Half-Price Bimmer: The Story Of A Man And His Search For The Perfect E60

Posted on 12. Mar, 2012 by in Auto News

Wherever can reach the hollow tubes of the InterWeb, there you find the argument that "there is always a better idea to buy a used car than a new CPO." The average purchase price of a new car in the United States is about $ 29,000. This kind of money you get a charged-up CAMCORD a reduced LaCrosse, or any number of other mass-market sedans … but you can get it the BMW of your dreams? A friend and former colleague of mine wanted to see by. His own time and money

(Dramatic voice) The … is his story.

My search is over, now is the love relationship can officially begin. I had decided on the 535xi because it is in an incredible sweet spot for me. It has the twin-turbo inline six-cylinder (which would eliminate the 2007 5-Series and the 2008/9 528xi). It could be for around $ 30,000 with the CPO warranty (which would eliminate the 550) can be found. It has the space to comfortably accommodate four adults (which eliminates the 335xi). It has the AWD (the older 650 – eliminated M3 and M5). And it looks, technology, and power.

So then came the comparison stage, as on nearly a hundred 2008-and compare with 2009? After flailing about for a few days and repeated confusing cars, I settled on a grid analysis, points to every car on the criteria that I would be considered important, price, mileage, exterior paint, interior paint, premium pkg, cold weather pkg , sport pkg, heated rear sets, navigation, carfax, CPO warranty end date, etc. Then I weighted each of these criteria based on their need. This process gave me a score for each car.

Not knowing what I would say, or how that conversation, I would chose the traders nervous that my top-scoring Bimmer had. After I (including my mention price) any error that a novice buyer can in the first five minutes have been made, the seller told me the car was still appeared on the property has been sold but the previous Saturday. WHAT? Impossible. I was sure he blew me, because I had asked for a pre-purchase inspection (PPI). I had to call a friend with a phone in a different area code and ask about the car. Sold. Damn.

I'm a little desperate, calls three car dealerships, naming my price, which confirms that the options were correctly listed in the ad. I focused on cars that have been on the property for a while and thought maybe I could Thousands negotiate on the price, as the dealer is pleased to be rid of. Not so. A special pick Monaco Blue Metallic w / Natural Brown leather was fixed at $ 32,000, though it had been for more than four months. It can not go deeper, I was told that what we have in the car. What a shame. Oh well, on to the next one.

After another near where I landed maybe a little too eager to buy what was, in hindsight, the wrong car, I cooled it on the calls for a few days. All incoming calls from the circling sharks were using ridiculous excuses, just enough to get them to put the phone. I am sure that I was selected. "Lukewarm" on post-it notes in New Jersey, Michigan, North Carolina and New York I have my first Grid Analysis and started over.

I looked at my weight, questions like, I do know more about the cold weather package as the CPO warranty end date, and I totally do not care to Nav? In this interval I dug into the 535, learning about the HPFP problems, the goblins in electronics, warrantied products, and perhaps more importantly, these elements are not warrantied, as the batteries (foreshadowing). I examined independent BMW shops, locally and around dealers I could mention. I started reading articles on the psychology of salespeople employed. I learned the techniques to deal with these alleged tactics (silence is large). I compared the fair market value (FMV) on KBB and NADA websites to the dealer trade-in price. I, I decided to be yourself; honest and direct. This may seem stupid, but I've always been uncomfortable when I depart from the truth (although sometimes I still do). I simply do not believe that to lie, I had to be successful.

Now I was ready, renewed, and excited to start again. Maybe I was just a little wiser … maybe. At the top of the list were two, an A, 2008, the other a 2009, both blue, both with brown leather, with both sports, cold weather and premium packages. The differences were small and / or irrelevant, which in 2009 had fewer miles and an extended CPO warranty, and the 2008, the 18 "wheels, the offer prices were only $ 200 apart What I wavered for 2008 was initially BMW Financial incentives;.. First two payments, and 1.9% APR for 48 months. 2009 had a respectable offer of 2.9% APR for 48 months. At this point, it was February 21.

I called on the 2008th In my confusion, I forgot it was one I already had called. The price came to $ 900 to $ 32,000 and Bob, the seller was emphatic that they get this out of the car only needs to break even. I was skeptical, and I was with some pretty good (as it turned out) estimates of what they paid, armed and what they put into the car. To overtake it for CPO status I knew how long was the car was on the property. Finally, I knew that there were other cars. This last bit of knowledge proved to be decisive.

I was working against a clock, as well. Due to the impending expiration of the incentives and the 400-mile distance between me and the car dealership, the next Saturday 29 February, was the only Day I could buy this car.

I told Bob that I did not buy the car without a PPI. He responded with details about the CPO program, and the singular excellence of this car. His sales manager was more direct: no PPI, period. I called in the other car, and I was told that a PPI would be no problem. The next day, Wednesday, called Bob back. The CFO is involved, he said, and a PPI can be done, if I can be a deposit. Refundable? Yes. Done. Paperwork was faxed, signed, and returned. Interestingly, I was asked paperwork included the $ 32,000 price tag characters. I guess they wanted me to think I had agreed the price with the signing. I was also asked for the BMW financing. I guess they wanted to know if she would be able to sell me a car. (I do ask for financing working against them as you will see later.) The inspection was on Friday morning, 24 Scheduled for February.

Thanks to a busy morning at work, I did not see the results of the inspection to 11:30 clock. Codes pulled from the computer showed 11 separate elements. Uh oh. "Do not worry," said the inspector, "I think it's all because of a dying battery. Ask them to replace them."

Now I have a problem. Perhaps all of these codes are battery-related, but what if they are not? The time frame is too short to replace the battery, calibrate the ECU and pull the codes again. I decided to replace the batteries and $ 1000 out of the car to ask. I was convinced that the price was too high, and now I had a solid foundation. Bob, who had been told repeatedly that he was not do anything about this car, stated that they would not give that much. Perhaps the battery, but a great top too much. "I'll buy the car if you do it," I explained. The answer: No Deal. End of the adventure.

I did not bother to call on the 2009th That could wait until next week. The pressure that had built up all week evaporates in an instant. I was disappointed, but I felt confident that I had done the right thing. I'm pretty sure they. About using my desire for the car and my commitment to the process against me Banking I'm not sorry that I expressed how much I wanted the car. A month of research was dampened my enthusiasm. You just do not know. Then the phone rang. I felt the anger begin, the moment I saw the number of the dealership come to the caller ID to build. Did not they know that this about, at least as far as I was concerned? Three Rings passed and I almost let it go the mailbox diverted. Fast.

"It's Bob. You will not believe this (really, I do not want), but the CFO and the Sales Manager will be to argue about your offer."

"I do not have an offer. They refused. I have no interest in playing."

"No games. We will do 31k and the new battery if the offer is still valid." You'd think I'd be happy to hear that, but I was not. I said almost nothing. I did not dare to speak.

"Let me know about Bob. I'm not satisfied." This is where my friends and my wife were crucial. It took a while for me to calm down. Honestly, I'm not quite sure why I was so angry, but I finally realized that I got what I wanted. I accepted. The rapid then accelerated. I ran home, calls all the way, to the logistics of the trip to St. Louis in the short term (which I canceled when my original offer was rejected) to be addressed. Then to the airport to pick up rental car. Back to get to the house, the woman and a travel bag, and we were off.

As if to drive home to the logic of buying German, would we rented the Malibu LTZ is not inserted the key from the ignition again. Calls to the car rental company and a Chevy dealer service department was not helpful. Of course, this problem is probably an isolated incident. I have no idea if this is a widespread problem (Google does not think so), but it made me feel better my decision.

When I was finally at the dealership, the car was right outside the door. I looked over to the right, because I thought it might not look so good. Then I drove it. Wow! How could the car sat for five months? I hope it is an unfortunate answer to this question somewhere in my future. The car is now mine. I own a 2008 BMW 535xi. Still can not believe it!

My friend has made the right decision, or was he blinded by the allure of the Roundel? You could get your slide rule and make the argument either way, but let's face it: new cars are not dishwashers. Emotion plays a role. No matter what happens in the coming years, to know my friend walking out of the driveway, that he has the car he wants. That's worth a bit of money, hassle and time, if you ask me.