2012 Cadillac CTS Premium Collection with Touring Package

Posted on 20. Jan, 2012 by in Auto News

How time flies. Had five years ago, the second-generation Cadillac CTS just debuted at NAIAS. While better than the original, it was fresh, exciting, and proof that Bob Lutz, General Motors could be a damn good car when it really wanted. People who did not buy up a GM product for decades owned. My father among them Five auto shows, and we have the future with the 2013 Cadillac ATS sees. Does the 2012 CTS seems far beyond their expiration date? Or is the old car with a new 3.6-liter V6 engine and a new Touring Package, retain some compelling benefits?

The CTS casts a much larger shadow than the ATS: nine inches longer (on a four-inch-longer wheelbase), an inch wider and two inches taller. The additional tariff allow sheet that is both dramatic and graceful than the new car more sporty with flared fenders and a truncated tail less. The slimmer ATS is not unattractive car, but there is no vomiting lasts twice as the CTS five years ago. It does not make strong enough statement to establish an immediately recognizable design language for the brand. But have been two generations of the CTS already solved this difficult task, the ATS is Cadillac cues with weakened to a body that could otherwise get to be mistaken for a Mercedes-Benz C-Class.

Aside from its headlights, nothing marks the ATS as a (much) offered today. Then again, if we had first seen the CTS this year, it would have still looked fresh. But of course, we've seen it a lot. The "new" is not coming back, without a lot of major external changes as GM has made in the past half decade. The Y-spoke chrome wheels in the new touring package on the car were available, as the 2010th The touring package of spoiler-shaped CHMSL? Borrowed from V.

Inside the CTS age is much clearer. The silver-painted plastic flows down the center stack appeared downscale and even in the car, dated the first year. The cleaner center stack in the ATS do not make the same mistakes, you are (much like the first in the 2011 Lincoln MKX) with piano black trim and touch-sensitive controls. Instead of mechanical keys

And used the retractable screen in the CTS? It is from a bygone era, where. Almost every interaction with the car without inclusion of a screen (Some new Audis still employ this gimmick, but what's the point when the thing must be used almost always?) Bluetooth is now standard in the CTS, but perhaps because the controls were designed as GM still there was all his eggs OnStar in the basket, I never figured out how to access it. (Yes, I know, RTFM, but this has not been necessary with other cars.) The Touring Package dressed lightly the car with metal pedals and trim black stained wood. Do you want an interior that is (not the latter with the Touring Package) not gray, black or tan? Then wait for the ATS applies.

As the ATS, the CTS was designed to compete with the BMW 3-Series. So while the older cars are more spacious than the new one another, it's not a full size class roomier. The biggest difference: two extra inches of legroom at the rear. But those extra inches are not enough to make the CTS back seat suitable for long-distance adult occupancy, as is the seat mounted small and deep.

Trunk? The CTS 13.6 cubic feet seem only commodious compared with the ATS "is that? A typo" And its 10.2 cubic feet. Opponents of the conventional hinges have a new flagship:

The official figures do not tell you everything. From the driver's seat, the two sedans seems quite different. They sit about an inch lower in the ATS behind a more compact instrument panel and a smaller-diameter steering wheel. An inch difference in the "H-point" has a much bigger impact than you might think. Partly for this reason, the new car seems much smaller and more agile even when not in motion. (How does it feel on the move have to expect some seat time on the road.) On the other hand, fit the CTS the higher seating position and larger internal components of the car brash, muscular personality.

The CTS-standard front bucket seats, apparently patterned after those in the Corvette, have never seemed substantial enough for the car. The Touring package replaces this with the supposedly optional Recaros, you can find almost any V. The power-adjustable top and back reinforces this "high performance seats" as much lateral support, as you can stand. Despite the four-way lumbar adjustments, they are not comfortable. Even toward the end of my week with the car I kept tweaking the lumbar support in the search for a setting where I did not feel uncomfortable in a bar press my lower back. My short time with the seats in the ATS suggests that they offer decent lateral support and more comfort than the CTS seats.

In the past, if you wanted both the sueded steering wheel and the Recaros in the CTS-V, you were not, employ a different abbreviation, SOL. Unlike the V, where the pile requires Recaros, you had one or the other to select between. This year, both are only together, as part of the Touring Package. The clear lens taillights that acoompanied survive before the sueded drawbar not rehash.

For 2012, the CTS 3.6-liter V6 has been thoroughly revised