Review: 2012 Hyundai Genesis 5.0 R-Spec Take Two

Posted on 13. Dec, 2011 by in Auto News

The Japanese are always about what. The North Koreans have worried in the sleeves, but if the writing on the wall were legible, they would be more concerned about what is happening in the south When the 2009 Hyundai Genesis was a shot across the bow of Lexus and Infiniti, then the Genesis 5.0 R-Spec can be a torpedo hit under water, and talk about the Germans should take notice. Of course we have heard this before refueling with the likes of the VW Phaeton, but this model, the top-line Genesis biting is more than it can chew? Lets find out.

In my eyes, the Phaeton was doomed when VW decided to equip their new full-on luxury sedan with a full-sized price tag. Instead of using the same model, Hyundai remained true to their roots, value and created a luxury sedan with a Hyundai-sized price tag with the Genesis 3.8 and 4.6. What could be next? Of the inventors in Korea The Genesis 5.0 R-Spec, a value priced performance luxury sedan, of course.

From the outside, the Genesis effect (in all panels), most of the right cord with luxury shoppers, the flowing lines, sharp creases prefer. While previous products from Korea was more imitation than innovation, both the Genesis differs from the subject yet clearly inspired by Lexus, BMW and Mercedes. Unlike some Kias we could mention, the overall look is distinctive enough (in my mind) that no one would confuse it for anything else on the road. Neither, however, the casual observer would ever confuse for a Hyundai, if they do not. Above the stylized H logo on the trunk Styling mission accomplished (but how many buyers, I could remove that H badge when I got home).

Of course we are here to talk about the performance part of the equation. The 5.0 R-Spec is an all-new trim in the Genesis family. AMG and M bit too but as Genesis 5.0 worried how Hyundai is currently no intention to compete head with the balls-out performance sedans from Germany. So what's a "R-Spec" is? Think Audi S instead of RS. While there is little out there to the 5.0 to distinguish from the smaller models, on closer inspection, unique wheels, lower profile rubber, and upgraded brakes. Also new for 2012 are some new headlights with a distinctive LED accent stripe, new front bumper with integrated exhaust (ala the LS460) and new power-folding mirrors. The real change is under the hood, where a completely new 429HP is £ 376-ft 5.0L V8 direct injection combined into a completely new 8-speed automatic transmission. While this sentence sounds right at home in a review on a new Mercedes E550 or BMW 550i, the first in the room is that we are talking about a Hyundai. This new engine and new transmission (the rest of the Genesis line-up also receives the 8-speed transmission for 2012) shows how serious Hyundai is playing with the big boys. Readers may know Hyundai recently developed a new 6-speed transmission, now submitted for this new octo-cog-swapper circular. That's some serious R & D expenditure. Note for those who enjoy counting gear, that this is the 5.0 R-Spec makes a cog against Mercedes.

If we digress for a moment, an open question to our readers from me: how much does it cost to change your perception of the price tag of a car that all things equal? Sounds in the comments below.

On the inside, the Genesis R-Spec wears the same clothes as the other Genesis models except that the color selection boils down to black or black: black-on-black bar, black faux wood and black seats with black carpet. The total monochromatic theme struck me as an odd choice, as I found myself on my eyes cheaper than the Genesis 3.8/4.6 models with the two-tone burgundy interior. Cost is a factor, which was carefully stitched pleather goodness scattered throughout the interior on the dashboard top that looks a touch cheap if you extend it next to the stitched trim. Fortunately, the fake wood is a fair minimum and in some ways I do not know if I look a little too much, however, as it stained many sporting $ 100,000 luxury sedans as dark as it is plastic.

For 2012 the Genesis gets a new 3.8L V6, this time with added direct injection, variable valve timing to the party. The new V6 cranks out a very respectable 333 hp and 292 lb-ft at 6400RPM and 5100RPM are turning. The 4.6L Tau V8 will remain unchanged for 2012, which seems like a pity, because it still does not benefit from direct injection.