Commercial Week Day Two Review: 2012 GMC Savana and Chevrolet Express

Posted on 17. Apr, 2012 by in Auto News

The Nissan NV can be an exciting newcomer, but the tried and true GM and Ford trucks are the staple of the commercial market. Our own Mike Solowiow took exception with the 2007 Chevrolet Express van as a passenger hauler back in 2008. Is the no-frills cargo hauler variant favor here with us in the TTAC? More importantly, can GM hodgepodge of configuration options dethrone Ford van as the volume seller over the next T-junction Series?

There is not much to discuss styling when it comes to GM full-size vans, but is so important in a work truck? If you go to the purchase of a fleet of work trucks, or just one or two vans for your delivery staff are the repair costs plus a critical factor. (Seriously, you have to go as cargo-van-driver saw?) If this describes Their Employees could purchase a Nissan NV with his big, shiny chrome bumpers to be a bad business move, such as bumper covers for the Express and Savana go for $ 75 online. The story is the same from front to rear without expensive aerodynamic plastic headlight lenses components go (on the minibuses) for sealed-beam halogen units hectares easy-to-Bondo panels and a rear end that is as off as it. Buyers have. Choice of four standard paint colors, four $ 150 optional colors, or the ever-popular full-body vinyl wrap If you are buying off the lot expect any color you want as long as get his white. 1500 models get a 17-inch steel wheels, while 2500 and 3500 models have a 16-inch wheel in 245 rel get 75 series rubber for extra capacity and sealed.

Nissan NV is designed uniquely for owner-operators, and it shows with a driver-oriented features, comfortable seats and the positioning of the human-space above the cargo area. If you thought the last van sporting access to the engine in the car was being driven by the A-Team, think again. Since charge is king for the GM vans, the engine is pushed so far into the cabin as possible, maximizing interior space and minimizing the external footprint (that's all relative, of course). After the engine between driver and front passenger footwell is both limits legroom and cooks right leg of the driver on long journeys. It also means the gearbox under the van between the seats, to a fairly high step-in which rel. On the other hand it means the Savana and Express can swallow 13-foot elements in a short form and long wheelbase version can haul 15-foot wares. (The E-Series comes to 12.5 meters and 14.6 meters). Standard equipment includes seats and a steering wheel, but stops short in-dash entertainment of every kind. Buyers have the option of an AM / FM radio, a mid-level unit with a CD player and a higher end device that brings basic iPod / iPhone functionality with it. Sorry, no navigation system is in each model.

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Let's be honest. If I have to buy a van for my business and my employees there, driving them around, all talk of ride comfort is relatively less important than the rest of this review, so we're talking drag. No other truck comes in so many variations, such as GM-Vans. From 8-15 passenger versions of Zeta Cartel subsidiaries, two wheelbases and cab only cutouts for shuttle bus and ambulance duty all had with a variety of engine to the transmission decisions can be, there are more options than you can imagine. As you would expect, capacities range from 2,000 £ 1,500 £ 4,184 models in 3500 models. The only area where the Nissan NV trumps the offer is clearly GM rel with its optional 6'2 "interior cargo area. Although you can use a conversion company expand roof, it's not as clean as Nissan solution and usually the doors at their regular rel left so that it is difficult to load large cargo. GM fights back with side opening doors and a much longer hold in the extended version.

Although GM offers the widest selection of engines, buyers should be chosen carefully, as there are some questionable choices on the menu. Let's start with the 1500-series launch transporter. First is the old 190HP, 260 lb-ft 4.3L V6 delivering the best fuel economy in 15/20MPG (city / highway), a 310HP, 334lbft 5.3L V8 with variable valve timing on the 1500 RWD (13/18MPG) and optional Standard on the 1500 AWD van (13/18MPG). Both engines are combined with a lightweight four-speed 4L60E automatic transmission. Buyers should know, given our informal query used by several major GM fleet customers the 4L60E is much less reliable than the heavy-duty 6-speed 6L90 in 2500 and 3500 vans since 2010.

All 2500 and 3500 models are combined with a recently revised 280HP, 192 lb-ft 4.8L V8 with VVT to GM 6-speed automatic. 13/18MPG good for standard An optional ($ 995) 324HP, £ 373-ft 6.0L V8 with VVT is available, you will feel the need for speed in your cargo hauler. If you believe in burning oil, is happy to sell their GM 6.6L Duramax diesel V8 engine, the truck from the duty de-tuned 260hp and 525 lb-ft (from 397HP/765lb-ft) and yielded an average of 18.8MPG is for us. Do not expect to save the diesel money to buy it but when you are back a whopping $ 12,000. Perhaps the tantalizing option for the GM truck is the factory built CNG version, one of only two factory-fitted CNG vehicles on the road (the other is the Honda Civic GX). Based on the 6.0L V8 and 279HP and 320 weaning lb-ft of twist in gaseous cover of option set you back $ 15,885 and offers a 300 + mile range at the cost of a 5 cubic feet of cargo capacity reduction. While the option seems best suits to markets like the San Francisco Bay Area and Los Angeles, where a moderate CNG infrastructure (or if you install a "home" station), at $ 1.95 per gallon "equivalent" in the option pay before you hit 100,000 miles. (Based on current California gas prices)

Nissan does not release MPG figures for the NV van, but our high-top V8 averaged 14.2MPG and a test drive 40 miles in a standard roof V8 was 14.8MPG. From the blue oval competition do its 4.6L V8 13/17, the 5.4L V8 drops to 12/16 and the 6.8-liter V10 completes the bottom at 10/14. We average a solid 17MPG 90 miles during a mixed-driving trip with the 4.8L V8 in a base 2500-series van you get the best price / performance ratio option in this segment.

Towing may not seem like an obvious idea, but a quick check with the construction of audience it is important to confirm. While the V6 Nissan NV 1500 has one £ 7,000 tow rating GM vs. £ 4,300 guests for its 1500-series V6 Nissan 261HP/281lb-ft V6 van is probably best to GM 4.8L V8 (280HP/296lb-ft), with the begins pitted a 7400 pounds towing capacity. We were only able to get our hands on £ 5,000 haul load with Nissan and GM truck, but