2012 Audi A6 3.0T

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"How ya gonna 'em keep on the farm after they've seen Paris?" So said the farmer and his wife about the chances that their sons return home after the end of World War II. The social effects are not quite as big, but the same could be asked about the new-for-2012 Audi A6. Now that the sexy A7 is available, why the staid sedan with? Shares a chassis, powertrain and interior

Exterior design is by far the biggest difference between the A6 and A7. A Mercedes CLS competitor craft from the saloon, Audi flared dramatically the wheel arches, removed the pictures from the side windows lowered, the roof a few inches, and the body relaxed flow to the arch of the roof line all the way to the rear of the car, creating a hatchback . None of the tweaks are eye grabbingly radical but together they bring a more tasteful, stylish whole by itself. Could tweak most of the benefits of the upward sweep of the A7 be the waistline over the rear wheel. There is no such curve in the Audi sedans, including the new A6 and the rear quarters appear less dynamic as a result. (Though it just enough metal between the rear wheel opening and beltline of the new A6, the poorly proportioned pinched appearance of the current A8 hindquarters avoided.) This is not to suggest that the A6 is an unattractive car. It is very tastefully decorated and in aesthetic terms simply holds its own against the current BMW 5 Series and Benz E-Class. The problem is that we have now seen the A7. Audi is a serial offender: the A4 sedan does not look so good if you've seen the corresponding A5 Coupé. On top of this, while I've never had an inherent problem with the "same sausage, different lengths" German design philosophy and even believe that a high level of design consistency is good for a brand that could be the current trio of Audi Limos carry this philosophy too far. They are hard to say, except at a glance.

Some details in the interior vary between the A6 and A7, but as with those who are too often left to differentiate the siblings in the GM throws, they are struck by the kind of differences only if they directly. Comparing the two cars For example, the triangle of the paneling at the front door has a high point on the trailing A7 but. A low point at the trailing A6 Both interiors are in the same manner and understated attractive, especially when the same trim options (such as the naturally finished wood trim on the tested A7 instead of the glossy wood on the tested A6) is attached. Both vehicles are equipped with the same impressive electronics, including a nav system that Google Maps uses a satellite image of your location and front and rear obstacle detection systems, indicating the proximity of nearby objects by quadrants shown Besides the typical beep.

Coupes that are more stylish than their sedan counterparts are anything but new. But about 30 years ago manufacturers realized that it sedans, and looked rode more like coupes crafts and coupe sales plunged so. In the past decade there has been a slight recovery in the coupe sales, if we are willing to grant that the Mercedes CLS and Audi A7 'coupe', despite their posterior portals. But why offer both a "four-door coupe" and a limo? Allegedly for the same reason you would offer both a coupe and a sedan: the latter is more spacious, easier to get in and out, and a total of more functional. No problem here in the original Mercedes case: The first generation of the CLS was certainly far less functional than the E-Class on which it is based.

The problem with the Audi admittedly not to have bad problem: the A7 is not significantly larger than the A6. The A7's roofline could be a few inches lower, but somehow headroom is reduced by only a few tenths in front and less than one inch at the rear. Shoulder room and legroom also differ by only a few tenths of an inch. The A7 is also to get just about as easily in and out of the A6. People in the back seat not engage in contortions to avoid struck her head on her head. Once they have taken root, either car rear seat is roomy and comfortable enough. Nothing impressive, thus losing the A8 raison d'etre, but little to complain about, either. The A7 interior primary limitation is entirely artificial: There is no center seating position. On the other hand, the A7 is actually the functional car when cargo hauling is required, because of his big mouth.

If you do not feel much need for speed, and care more for leading the acquisition and heating costs low, the A6 sedan available with ubiquitous 211-hp 2.0-liter Audi turbo-charged four-cylinder engine. I actually asked for an A6 with this engine, but none was available. Thus the tested A6 four wheels, such as those in the A7, were driven by a 310-horsepower compressor 3.0 liter V6. The turbocharged six dripping with character in 325-horsepower tune in the performance-oriented S4, and has even less personality in the A6/A7 use. But driving all four wheels through a ZF eight-speed manually shiftable automatic transmission, it certainly fulfills the role of the movement of the car, suggest the feeling much stronger than his official services in the process. Tipping the scales at just over two tons of the A6 3.0T about 150 kilos lighter than the A7, and thus might be a little faster. Although the BMW 535i xDrive manages some point later,'s EPA ratings of 19 city and 28 highway are still impressive given the cars curb weight, performance and all-wheel drive (if far from the 2.0T 'the A6 3.0T is almost shockingly good 25 / 33). The trip computer reports were consistent with these ratings.

Similar to its powertrain, the Audi A6, the chassis is sovereign jurisdiction. Understeer creeping later and less strongly than in older Audis and body movements are well controlled, with only a hint of bobble from time to time. Thanks to the all-wheel-drive system, also unwise gas applications middle again not upset the car composure. The harder the car is pushed, the better it behaves, the confidence. Within the segment, only the BMW handles well with so much precision and attitude, and even the 5 Series now less communicative steering. Compared with the A7, the A6 rode a little more smoothly, but how much of it was due to the lower profile tires on the former (vs. 265/35YR20 255/40YR19)? The A7 is optional sport suspension might be a little firmer than the A6, but the difference is not dramatic. Especially when so equipped neither car has the kind of smooth, quiet, isolated ride that you will find in a Lexus. Older A6s had higher interior noise levels, but the new haul continues the ultra-low-segment average. And yet, the S4, with whom they share an engine compared to both the A6 and A7 will also feel much larger and much less overtly sporty. The A6 is about three inches longer and almost two inches wider than the S4, but it's only about 200 pounds heavier, so the difference in the driving experience is not solely a matter of physics. One factor: the S4 optional active rear differential lock is not being offered in the A6 and A7. In one of them you ride clearly a fairly large four-door. Maybe an extremely sporty driving experience should have a part of the A7 role. If so, consider this a lost opportunity. For better or worse, take the A6 and A7 is almost the same. Competence to spare but limited passion.

So far, we have compelling reasons to buy the A6, A7 instead of, if you are a joint-dragger are the hatchbacks to believe only a small car small cars are. But how about this: Audi charges about $ 7,000 extra for this fifth door. Creating a reading A7 as tested $ 57,470 A6 and the $ 64,845 sticker. How attractive is that A7 does seem now? Instead of the A6 should be seen as having all the goodness of the A7, save the sexy sheet metal, at a much lower price?

Well, that depends on how the 2012 Audi A6. Rates compared to those of its direct competitors Creating a BMW 535i xDrive. With everything lists the tested Audi A6, and for more than $ 10,000 But it also contains more stuff because, like BMW packages and options: things like electrically adjustable seat bolsters, adaptive shock absorbers, an electrically adjustable steering column, keyless entry and ignition (a stand-alone option on the Audi tested). Ask for that use True Delta car price comparison tool, and the Audi price advantage shrinks to a mere $ 6,670. Skip the sports packages and this difference is halved (BMW charges more for its comprehensive package). No more $ 10,000, but no matter how you cut the Audi is much cheaper than the 5 Series and the prettier sister.

The usual restriction at this point: In comparison to something German, you can spend much less by opting for something Japanese. But compare the Audi A6 at the Infiniti M37 and you will find that they are within $ 1,000 of each other, with the modest advantage usually go to Audi. In this light appears, the A6 the price is very competitive.

Ultimately, it's hard to find anything negative with the 2012 Audi A6 at all objective criteria. It might not be as much fun driving along a winding road than S4, but it is not a car with an adult-friendly backseat. The A6 3.0T 's engine is strong, yet efficient. Its chassis handles with poise and precision at the same time pretty smooth and quiet ride. The interior is stylish and reasonably comfortable, although short luxuriously plush (that's just not the Audi way). We are again presented with the first problem: the A7, the same home to people about as good, better accommodates cargo, and has a sexier outside. How then upset about the A6? We have to leave it with their much lower price, but how exciting is that? The A7 proves that it is possible to offer a stylish car without significant disadvantages. So, why not? Or take a different route if you offer on two models, why not style and tune the A7 to it are far edgier than the A6? One possibility that comes to mind: Even though it is almost as conservative as the A6, the A7 is just too sexy for too many luxury car buyers. Finally, many soldiers have returned to the farm. For luxury car buyers, can not handle the sleek hatch (and those who just do not want to pay the excessive premium for it), the A6 has just about everything very well.

Audi provided the car with insurance and a tank of gas.

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