Review: 2012 BMW X5M

Posted on 28. Nov, 2011 by in Auto News

If you ask a certain segment of the automotive press, it seems that BMW is rapidly losing the plot. While I agree that the latest BMW are greater goods, and heavy leather-clad than ever, I can not say what. As a bad thing in my head I upset a few people when I reviewed the then-new 335is by saying "BMW is the new Mercedes". I'm not sure why noses were "annoyed", but it seems a lot of the TTAC readers that BMW has to believe "sport" for "luxury" abandoned. Perhaps they are right, the M3 and M5 have been gaining weight at an alarming pace and now we have the X5M and X6M, a pair of £ 5,400 SUVs wear full-on M badges. Should the guy responsible for the design they are committed: TTAC is the burning question? Or the vehicle should be put in a straitjacket for a crazy machine?

From the outside the X5M looks less "M" in comparison to its donor model than the M sedans. Sure there are larger grille on the front, unique bumpers and quad exhaust tips out the back, but the overall shape is not screaming "Something Wicked This Way comes" as an M3. Helping the X5M blend into the urban jungle, the 2 "hitch receiver, one is first on M cars, the tow rating of a healthy £ 6,600. Upon closer inspection, however, shows the subtle improvements to this Urban Assault vehicle includes some seriously wide 315-series rubber Out back, ginormous brakes and a host of radiators visible behind the large grill openings.

On the inside of the X5 tell it takes a very observant passenger make the difference between the go-fast model and the plebian People Mover. Of course there are lessons tailored X5M welcome the driver and the thick border M steering wheel is also one of the party. Apart from the driver's side, however, controls the majority of the interior is X5M lifted directly from the lower models. Fit and finish was in our test model very well (as you would expect in this price range), but I must admit, I was kind of the so-called "carbon fiber" leather trim, the shape only in black leather appears disappointed with a carbon fiber pattern . I think that would have some dark stained wood or brushed aluminum more befitting the X5M's target market, but what do I know? The only tribute to the interior of the M-conversion, which we had taken the observed loss of the third-row-seat option. If you are a family of seven with a need for speed, you might have to wait and see if you sell a 7-seater Mercedes ML AMG.

Until now, you will probably kill the voltage mentioned after all we do not even have the new M engine under the hood of the X5M, so here we go: forward Turbo Lover! Expressed under the domed hood of the X5M beats a 4.4L twin-turbo V8 engine cranking out 555HP and mind numbing 500 pounds-ft of torque. While this engine is very similar to the X5 xDrive50i's 4.4L twin turbo V8, there are some significant differences, especially the broader torque curve. The "pedestrian" 4.4L engine delivers 450 lb-ft from 1750-4500rpm, while the X5M mill, the torque plateau around 1500-5650 and the difference extended marked behind the wheel. Power is transferred to all four wheels via a high-ZF 6-speed automatic transmission, Full-tine BMW AWD system and of course a torque vectoring rear differential out. I have pain when viewed from the forum fan-boys whining that not BMW put their dual clutch transmission M gear under the hood of the X5M, but for me at least, shifts the softer (and more "normal" sense) of the ZF transmission is better suited for SUV use.

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A few years ago, when I heard the first rumors of the X5M, I was worried that BMW would only their first sports SUV with rear-wheel drive. I'm sure RWD SUV would have the BMW purists in the audience excited, however, the X5M. Only the sports car for the rest of us How so? It involves the application of force for me. While Jaguar XFR and last generation M5 in the test were to drive an explosion, both spent significant time in the wings spinning their wheels. 0-60 test, a two-wheel drive vehicle with high power output will take time and finesse to get the best numbers out of the vehicle. The X5M requires only a heavy right foot. The same can be said for the fun-factor of the X5M when on a windy mountain road: just mash green pedal and hang on.

The X5M is not the best handling car I've ever driven, but it is probably the most familiar. The torque vectoring rear differential helps the X5M feel like a much lighter car on winding roads and permanent AWD system means that it is easy to stomp on the gas at almost any time without all that pear-shaped. For those of us who do not have Jack Baruth, this much power four driven wheels. Back to the handle, while that is not on the track 911 X5M it (honestly at all) at the upper end of the handling apparatus scale in general. While on a winding road that I often I to pass a brand new Porsche Cayman S (because I thought I was going to enjoy slow), just to see how I would do, I tried to. With the lightweight Porsche To my surprise, X5M lifted his leather trousers and danced. While the Cayman was nimble in the tight corners together coastal State California Road, the X5M offset the huge boost over the short straights. With the right driver on a closed course, I have little doubt the £ 5400 Porsche SUV bantamweight had spanked.

While the X5M weighs almost 2400 pounds more than a Cayman S PDK 0-60 showed our tests the BMW to be faster than all but the fastest Stuttgart biscuits. BMW website quoted an official 4.5 seconds to 60, but our first run at a cool 50 degrees in the morning run was an eye-popping 4.05 seconds. Astonished disturbed and disbelief we spent the next 30 minutes, checked and re-checked our numbers. After a morning where we consume over 15 gallons of premium dinosaur we came to two conclusions: the first is that the X5M enjoy a "problem" with warmth, despite the mammoth intercooler, and the second is that BMW is honest about the 4.5 seconds 0-60. What do I mean? Let's talk about numbers, our first run clocked at 4.05, our next was 4.1 and by the time we had done our 25th Back-to-back execution of our time had "blown up" to 4.51 seconds, which is a deviation of about 12%. What you need from our experiment? Unless you are really pounding the snot out of the twin-turbo V8, you will pretty much always beat that guy next to you in the Carrera 4S. Need some crazy numbers? The old M5 requires 4.4 seconds, about the same speed (like the M3 in manual form), so that the X5M not only have the fastest car we've tested by BMW to achieve so far, but perhaps the fastest car TTAC has time tested.

Is because the concept of "launch control" is on a nearly three-ton SUV with a regular old slush box about as crazy as the SUV itself, we need to go over the function as a one is 1/10th a second difference in the time from 0 to 60 Here's how to activate it: With the vehicle, put your foot on the brake pedal, move the switch on the M / S mode and then use the paddles to get out of gear in M1. You then need to put the stability control in MDM mode, select the sports program of the M motor vehicle dynamics control (these two actions can be connected to the M button on the steering wheel). Then the car floor and a little checkered flag appears in the cluster. Then let your foot moves from the brake pedal and the X5M like a demon possessed Chucky Doll cranking crispy layers like a Gatling gun (unless you lift). As if common sense was not enough to remind the user that you do not use launch control when towing a trailer. We tested the X5M with a £ 5,000 followers and trust us not launch control required.

Competition the X5M can be found naturally from all the usual suspects: the Range Rover Sport Supercharged, the ML63 AMG, and, of course, the Cayenne Turbo. The Range Rover retains some of its off-road capabilities so that it is much less. Capable on the road as the BMW (and not quite the same creature) Apparently Mercedes does not address the X5M head with the ML63, as it is down on power, torque and takes almost a full second more to highway speeds. This makes the Cayenne Turbo is the only competition for the X5M if you take care of handling and speed. Curiously, however, the short 30 minutes I was able to test drive a Cayman Turbo Finagle it was obvious that the Porsche is more of a luxury SUV as a sports SUV with a smoother, less connected speed,