Review: 2013 Mazda CX-5 Grand Touring – Off The Beaten Racetrack

Posted on 21. Mar, 2012 by in Auto News

LAGUNA SECA – It's called corkscrew, and for good reason. Perhaps the most famous piece of track topography in North America may, this left-right two punch combo unsettle an unsorted chassis as fast as the steep 18% slope, a novice confuse stomach. Jack Baruth was here in the same car. I'll try not to embarrass me even ground.

When I enter the throwaway society lefty, I muttered mentally to myself: "The aim of the third tree, the third tree." Bris-ING the top of Turn 8, it is blue sky, and I'm hard on the throttle, fully committed. Perfect. Both right wheels just kiss the curb with a faint rumble, and it is through the fast right hand sweeper and-wait. To quickly.

Rookie move: elevator.

It happened quickly. Off track. Rotating left. In the dirt. Sliding doors. The tire wall rushing closer. I have time for only one thought …

Thank God this is only Forza.

No, I did not at the Laguna Seca launch of the latest Mazda crossover, for two very good reasons:. A clearly I have no business being on a race track, two, as well as the CX-5

Jack was taking track to the latest Mazda cute-ute trucklet one actually deserves the obligation to state Jinba-Ittai. What's more, dynamic praise by our resident Visigoth worth its weight in Nomex, because racers.

On the other hand, what the chances are someone actually drive Mazda clean-sheet CUV competitive? I have it that the CX-5 sparkling performance on the track – while telling the story of a brilliant sorted chassis and typically sharp Mazda steering – is largely irrelevant. What matters is what it does in the real world.

Let's face it, it was the previous Mazda attempt to build a slice of the red-hot crossover market is not the greatest car in the world. It was just a tribute.

What's more, how many of Mazda less stellar offer over the years, it was a car that could not escape entirely his Ford roots. Why buy the Mazda? Various versions. Yawn.

But here we have a bottom-up, complete redesign, which makes the statement: "We are Mazda, and we build small, practical, efficient cars that are more fun to drive than the competition because she. Easier and driver-focused, and perhaps they might have a bit of rust quickly"

As you can see – wait, did you say something about rust?

"Um. No."

Hmm. All right. I would swear.

Anyway for those who are not already known SKYACTIV not a vodka-based sports drink, or a brand of sweat-proof sunscreen. You can find more information here, but the quick version is: high compression engines, weight reductions everywhere through the use of high strength materials and clever technology, a focus on driving fun as a brand-discovery target, and CAPS LOCK as a marketing tool.

The CX-5 is the first vehicle from Mazda SKYACTIV full, including all elements of the design philosophy. It is also the first Mazda to the new Kodo design language sports, and I think we can all agree that it is much better than the out-going smiley-faced Nagare looks.

Why the front end reminded me of Angry Birds? Overall, however, a conservative fine effort that broad appeal by both harmless but should not have very bland.

The GT model has 19 "alloys, nice to fill the wheel wheels, but look relatively normal size. Standard 17" s look just fine, too, if a little Rinky-dink on the back, but that's the way the world is going: the 2018 redesign is probably only really checked out with the box on the optional package Donk.

If you test drive this car with your pregnant wife (let's not be sexist: or when heavily pregnant self), while the used car market manager "makes a few calls" on your Mazda3, then you should familiarize the interior of the CX -5 pleasant.

Piano black trim, sporty three-spoke steering wheel, easy-to-use HVAC, it is conservative and user friendly, with this Japanese VW feel that the old Mazda3 was 2.3GT.

Look at all the spots I said in this touchscreen: You talk about your oily gaijin. But with Bluetooth, rear-view camera, blind-spot mirrors and displays a decent stereo system, there is nothing to complain about here find. And you look back around.

I'm 5'11 "and probably a trifle sit closer to the steering wheel than most. Nevertheless, the rear seat is in the CX-5 is surprisingly spacious. While it is directly comparable with the Honda CR-V, somehow the exterior the Mazda looks much smaller in pictures. Only when you begin to crawl around or park next to a 5-door Impreza see how big the CX-5 actually is.

Rear-facing child seats are a snap fit and both Touring and Grand Touring models have a 40/20/40 folding rear seat, the (installed no factory roof rack) for a four-adult-plus-ski load-out allows.

With all the seats flat, the CX-5 is slightly behind the CR-V in total, mainly because the former more sloping rear window. The relative load is also higher, the rear seats fold mostly flat only – albeit with a single button – and the high-set rear head restraints require the front seats fold forward clearance.

Still, if this replaces a '3 sport, or a matrix or Impreza, the increase in the size and flexibility of the hold is just fine. And then there's the reason you're out test-driving the Mazda in the first place.

Pressing the (default) start button from the cold in winter temperatures dissolves the cacophonous racket one 5hp Evinrude two-stroke outboard in the cutlery drawer jammed. It is the first indication that the CX-5 engine is not your run-of-the-mill … uh mill.

With a 13.1 compression ratio, put only one bragging right over a 458 Italia owner who is 4-2-1 header with chunky muzzle of the CX-5 evacuated efficiently hot exhaust pulses, providing maximum POWAH extracted from regular old no-name Brand 87 octane gasoline. Once warmed up, it is smooth and unclattery not particularly melodic.

Or torqueful, and let my only beef with the whole CX-5 driving experience out of the way first. The SKYACTIV-G engine is fine. It is a bit distorted in the direction of "meh" on the end of underpowered / overpowered sliding scale – below the "right-powered" sweet-spot of the GLI or more closely related Miata.

With £ 3,426 of AWD Automatic, adds the CX-5 a little plan in the future to my usual death-defying antics morning on the On-Ramp of Doom. Unlike the CR-V, it actually wants to be revved up. As the diminutive Mazda2, it can feel a little something poky.

What really annoys is that Mazda also happens to the SKYACTIV-D 2.2L diesel engine that I have driven. I know, I know, typical enthusiast driver abdominal pain always about the lack of a diesel version that no market segment: why not ask for a manual car while you're at it? But please believe me when I tell you that a SKYACTIV-D would be equipped CX 5-awesome dinosaur-flying-a-jet-plane.

Diesel-powered Mazdaspeed CX-5. Let this sink in for a minute and then go on to say, say a few prayers on your rotary beads, which we really such a thing. Mazda promises a SKYACTIV-D run something for the 2014 model year, but it's still a maybe. As you listen, Mazda Claus, I promise to be good. ish.

Let us. Than what we get with the SKYACTIV-G CX-5, as it speak two other items are on my wish list Zoom-Zoom First, a "Ds" or similar sport mode for the very good SKYACTIV auto-box.

I've already praised the new Mazda Mazda3 automatic in its application. It's still good here, although to help the work with an extra 400-odd pounds and only 2 extra lb-ft of twist together. It's smooth-shifting, direct feel and because conventional, should be permanent.

Occasionally, however, a bit of a hard on the accelerator pedal is needed to provoke a downshift prod. And the manual shift mode is BMW backwards (push away to downshift). EDIT: quarrel! Please, Mazda, this transfer is good enough to justify paddle shifters. The suspension and steering? Well, that's good enough to justify the sport mode.

And here is what you already know, but I'm happy to step up: even in non-enthusiasts, max weight of all-wheel-drive-n'-spec car, the CX-5 a hoot, a hustler, a corner Schnitzer. It's a Mazda.

You might not be as fast as you drop a base manual version, or the smaller, more-able chuck brothers, but the CX-5 is more than willing to go for a gallop. When I drove the Honda CR-V on some lovely winding streets, it felt offended and alarmed by a spirited ride, snorting and cackling, "what-if-why are you doing this meeeeee?"

In contrast, the CX-5 is not only harmless, but also a little bit provocative. It's the difference between the dog for a walk (more like a drag) and the dog take you for a walk. There are at least three major road trips that I would this summer, well just about roads trucklet enough for this to pounds.

In the rain and the traffic and the stop-and-go drudgery of everyday use, it's still pretty good – even though the cut-and-thrust driving you do, the more striking that torque gets vacuum. The high-up seating position of a CUV is comfortable and commanding, it is relatively quiet, and then there is the fuel consumption.

Over 300 kilometers, I have 27 liters of fuel. Converting the Canadian (carry the two, divided by moose) obtained 26.1 mpg. Is this an amazing, stop-the-presses, wait-'til-you-hear-this number?

No, but it is a solid decent figure that was the lighter SKYACTIV-3 I, who had both vehicles drove to enthusiastic. Does your mileage may vary literally, but it should be theoretically possible to trade up from a smaller tailgate into a CX-5, with little to no increase in consumption.

Like the Miata the halo car for Mazda, the CX-5 is not really an MX-5. With a luggage carrier, as they would probably like you to believe Instead, it feels like the old Protege5: a modest little practical-powered car, the crowd could still along the heels of a WRX snaps on a winding road, although half of the horses.

This is a good car, and it does a great job of matching the pragmatism of the competition, while at the same time combining it with some much-needed Zest for life. I would buy? Verily, verily.

With the diesel.

Mazda provided the vehicle tested and insurance.