7.4 seconds, which is just unheard of for a work truck.

So a simple jane with a Camry V6 is faster you say? You missed the point. This truck can also tow 21,700 pounds. comfortable with a fifth wheel while going 80 + mph on the open road. No kidding. No lawyers want to deny even this number.

Provides regular towing 13,000 pounds. and the bed alone carry over two tons. All of these numbers above judgment in the class. In functional terms, you can not buy the power of these trucks in this price range in anything other than a new Corvette or an abandoned Libyan airfield.

If power alone could sell the truck trimmed Denali HD 2500 would be hard to beat. But you need to look at the whole package. Here is the point to where I throw in a statement. Most work trucks have to look interiors as of cars that were half the price, arrived.

That is beautiful in this truck … in the same way that an Impala LTZ is beautiful. You get thick leather front seats that are heated or cooled can be. Wood and aluminum accents in the cabin, not the "super-sized", only because it is a truck. A navigation system with touchscreen, which received with too many small plastic keyboards that are of little use plus a dashboard and door panels, which are lifted directly surrounded look from a GMC Yukon Denali.

If you love GM full-size trucks, you'll love the interior of this truck.

On the road, the entire set-up is designed for comfort and ease. The ride is somewhat stiff without a load, that is expected in a truck work. But the steering has a direct and precise, which is more like a modern full-size sedan than a truck. The seats in all, a smile on my face during the long drives through Atlanta and North Georgia. Worth over 750 miles in a week. In the transport of Denali was a wonderful vehicle to drive in almost every way and surprisingly simple. But there are more than a few opportunities for improvement.

GMC nav system is not nearly as intuitive or seamless as the Sync on the 2012 Ford F-250. For example, I was able to find a nearby hotel and have the called number while driving on the road with the nav system easily. Other primary functions are very simple.

Radio controls on the steering wheel, the display is easy to read, and the on-board computer provides a quick feedback on fuel economy, fluid levels and tire pressure.
So as to operate the main functions. But I had also read the manual more than once to understand a lot of the other buttons and functions. The small plastic keyboards surrounding the nav screen are particularly heinous in its feel and design, and should be shelved.

Another weakness? Although the vehicle is 241 cm long, the rear seats are also underway. The back room is small in comparison to competitors and although an unusually upright position may be in order for children and youth, your adult friends will not be happy when they are. On a journey

Finally I have all car manufacturers want to include GM would be a bit more to upgrade some of the little things in their trucks when they venture into the higher price ranges. The power features along the door panels (windows, door locks, mirrors) would have been perfectly at home in a leftover Chevy Cobalt. The antenna is a universal base screw and the receiving height of the bonnet looks cheap compared from the rest of the vehicle. Bedliner should have also been updated with stronger materials to reflect the higher price.

These things are deal breakers? Not at all. But in a $ 62,000 truck these little things should be so well maintained. Especially since we are on a truck with an asking price that you now get a decent house in the ex-urbs where I live talk.

Which brings me to the key question. If the loaded WORK Truck worth of 'real world' money? This answer has a twist, the time of year we find ourselves in. if
Than in 2011, this model is going to change for thousands less than the new F-250. More than likely in the mid-50th. Make you a better ride, more towing capacity, an interior that is better for most drivers sized and a drivetrain that is far better for durability noted receive.

If you are the type of new buys and holds are eternal, I would think about it. But (and this is a help, I can not mention, in the face of what I see at the auctions) trucks have work phenomenal levels of depreciation. Due to the economy a lot of work trucks were withdrawn. It is one of the few cars that is not in short supply in the used car market. In fact, when I parallel parked truck in a street at the Atlanta Zoo, I happened to see …

The market on full-size diesel truck work is very soft at the moment, new or used. However, October and the first 15 days of November is an absolute dead zone in the car business. No tax refund checks. No Christmas bonus. Encourage not a holiday, what is conspicuous consumption on the market remain.

With this being the rear end of the model changeover time, you should be able to get this truck for much less than $ 62k +. Think about it for right around $ 54,000. At this price, it's worth considering.