Review: 2012 Buick Verano

Posted on 03. Nov, 2011 by in Auto News

In a luxury market that is always looking for the next big thing "Compact Luxury" is something like a hot trend. And GM-Buick brand from the bailout-era brand saved cull, a compact Buick is an important test of whether the General has moved over his bad habits of cynical badge engineering. Thus, the 2012 Buick Verano is a very important car to the general, not just the. As bell weather for the health of the Buick brand, but also to prove that GM "gets" the hard-to-crack entry-luxury market So, measure the Verano?

From the get-go, it is clear that the Verano GM rebadging a clear departure from its shameful past, Chevy wanted to be compacted. In sharp contrast from last compact Buick, skylark, who died in 1998, hides the Verano Chevrolet its roots well from the outside. With just a subtle "hockey stick" character line betray their roots Opel, the Verano is not a rebadged Euro-market sedan (like the shelf) nor a "pure" design as the Buick LaCrosse. But it makes the difference between the two versions is divided, a subtle design married with a few discreet Buick cues like the hood mounted ventiports. The overall impression is of a clean, stylish car that is, if anything, maybe a bit too serious and anonymous … which upon further reflection, it makes very Buick-like.

Inside takes newfound GM parts-bin savvy center: rebadged as the shelf from another market, the Verano interior is borrowed, but not double. The seats, which are some of the best in the compact class, the huge, well strengthened thrones of the LaCrosse. The IP, the visually and ergonomically accessible than the gloomy, button-laden shelf unit, is borrowed (with some modifications) from the Opel Astra … that just happens to be so, always a new sedan variant soon. Especially in the warmer, lighter tones that Buick makes available, the soft-touch interior with its subtle chrome accents makes the Cruze LTZ seems a bit cold and tasteless.

On the other hand, I have a beef on the material before. At Centennial event in Detroit Chevy a Chevy interior specialists told me that GM mass-market brand has gone from "materials, such as something that they can not see," a direction I think is very commendable. Unfortunately, GM is "thoughtful luxury" brand a bit behind the curve in this regard. Using large swaths of brushed nickel metal-look plastic to the IP and elsewhere Although it looks good from a distance, he takes only the superficial contact (or even thought) to realize that it is just another hard plastic. In an interior that otherwise meets its cues well, that's a bit disappointing, especially from a brand that wants to emphasize subtlety and substance.

Achieved with the Cruze already has one of the quietest and most refined cars in the compact segment, you had to wonder just how far GM would differentiate the Verano in this regard. The answer is a lot further than you think. The Verano is more sound insulating foams and sealants as Guantanamo Bay interrogation room packed by hundreds