First Drive: Jeep Concept J-12 Pickup

Posted on 15. Apr, 2012 by in Auto News

Story and Photos by Dan SanchezDuring its long history, Jeep pickup trucks on the market and they later ad acta. Recently, the introduction of the Mopar JK8 conversion kit for the Wrangler was so popular that Jeep engineers have again played with the truck thoughts. This time they created the J-12 truck concept that debuted at the 2012 Easter Jeep Safari in Moab, Utah. This new Jeep captures the vintage look of the Jeep Gladiator, with the power and capabilities of a 2012 Wrangler. So what's cool about the J-12? Imagine your grandfather old 1960 Jeep Gladiator pickup and delivery to automotive designer Chip Foose for a few weeks. While Foose, a flashier paint and billet wheels have added to the J-12, Jeep engineers should be proud that they created an immaculate truck with a classic style and combines it with the modern drive and chassis of a 2012 Wrangler. If the idea was to bring back the vintage appeal of a reliable pickups for work and play, is the J-12 can be used at the destination. With its bright red color, 6-foot bed and chrome gladiator-style front bumper, fenders and grille, the J-12 looks the part. On the inside there is a bench with plaid lining, a fishing rod hanging in the rear window and a large floor-mounted gear lever knob with a compass, which adds to the truck's vintage style. The seat was adjustable, but it took a while to get used to sitting upright, because no-extended-cab truck with two seats almost extinct. You end up hitting your elbow when you rest your right arm on the top of the seat. That's where the J-12 vintage look and feel stops. It is when you get behind the wheel of the truck that come into play modern attributes. The first thing you notice is the dash, controls, steering wheel and doors are all Wrangler pieces that remind you this is not a restored truck, but a serious, yet familiar, off-road vehicle, worthy of the Jeep name .

On the trail, we published the vehicle Teraflex anti-stabilizers so. The large 36-inch diameter Super Lug off-road tires to grip the rocks and articulate over extreme terrain Mounted on 16-inch steel wheels with chrome hubcaps, makes the extra tire sidewall, the J-12 crawl better than what you would expect. The addition of a front Dynatrac D44 D-60 front axle and rear axle – both with ARB air lockers – made possible by the J-12 for power and profit traction put on some of the roughest terrain we could.

Despite the rocky road to an abandoned hut and bays, the ride was smooth and predictable. The Rock Crawling is accurate and easy, especially with the longer wheelbase, the 18 extra inches stretched. The longer wheelbase also allows for a full-size spare fit under the bed, the Jeep engineers wanted to include in this concept. A Mopar 3-inch suspension lift trucks are the additional ground clearance. But. During our drive, the J-12 never scraped frame or other part of the chassis On the highway, the J-12 drives better than any old pickup. This is partly due to the well-tuned suspension that. Also a number of Fox reservoir shocks Shift the transfer case into two-wheel drive and the ride on the sidewalk is the same as any four-door Wrangler – calm and ready for a long-distance trip. While the carriage just beyond the front portion of the original Jeep hardtop, it is not removable. Despite this, the J-12 appear less top-heavy and felt lighter and more maneuverable, especially when taking corners at higher speeds. Because it uses a rigid frame Wrangler, road vibration and noise were not a problem with this concept truck.

The only negative point that we discovered while driving is the J-12, it will not be in production any time soon. Nevertheless, we are aware that these components are meant to design experiments and ideas for future vehicles that will be in the showroom floor developing.

We can only speculate that a Wrangler Pickup is in the works, and the longer wheelbase and 6-foot bed on the J-12 is an indication of what can be included. If the J-12 no indication of what would be a modern Jeep pickup makes available, you can expect that many off-road enthusiasts signed purchase.

Under the hood is a factory custom 3.6-liter V-6, which is equipped with a "home-engineered" intake.

Mopar engineers have JK8 bed kit and fit it expanded to include the 18-inch stretched chassis. Note the factory under the spare bed away.

Although it looks like a truck that has J-12 rides like a Wrangler and very similar off-road capabilities. A set of 36-inch diameter super-Lug off-road tires on 16-inch steel wheels fitted with chrome hubcaps.

No vintage dash here. The steering wheel, and the instruments are all made of the Wrangler, which allow the use of the full electronic accessories. The center console houses the transfer case shift lever, and the floor-mounted automatic shifter, complete with vintage-style shift knob with compass.

The bench also has a vintage look with a Katzkin leather upholstery and trim plaid.