Review: 2012 Jeep Wrangler Rubicon

Posted on 10. Feb, 2012 by in Auto News

I love the progress, I love technology and I do not dislike to comfort. In this sense, the Jeep Wrangler Rubicon seem like an unlikely pairing, and I. Jeep promises, however, that most civilized Wrangler always made without off-road performance. While Wrangler buyers with children and a commute be inclined to opt for the four-door Jeeplet, the 2-door has a wide variety of California following the hip to "rural-suburban" as I set, especially since GM kills Hummer.

While the Wrangler has its roots in the Willys CJ, the Wrangler, as we know it began in 1987, when AMC decided roader needed some physical well on the road to higher sales. Back in 2007, more Jeep Wrangler feathers ruffled by stretching the wheelbase and track several inches to improve street manners. Despite 25 years of continuous improvement in order. The Wrangler more on the S-shoppers, have fortunately been done little to change the look of the go-anywhere brand Similar to the 911 Porsche devotion to classic styling, has resisted Jeep Wrangler styling of a mainstream SUV. From the flat black fenders, rubber mask straps, removable doors and roof, the Wrangler seems lost little of its off-road charm over the years.

Due to the off-road ready rel, a jump in the jeep is not a euphemism. Once in the large cabin, it is obvious the new Wrangler interior has been designed with comfort in mind daily driving time. While some parts of the interior can be good waterproof and you can still access Carpet remove drain plugs, I'd keep the garden hose from the dashboard and seats. The off-believers will be happy to learn that wiping the dash plastics are visually appealing while still hard and easy. The rest of us will just be glad to know that Chrysler finally decided to add some sound to the cabin. Our Rubicon model came with a few luxury features never before seen on a Wrangler, including heated front seats, heated outside mirrors and steering wheel audio controls.

During the severe off-roaders will probably scoff at the Po-warmers as further evidence that the Wrangler is always (at his age, an end to "Wrangler minimalism" brings soft positive changes in the S-and weekend off-roader with stability control, tire pressure monitoring when I 'm climbing I want to know if my tire is flat), electronic locking differentials and sway bars, which can be interrupted at the touch of a button. "Disconnect electronic stabilizer" during may sound like an unnecessary option like it helps the new Wrangler have done to hold heavy travel for rock crawling without the safety issues to permanently remove the stabilizers as some Wrangler owners in the past. Despite these improvements, the rear bench afterwards inaccessible and little space.

Wrangler buyers have never had so many options to choose from, including 6 different trim lines, multiaxial decisions, two transfer cases, two different door styles (glass or plastic window), a variety of radio and navigation system options and of course, a manual transmission is still available. Our tester was the Rubicon model, perhaps paradoxically, the most luxurious model and the "hard-core off-road" model sporting a 4:1 low range transfer case and large 32-inch BFGoodrich off-road tires.

Regardless of what you all Wrangler Wrangler models the same engine: The new replaces the 3.6-liter "Pentastar" V6, the last year the old pushrod 3.8L V6. The new plant uses an aluminum block and two variable valve timing to crank out a best so far 285HP and 260 lb-ft of torque, an improvement of 83HP and 23 lb-ft. Compared to the outgoing engine, mileage while improving the highway from 2MPG Chrysler has pluck not only the engine out of the caravan and put it in the Wrangler, as they tweaked the exhaust, added a variable speed electric fan for better cooling, the alternator went high up on the block and pointed it towards the rear dry to keep and installed an intake snorkel (you can see it on the left in the picture above), improve the Wrangler water fording capability. While the new V6 is much quieter and more delicate than the 3.8L, it lacks the iconic sound of the old AMC inline-6 delivered. While I still I wondered why Jeep does not pull wanted a ZF 6-speed from the shelf, the Mercedes W5A580 suitable 5-speed automatic much better to the Wrangler as the Grand Cherokee delivers pretty quick shifts and a willingness to lower hold gears when called. Also available is a 6-speed manual transmission for those who prefer a separate line. Forum Fan boys complain that the old skid plates are incompatible due to the new engine, exhaust system, enter it before you re-use your old accessories.

I will compare the off-road abilities, say the Rock Crawler rags, but I must say that proved a short trip to Hollister Hills SVRA with the Wrangler and the Toyota FJ the advantage of a short wheelbase, wide track and steep approach capability and ground clearance. When driving in your next SUV care to look somewhere else. On the highway, its obvious that Jeep passion remains off the beaten path, the Wrangler is still a pig with a lot of body roll, vague recirculating ball steering, mushy pedals, and really nervous rear end of the circle drive. The poor handling on the street has so much to do with the serious heavy Dana 44 solid front and rear axles as 10.3 inches ground clearance, mud tires and 3800 pounds curb weight.

To take place in 2012 to bring the fancy new big-screen uConnect systems from the Chrysler 300 and Jeep's Grand Cherokee, Wrangler have buyers with the latest generation of Chrysler radios and navigation systems. The "Media Center 130" is the standard unit with MP3 playback from a data CD or a USB stick, an auxiliary input and six speakers. Sahara and higher models will receive a 7-speaker setup with a subwoofer from Infinity and steering wheel audio controls, but strangely are Bluetooth phone integration and iPod connector optional for all models. Sahara and Rubicon models have the option to choose between the $ 1,035 Garmin navigation system or the $ 1,845 Harmon based navigation system that includes a little more sophisticated GPS devices, and allows voice command of the navigation system. Both navigation systems offer XM Radio and XM Traffic (1 year subscription included), Bluetooth phone interface, and iPod integration. Before commuter types scoff at the price of the nav systems, you should know that this generation uConnect not exactly love the iPhone 4 and browse your iPod playlists on the base radio is a real drag. Step up to the basic nav or just go aftermarket.

Despite complaints by high sticker prices, a base is $ 29,995 Wrangler Rubicon fixed "average" in the new car market, according to last year's sales figures. Take solace in the fact that the Wrangler. Only $ 225 for the sub and $ 175 for Rubicon vs. last year's model The $ 735 Hardtop, $ 385 Bluetooth and iPod connectivity, $ 685 for power windows, locks and mirrors, and $ 1,125 for the automatic transmission: Our Wrangler was equipped with $ 2,930 in options, including.

Toss in the steep $ 800 destination charge, and our Wrangler crowned at $ 33,725, or about $ 1,500 less than a similarly configured Toyota FJ Cruiser. While I was temped to draw comparisons to FJ, the Wrangler is more powerful, smaller, much lighter, and is equipped with a lock of the front axle for the serious off-roader. At the end of the Wrangler is a unique vehicle in a class all their own. Despite many shortcomings on the road, the 2012 has improved the Wrangler a decent balance a decent commute car for the weekend warrior trail is reached.

Jeep provided the vehicle, insurance and one tank of gas for this review.

Statistics as tested

0-30 MPH: 2.63 seconds

0-60 mph: 7.27 seconds

1/4 mile: 15.67 seconds at 86.9 mph

Observed fuel economy: 18.3 MPG over 629 miles