Review: Chevy Cobalt, Brazilian Spec

Posted on 16. Jan, 2012 by in Auto News

GM do Brasil has many problems. Although beloved by many Latin Americans in Brazil its image has been tarnished badly. When GM promised a slew of new products that would replace the aging line, many doubted it. In fact, many doubted GM had no more in them. Like a phoenix, GM is reborn. The new product onslaught is in full swing. First off the bat was the Cruze. Now Chevrolet is really starting on offers mission-critical small car, the Cobalt set. Will it be enough?

First a little background. After a very prosperous and promising 90s it seemed GM had called it quits in the 00s. Extreme penny pinching eliminated, but the most basic forms of construction and development. The interiors were the most hideous side of a Trabant. You get the picture.

GM managed to alienate much of their fan base. GM hit record growth. As they beat lower prices they grew and then grew some more. Even in a market like Brazil, so sensitive to prices, GM inevitably hit a wall. Sales began to fall. People caught on to. Buying the same tired car from 10 years ago The competition is improving by leaps and bounds. Not only stalled GM, it seemed back. Most people buy the General Cars were there because of the "deal" because they liked the car. As GM would rise again from the hole is dug?

To find out, I went down to my local friendly dealer to see and drive the Cobalt. To some impressions that I'm going to share with all of you to gather.

What struck me first was the back. Big. The Cobalt Sport one of the largest tribes in Brazil (always good for people who are in big, well, strain. It's a shame then that his place is not all that useful. Has Though large capacity, much of this capacity of the cover very large. When the car is narrow, you can just put your bags side by side instead of one on the other.

In Brazil, the vehicle is equipped with a 1.4 L engine, which sold well for 97HP to 102HP on Brazilian gas or ethanol. On the sugarcane juice, it deletes 13kgfm torque. All this means that if you want to go the car, you have to row your gears with excellence and keep up the speed. This car weighs little more than a ton and those controlling the small engine. Ask yourself this great car, with luggage loaded in the huge trunk and 3 good size youngsters in the back. Dad is planning his passing and merging gently.

GM talks about 0-100km / h in less than 12 seconds. My very scientific testing methods, laying on the accelerator and keep it flat, to the cries of the seller makes me slow down to get me to believe in something around 14 to 15 seconds. If GM is to be believed, is this car. With a tailwind and an endless instantly at sea level, at 170km / h The torque for such a small engine is nice and it feels like that there are some at low speeds. As Americans often repeat, there is no substitute for displacement and wonders are getting rare. My short test drive showed me that you need to rev, but this little engine does not rev as freely as other small engines I've tested. It is rude and complained because the speed go up.

Unfortunately, my test drive was limited. Worry that my partner is not ready I wanted to hit a few short bursts of acceleration, I could not test it in the Curvies or broken pavement. If you believe what the press is writing but, it feels solid. It drives like a big car, with all the good and bad that goes with it. According to the press, she does curves nice enough. My impression is that at a slower pace, it is comfortable enough. It rides on 15 'wheelies.