A Jeep JK8 With Military Inspiration

Posted on 22. Apr, 2012 by in Auto News

Story and Photos by Dan SanchezWith the fear of an apocalyptic end of 2012 (thank Mayan calendar), the Recon Pickup VWerks have doomsday Preppers selling their minivans to a store of them to the shelter.

This custom-built, military-inspired vehicle from a 2011 Jeep Pickup, an M2 machine gun mounted on the bed and has armor plates and has a full roll cage made. The combination seems to be the perfect match of off-road capability, acceleration of a V-8 and the firepower to all attackers forward to repel stock to steal peanut butter and jelly.

VWerks built the Recon as a test bed for the military and off-road accessories. It together, what it thought was a great combination of parts and accessories, starting with a Hemi V-8 engine conversion. The 5.7-liter Hemi makes 390 hp and 407 pounds-feet of torque, which is more than the Recon enough power to accelerate quickly and climb some of the steepest terrain with ease. The engine is also equipped with a functional cowl induction hood, the heat extractor vents page contains fed.

The factory Jeep JK suspension was modified with a 4-inch suspension lift VWerks, which consists of a 1.5-inch body lift and new coil springs. A Dynatrac Pro Rock 60 front replaces the work of JK-unit, while the back side was provided with a replaced Dynatrac PRO80 axis, a Detroit Locker. Both axles use 5.38 gears and ARB air lockers. The 39-inch tall BFG Krawler tires on 17-inch-diameter Hutchison beadlock wheels mounted and a front-PSC Steering Ram Assist is also used to provide precise steering. A set of front and rear fenders have also been added Genright so. The big tires to gain maximum slope angle, front and rear when encountering steep terrain

The military appearance and function of Recon includes a VWerks 7/16 bed armor plate. It not only protects the occupants, but also provides a stable platform for the gunner perch. The customized full-bed cage provides overhead protection and a wide range of attachment points for tools, bearings and hardware. The rear also has a custom sewn tarp hides the bed of onlookers who might want to steal any more ammunition or items that you have cleaned up during your day post-apocalyptic excursions.

Of course, it's hard not to Replica M2 machine gun on the mk93 machine gun mount can be fixed ammunition. There is also an M240 adapter for a 600-round ammunition can and a 360-degree swivel mount that provided by Crane Technologies. There is enough protection and firepower to take on a city full of fast-moving zombies – and have fun doing it.

Just in case, hauling a tank or pulling a vehicle is need of a steep ditch, added VWerks a military-style rear bumper with a variety of towing and recovery attachment point combinations. There is even a warning 9.5ti winch, which can be operated from the cab. But the interior of the vehicle is not full armor, or even a metal dash.

The interior is where the military theme deviates added comfort and convenience. Katzkin two-tone leather upholstery and floor mats VWerks offer a soft feel. All instruments and controls are. Factory JK Wrangler and include all the amenities you would expect from a 2011 Jeep But Mopar half doors provide a clear view of terrain and a dash-mounted switch runs a series of powerful PIAA 520 ATP lamps, which can expose a threat hidden in the darkness.

The Recon is definitely a vehicle that makes an impression. It's when you step back and admire the features and accessories on a vehicle like this that you wonder why some warlords prefer? A machine gun mounted on a mast, and weld them into the bed of an old Toyota pickup

All kidding aside, the potential for full military applications of the Recon is not hard to see. Even some weaker versions of it – without the machine gun and mounts – could drag well for hunters or farmers who are forced to constantly hardware through difficult terrain. While the Recon is more than the JK8 pick, it is a heavy vehicle that has a lot of potential for almost any purpose.

VWerks sold the Recon as a turn-key vehicle – ready to have everything that can challenge you for taking them.

VWerks '4-inch lift kit consists of a 1.5-inch body lift, new coil springs and Fox 2.0 reservoir shocks. BFG Krawler 39-inch diameter tires mounted on 17-inch-diameter Hutchison beadlock wheels.

The interior offers Katzkin two-tone leather upholstery and floor mats VWerks, give a comfortable, luxurious feel.

VWerks the Hemi V-8 engine conversion fits perfectly into the Jeep engine bay with 390 hp and 407 pounds-feet of torque.

Definitely a menacing-looking truck that has VWerks Recon. Performance and firepower for military applications or simply to free themselves from zombies in a post-apocalyptic time The customized full-bed cage provides attachment points for tools, bearings and hardware. The rear also has a custom sewn tarp that it hides.