Review: 2012 Porsche Cayman R PDK

Posted on 02. Feb, 2012 by in Auto News

The Cayman R decreases, illuminated loudened. A track-day special with carbon fiber racing buckets, featherweight alloy wheels and red seatbelts.

All right Hosers here as we examine a car so Canada.

Now, some of you are slightly worried that the rising breath 'o maple Sizzurp TTAC the offices these days might lead to changes on the Site. Truth Aboot Cars, where you can expect to find items such as "horn: Is there a polite solution?" and "How to keep beavers from eating your Morgan Plus 8."

Tell undress these concerns, eh? In addition to our vast reserves of timber, fresh water, oil, uranium and floppy-haired teen idols, Canada has much to offer. In this particular case, it is the perfect setting for some real cold tests.

But why by the sheer madness of the implementation as a race car like the Cayman R to go on ice? What does it matter what Usain Bolt runs in the 100m if he is shod with snowshoes?

Simple. Porsche wants us.

There are spinning here, at least in the north. Porsche is. Marketing its sports cars as all-weather sled, as skillful in arctic conditions as they are at the top-clipping

What better than a PR pic Peridot Cayman R by winter wonderland surrounded by green, a pale-green jewel popping out of a snowy background. Better yet, to show how better to offer your models ultra-able than by slapping Blizzaks on the latest hardcoreish and the handover of the keys over to some bozo are ham-fisted?

Speaking as I said ham-fisted bozo, I'm not the reason disturbed. At some point, we are sure to have a proper assessment of dynamic on the track, the Cayman R, hopefully, see our not-by-any-stretch-of-the-fantasy-tame racing driver, but now there is an opportunity Try an interesting car in less-than-ideal weather conditions.

First, what does this mean snot rocket R-designation do, except niche appeal to the highly specific Buccaneer track day enthusiasts? Porsche would think, it is a "Geers-gone-wild special in the vein of the BMW M Coupe, but the R is a relatively modest collection of tweaks.

The suspension was lowered 20mm. Aluminum doors and other minor diets mean the full version plucked from £ 120 (my tester PDK and optional A / C adds again to £ 55 and £ 33 respectively) was brightened. The 3.4L six-cylinder gets a moderate 10hp bump, usually made of a freer flowing exhaust and mild mood. This is a Cayman psyched to 10.5, not 11

The pushmi-pullyu styling of the Cayman has always been a bit of a head-scratcher for me. With his swollen hips, is the 911 a fertility idol, in contrast, a Cayman resembles an ergonomic wireless mouse. But the R ….

Fixed wing aircraft, large wheels fell, entertainment, retro letters flanks – the Cayman R is a license to kill your license. Could I also suggest that green peridot Yes officer be changed, as in "Yes, officer? Sideways you say? I'm sure I would have remembered that… "

Other attractive lack of subtlety in the interior of the Cayman R. Here we find not recline carbon fiber bucket that make ingress and egress spastic tricky, even if you are a yoga instructor. Remember to give a lift to someone. In a skirt or a traditionally dressed Scottish person

The aforementioned red seat belts add a chill to the Sentra SE-R Spec V in the cabin, and then there are the incredibly stupid door handles.

Yes, they are the same as those on a GT2 RS. No, it's not impressive for everyone, if you point out that they are referring to weight savings. Fabric door pulls on a car that had cup holders and a CD storage area is just plain silly. Even after 6000 miles of use, they were always a few ratty looking statements.

The Cayman R could flashily attractive, but it is not the ladies (and laddies) advertise. Unless, that is, you. Hand over the keys

Oh, what a fantastic car! What a machine! What a Porsche!

Go ahead, Stuttgart. Build nine versions of the Panamera, and turn 80% of the factory production to Drain Cayenne for the Chinese market and cancel the sub-Boxster in favor of another damn cute-ute is, I do not care. Just keep building this car right here, and all sins are forgiven through the intercession of Our Lady of Blessed Acceleration.

They called it R, they could called it GTS or CS, or just S +, but the nomenclature and the internal contradictions and the eye-searing color are immediately forgotten as you. Cayman this out onto the twisting asphalt The steering is perfect. The soundtrack is flat-6 by John Williams. Flick it in sports and everything feels alive and fizzy and electric and wonderful.

I do not mind the PDK. Admittedly, my stone-age way of thinking, is still preferable to a manual transmission for the last crumbs of full participation, but it no longer is the difference between, say, vinyl and MP3. The difference in the experience of the Cayman R in manual or PDK is equivalent to see the band live, or sitting in their studio recording session. Charming defects or exquisite perfection: you choose.

I have no words. I can not describe to you how truly excellent, the Cayman R is short ten paragraphs hold the "" button. It is soooo good ….

In the dry season.

And here we come to the hair in the soup to come. Yes, (finally) had his Porsche mid-engine prodigy off ze chain, unleashing their true potential asphalt. Unfortunately, the R personality Dr. Stig-yll and Mr. Slide.

I had the car for a whole week, and got a dry day. The rest of the time it was the usual Vancouver torrential downpour that crushes the spirit and has asked you if you oughtn't begin gathering the animals two-by-two. Under these conditions, the Cayman R surprised me.

It's not a handful at all costs: The chassis is so composed and predictable that any slides are easily caught. There is simply no grip at the rear axle.

Maybe it's the Blizzaks, maybe it's the fact that, as we all know, I'm not our resident racing driver. But under completely neutral throttle curving ramps lead to the Cayman R is the back-end step at a surprisingly low rate. Involved with the sport button makes it nearly impossible to get away from a stop without crab sideways and intrusive traction control. The same applies for low-speed angle curves.

Is all this sideways action fun? Yeah, sort of. But it is not very fast, and based on personal experiences, accidentally dorifto'ing past your elderly neighbor in a bright green sports car with "2 CAYMAN" vanity plates, you will feel like a complete Delta Bravo.

Among the R to the looping path to a local ski hill, try it in the snow, was a good core workout, but only because of all the clenched. If you never heard of a channel-throw full-size Range Rover at 75 miles per hour, passed in a corner, inches from a concrete wall, I might not do you recommend?

And then to the compound things held function the passenger side wiper. Not a big problem, as it turned out, just a loose nut, but not really the kind of things does a newer car if it is all-weather capability.

How did it come to do in the snow? Irrelevant, except I do not stay put. Yes, you can drive Cayman R in the snow, but as Chris Rock pointed out, you can also use a plane with the feet, do not make it a good idea. Buy a TT-RS, you buy an EVO, buy an STi and take it to COBB.

Or buy a Cayman R, and treat it like a real sports car. Not using the A / C and audio packages to disrupt only the Sport Chrono option and cornering. Forget the snow, buy some proper R-Comps and get some good drivers statement.

On the last day with the R, I came to find that the morning rain had stopped, and that dry asphalt for the short drive to the city center, it will fall off. The fifteen-minute drive from the North Shore of Vancouver is not a correct winding country road or a racetrack. The road is clogged with harried rush hour traffic and local drivers are not to be nice to a green Porsche with Ontario plates.

But if the six-cylinder thrummed life, I knew I would be among the longest route I could find out, and that half-hour drive was without doubt the highlight of my day.

In summary: It's fast, it is wrong, I loved it, so will you. Just, you know, move somewhere sunny.

Porsche unless tested the vehicle and insurance.